What did you think of assigned collectible purchases?


Let the apples roll!
Sep 9, 2014
Palm City
Green Balloon
Ghostly Kitty Plush
Snowflake Glow Wand
Yule Log
Disco Ball Easter Egg
Tetris Grid
Chocolate Cake
Pumpkin Cupcake
Apple (Fruit)
Ice Cream Swirl (TBT Beach Party)
During the New Leaf event and latest Easter event, we were assigned a fruit or got to choose a set of collectibles, which gives us permission to buy some, but restricts us from buying the others, even if we had enough currency.

What do you think of this idea? Do you like it, or are you opposed to it?

I think it was an interesting idea when we had to sacrifice choosing between the Galaxy egg and Disco Ball egg, as well as between the dream and nightmare eggs and the frost and aurora eggs. But that’s only if we were given a choice. Even if we were assigned to a certain category by the staff rather than letting us choose, it’s still better than limited stock collectibles.
I liked the fruit trading event, since that mimicked a mechanic in the actual game. I didn’t have enough time to participate in the event to get enough currency to buy all the fruit collectibles, but my impression was that if I had had time to fully participate in the event, then it was certainly possible to get a full set, and I liked that.
I am also glad that we don’t have limited stock collectibles as much anymore! I think part of the egg hunt event does seem to involve some limitation in that there are only a certain number of egg points we can find, so I’m not as sore about not having access to all the eggs. I think when there are a large variety of collectibles for an event, that creates the scarcity/limit in a sense. Thankfully even though I’m generally a completionist and often want a chance to have one of everything where possible, I have found that usually when there is a variety, there are usually some collectibles that I’m interested in and some that I am not, so it all works out usually!
I think it worked decently well (and made sense) for the fruit collectibles. However, since alot of people went to the effort of coordinating a specific order, plus the fact there was plenty of other great options to buy in that event, it's sort of had the secondary effect of having alot less in circulation for people who may have missed the event - at least for now, people are going to keep the sets they went out of their way to organise!

I think the egg groups makes sense for the huge amount of options, and its also helped stimulate the marketplace with people looking for trades.
I didn’t purchase any fruits (except for 2 bananas for a friend) during the NL event, but I thought the assigned fruits were a cute idea! I definitely get how it might’ve been frustrating/overwhelming for some people if they wanted their fruits in a specific order and/or were trading with multiple people, though. I really liked the sentiment behind it replicating trading fruits with other people in-game, and it was so nice seeing the marketplace so active again! It definitively would’ve been easier to just be able to buy whatever fruits you wanted from the shop yourself, but overall I think it was a really lovely idea! It made TBT’s farewell to New Leaf even more endearing and heartwarming imo. 🫶🏻

For the Easter event, I admittedly was a little disappointed at first that the eggs are separated into 2 baskets and we can only choose 1, but now I’m kinda grateful that they are. Getting an aurora egg was a no-brainer for me, but I imagine trying to choose which other egg(s) to get would’ve been hard and overwhelming if I had access to them all. Being limited to one basket of eggs is probably best for my indecisive self lol

Overall, I’m neutral on “assigned” collectibles; I wouldn’t be mad if they were in future events, and I wouldn’t be mad if they weren’t. I do prefer to just be able to buy whatever collectibles I want from the shop myself, though I’m more frustrated by when collectibles are unique until after an event is over and its shop is closed, even though stock is unlimited. I’ll take assigned collectibles over that lol
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Maybe for the next TBT Fair, they should do this for balloons, feathers, and glow wands, where Group A has the Flower Wand, Butterfly Wand, bunny balloons, Final Boss feather, Rad feather, and Fresh feather, Group B has the Heart Wand, Snowflake Wand, heart balloons, White feather, Sweet feather, and Cool feather, and Group C has the Star Wand, round balloons, Black feather, Glam feather, and Hot feather. And you can choose what group you want to be in.

The Halloween event should do this too on certain new collectibles.
Personally I found the assigned fruits to be a bit frustrating to deal with on top of the RNG balloons.. It was hard to find people to trade with (I think most people preferred spending their currency on the balloons, which, fair enough). Some fruits suffered as a result I think.. not as many coconuts or persimmons out there unfortunately.

It also made planning a fruit lineup more difficult.. I didn't even bother trying! Oh and I really wanted to buy more Perfect Cherries without having to resort to trading/spending TBT.. but alas, I could only buy Perfect Peaches.

I hope all the perfect and exotic fruits eventually end up in the shop (as either rotating unlimited stock or permanent unlimited stock) 😁

As for the different egg baskets, eh, I didn't mind it so much as there aren't very many previous year eggs that I want but I imagine it would be a bit frustrating for someone who might really want eggs from both baskets!
i'm not super keen on it tbh. it just makes coordinating lineups on top of dates more difficult imo. people are always going to trade and look for collectibles since not everyone is able to earn all the currency and even if u do, most of the time u can't buy everything anyways. there's no point in artificially creating this demand for trades when it will happen anyways.

and why should there be either assigned or limited stock in the first place. i don't see why we can't just let people have the cute pixels they want when they earned the event currency. it really does not have to be that serious.