What did you get for Christmas (2023)? 🎄🎉✨


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Apr 24, 2015
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Space Whale Plush
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Merry Christmas, TBT! Whether you’re celebrating Christmas today or it’s just a day off work for you, I hope you all are having a beautiful day filled with peace, love, and things and people that bring you joy! ❤️

One of my favourite parts about Christmas has always been seeing what presents other people get, so I wanted to make another thread this year for people to showcase and talk about the presents they’ve gotten so far!

I usually only receive money, 1-2 non-money presents, and stocking stuffers such as toiletries, candies, and any little knickknacks that relate to my interests that my mom can find and fit in, all of which I’m beyond grateful for! This year though, my mom has truly blown me away and outdone herself!

I received a couple of my presents early: tickets to see Melanie Martinez next June, and a blue axolotl plushie from Walmart! The Melanie Martinez tickets are a big dream come true for me, and I’ve been a constant mix of unfathomably excited and anxious since! I’ve adored Melanie and her music ever since I was in middle school; her songs mean so much to me, and have seen me through so much. I was so sad at the thought that I would never get to hear her perform any of her Crybaby or K-12 songs live, or any of her songs live, so the fact that I’m going to her Trilogy Tour concert here in 167 days actually has me speechless. I’m so terrified, but I’m also so, so excited and grateful! Praying very hard that everything goes smoothly between now and then and that I’ll be able to go and have a good time! 🤞🏻 The blue axolotl plushie I’ve wanted ever since I first saw it in a commercial that Walmart is airing right now, and I was so pumped to find it at one of my local Walmarts one night! My mom was kind enough to buy it for me, and said it was one of my Christmas presents. 🥹

I got the rest of my presents today! I got a mini fox plushie, a box of Toffifee, peanut m&ms, and the most astounding to me… a new iPhone 8!!? 😭 My old phone is a 6S, and I’ve been complaining for a while about the battery draining so quickly, most apps becoming unusable since it doesn’t update past IOS 11, I can’t browse webpages etc, but I wasn’t expecting anyone to do anything about it, and it wasn’t a big deal for me. But my mom got me a brand new phone??? It’s an 8, so it’s not the most up-to-date either, but it works so, so much better than my old one did, and I’m so happy!!!! I can’t convey just how shocked and grateful I am properly, but this means everything to me! I didn’t think I’d be able to get a new phone for forever. 🥹 I was able to set it up earlier, thankfully without too much issue, so now all I need to do is get a phone case for it!

I also received $200 combined from my dad and grandfather, and, this counts as a Christmas present to me, the gorgeous Purple Flower Glow Wand I won from Oblivia’s 12DoC yesterday!!! 😭 I’m honestly overwhelmed by all of the incredible things that’ve happened and all of the love I’ve been shown, but I’m so beyond grateful. Best Christmas I’ve had in a long time!! 💖
Minus the concert tickets since those are digital!
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From my mom I got a pair of pink Hello Kitty jars from the Créme collaboration. Also, a dupe of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry perfume. It is quite strong and smells a bit like baby powder. I’m liking it thus far. She also let me take some work clothes from her closet.💝

Dad gave me $100 which I used to buy some stuff in preparation of work.

My oldest sibling gave me a striped lunch bag and a Hello Kitty ramen bowl with miso flavored Maruchan ramen.

My older sibling gave me a pair of pajama bottoms, the mouse pad that I wanted, and a skin care kit. She said that she bought me some work clothes as well, but I'm hesitant about that. I'm picky about what I wear, especially the material.
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The only thing I asked for for Christmas was a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet. I never made a Christmas wishlist this year or really had anything in mind that I wanted so I don't really care about getting Christmas presents this year.
For Christmas I got:
- The Wacom Intuos drawing tablet I asked for
- A case that the tablet goes in as part of a bundle it came with
- A glove that also came with the bundle that is suppose to help you hold a stylus better
- Claw-grip pencil grippers that help you hold a pencil/pen/etc. better
- A 10lb / 4.5kg gray-weighted blanket
- Gray sweatpants
- Black flipflops
I wasn't expecting the pencil grippers or the weighted blanket but I'm really happy about those.

Just for context about my Christmas presents: I'm really happy about the pencil-grippers because they can help me hold the stylus used for my drawing tablet better, for anyone who didn't know I am Autistic which causes me to have significant motor skill problems and I'm physically incapable of drawing straight-lines because I can't control my hands properly and I need to take occupational therapy to help with my motor-skill problems. My lines in my drawings have always been super messy and shake-y and I really hope the pencil-grippers along with the glove will help me fix my lines and make my art look better.
I'm really happy about the weighted blanket because I have anxiety trying to sleep at night and I hope the deep pressure will help calm me down at night.

I'm super hyped to try out my new drawing tablet, I've always wanted a drawing tablet but I couldn't be able to afford one until I saw they had the Wacom Intuos for only $40. Okay it's not actually a tablet it's like a trackpad thing that wirelessly connects to my computer and you hover a stylus over it as if you were drawing with a pencil and paper in real life. It's gonna take some getting used to using it but FINALLY I can draw properly and stop using my laptop trackpad and having to hold my finger down on the mouse button and trace with another finger on the trackpad which takes HOURS to draw like that and it hurts my fingers really badly😭

I'm super excited to start improving my artwork more with all of this stuff.

Worst quality pictures ever of my presents. I'm sorry for your eyes🫠
Not shown in pictures: My flipflops and sweatpants

My Wacom Intuos

My pencil grippers

My weighted blanket

My glove for my Wacom Intuos

My case for my Wacom Intuos
my mom + grandma gave me clothes & a pair of shoes, my brother got me perfume (eilish no. 3), my mom + dad gave me headphones i really wanted.

my family’s tradition is to open up presents on the night of christmas eve then open up stockings on christmas morning. i got some candy, a giftcard, and a cat nesting doll

cat nesting doll


phone charging stand that i didn’t mention above, originally given to my dad but it didn’t work for his phone so he gave it to me. im very grateful considering that my phone charging plug port stopped working.


the headphones!!! i really wanted these and i got them. i don’t usually wear pink but the rose gold color is really cute + it comes with a carrying case pictured on the right. LOVE THESE.

eilish no, 3!! it smells like a pine tree mixed w/ something else, really loving it considering that i love wintery “darker” scents. i have eilish no. 1 & no. 2 already so it fits right in with them, this is perfect considering how much of a billie fan girl i am LOL.

i am grateful for my gifts, but most of all i am very grateful for my family.
Me and my partner exchanged a small amount of gifts this year cause we wanted to keep it simple. We also went halfsies on an air fryer which was only 50 bucks total on sale so it was a pretty good deal.

Gifts received:
- Stocking with a chocolate orange & toblerone, exfoliating shower gloves, hair ties and a few other candies
- sweatpants & 2 long sleeve shirts
- 2 squishmallow keychains (a red squid and a chipmunk)
- a mustard yellow blanket
- a tin of those rolled wafers with chocolate & hazelnuts in the middle

Gifts I gave to my partner:
- Stocking with pretty much the same stuff as mine
- 3 new sketchbooks(1 big, 1 medium and 1 small). One has all black paper so I thought that was interesting
- a new black & white plaid button up and a light purple t-shirt
- pack of socks and underwear
- travel mug
What lovely gifts ^^

I got a mini Unicorn figure from the tokidoki series. It's holiday themed, and really beautiful ♡ 🦄

My mom also gave me a horror cat enamel pin xD It was the one Cat she was hoping I would not get lol, I already have him on my bag. 🐱

While shopping we came across this Tweek and Craig figure set, and I absolutely fell in love with them! I'll take anything Tweek, and I had never seen a Tweek figure, so I was so happy to see him. 🥰

I got a Minion calender for next year ^^ I love it so much the pictures are all really fun. 😁

Also one of the gifts had a gnome ribbon that I plan on keeping. I absolutely love gnomes xD So I'm counting it as a gift lol.

Then of course. Lots of candy and chocolate!!

I got some figures I wanted - Felix from Fire Emblem Three Houses & Bernadetta; and Trafalgar Law from One Piece. Some of my books that I read from the library that I wanted. A game: Persona 5 Tactica. Two pusheen plushes 🙂. Also got some personalized shirts that show me (or a girl that represents me and two cats that represent my cats) with our names. Also got two new sets of pajamas and a few other things 🙂
  • My partner gave me a £50 Lego store voucher! :D
  • My parents got us a breadmaker.
  • Her parents got us a Christmas-scented Yankee candle and Exploding Kittens. Plus they bought me a journal & fountain pen, my favourite amaretto coffee, and Aero peppermint bubbles.
  • I received £100 in cash between my partner's auntie and grandpa.
I wasn't expecting any gifts this year so receiving anything was lovely. 😊
I got:
- some makeup, a makeup bag, and a couple shirts from my paternal grandparents
- face and hand masks, PJ pants, leggings, a new phone, and various snacks from my mom (my current phone is my mom's old iPhone 8, so the upgrade is VERY much appreciated. We'll be shopping for that later this week)
- an Instax 12 mini camera + film from my aunt
- books 1-4 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians from various family members
- a new speaker (that also has a wireless charging pad and cool lights) and soft fluffy socks that have the grippy things from my maternal grandparents
- theatre tickets for shows that I do not want to see from my mom's boyfriend (Something Rotten! The Musical looks okay though, I might rope one of my friends into joining me)
- a Rubik's cube keychain and a handmade heart plushie from my boyfriend
- a rock with a pride flag on it from my Secret Santa
- episode 3 of the Percy Jackson show (a day late but idc)
- OneTopic's holiday stream
- and of course, the standard buttload of money from the grandmas

I just gave everyone snacks, with the exception of my Secret Santa (I got him a copy of Iron Flame), since I have almost no money to my name.

Edit: Also, my mom just agreed to help me find some sports bras later, so soon I won't have to wear my old training bras to hide my chest anymore lol
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From my sister:
A $50 nintendo switch eshop card, which I used to buy:
  • Disney dreamlight valley
  • The sprout valley
  • Garden Buddies
she also brought me some takeout from Popeyes

My neighbor got me sleep mask, since she knows I was sometimes working nights and thought it would be helpful to help me sleep during the daytime which was super thoughtful, she also got me some cat treats and a cat toy for my cat Mustachio :)

My boyfriend got me a videogame, and some other stuff. I won't know what any of it is though till it arrives from the post office tomorrow or wednesday so I'll update when I have it, super excited!
i gave:
- my boyfriend folio editions of alice in wonderland and through the looking glass. alice in wonderland is his favourite book and of sentimental value, so i thought it'd be nice for him to have a nice edition to read and maybe even hand down to our future children to read with them! i also got him sackboy for ps5 since he'd mentioned it, but i know i'm going to have a lot of fun with it too... bonus! i got his parents a christmas hamper
- my brother a figurine of mike from breaking bad/better call saul since he's big into it lately and it seemed like a niche addition to more general merch he has. i got his girlfriend an axolotl palm pal.
- my mother a 'no cheeses for us meeces' sweatshirt since muppets christmas carol is a big tradition for us and she sings that phrase around the house all year. i also got her a jaws board game since it's her favourite film and i know she wanted the family to get together and play a lot of games this festive period
- my dad wanted a nice jumper so i found a nice navy one for him from fatface. i also bought him some of those horrendously large pickles that come in bags because we have both always been the only people in the family who like gross pickled things and i thought it'd be fun

i received:
- from my boyfriend, i received: tickets to see alvvays, one of my (and our) favourite bands, in june, a head scratcher/massager (sounds inane and random but we have a lovely hair/head scratching ritual before bed and this is a very helpful tool!), and a cosy oodie that is a monkey (pertaining to one of our nicknames)
- from my brother, i received some sour candy and a bath/skincare set.
- from my parents, i received marshall headphones that i asked for, microwavable slippers (literal game changer for an iron deficient girl like myself), a clinique moisture surge gift set and a lancome eye makeup gift set (both act as refills of some of my favourite products), and a bunny lamp
- my boyfriend's parents got me some fancy chocolates and ... the same clinique set my parents got me aha! this was a nice coincidence because it means i won't run out of product as quickly. coincidentally, my parents bought my boyfriend a set of hair products he likes that his parents also bought him, so he's also happy he has twice as much product

it was also my birthday on the 20th! my boyfriend got me a disposable camera, sofia coppola archive, and a pair of onitsuka tigers i really wanted. his parents got me a realisation par gift card, some prosecco and chocolates! my parents got me a realisation par dress, a big box of japanese candy, and some money. my brother and his girlfriend got me a tiny jellycat bunny and some sweets. we all went out and got korean bbq together, which was very lovely.

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my parents got me:
- a mug
- an owala water bottle (the bottle i've been using needed to be replaced v bad)
- 2 sweatshirts (one black, one green)
- a pair of black jeans
- a travel/weekender bag (green!!)

my aunt & uncle got me:
- national park travel books (i've been doing some traveling lately)
- a national park mug

my grandma gave me some cash.

and i bought myself a graphic novel and some perfume :)
For Christmas I got:
  • A Ice maker (it’s so hot here I need to set it up asap haha)
  • A huge tumbler water bottle
  • A sapphire necklace
  • A hair styler tool
  • A olive plush toy
  • Heaps of cute little things for my cat
  • A really cool gothic hand bag
  • Lots of cash cause I told everyone I don’t know what I want hahahaha
I got a lot of socks (they are very cute socks), I got some gift cards and I am also getting some help with putting a down payment on my car that I am hopefully getting in a month or so. I got some cat toys from my friends since I have cats and a t-shirt.

I gave gift cards to some loved ones and I'm getting some CDs for a friend! I don't buy gifts for a lot of people so I didn't have to worry about going too crazy or having anyone be ungrateful.

I got this little sticker printer. The stickers are 2x3 and they basically look like polaroids? The idea was that I could use this to take cute pictures of my friends, my cats and whoever else and do scrapbooking.

I don't work like that. I'm mentally ill. I've been using them for stupid things




someone paid like $100 for me to print memes and fictional men onto stickers and place them around my room. fantastic investment. 40 year old men toploaders coming soon.

otherwise i got necessary things like sensory-friendly pajamas, some nice cotton shirts, perfume. my sister got me a cute lil hairbow too that i havent worn yet but i know just the thing to pair it with.

i bought my sister wireless headphones, brother in law a MHA toga figure, boyfriend new jeans and the book house of leaves, and parents both got gift cards for their favorite stores.