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*new* Hyrule RP

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Jul 13, 2005
Ok regular rules apply. You can have jobs, wifes and kids, adventures, etc. I'm a little new at this stuff so please don't get mad at me if I mess up. Here's some other stuff incase you need help.

jobs: Gerudian helper, Zora king helper, Goron food hunter, Deku citizen, royal family citizen, enemy/bad guy, good guy, etc.

romace: You need to go on atleast 1 date, get married twice, divorce once, can only have 2 kids, etc.

adventures: You can start adventures, go on someone elses adventure, etc.

Ok the RP will start soon.
Ganon was in Gerudo Valley, hiding from everyone. No one knew where he was. Ganon was behind the waterfall, with all the food and anything he needed. Except Hyrule that is.
Suddenly, the started dumping everything in the carts off the bridge. Ganon watched as chickens and other cattle came out of the cart. "huh?" he thought.

Ganon suddenly saw Link go up behind the Gerudo's that were dumping the carts off the cliff. Link killed the Gerudo's and took there carts. Ganon smiled. He was glad that Link was finally there so Ganon could defeat him once more.

Ganon climbed the ladder to the bridge. He started to follow Link around Hyrule field. Link rode Epona around Hyurle Field for a while. Link then stopped later and took a nap. While he was on the ground, Ganon started to make a energy ball to blow him up. Epona looked at Ganon and neighed. Ganon started to look around not knowing what to do with his mouth open.

Link got up seeing Ganon. He took out his Master Sword and raised it at Ganon. "Ahh!" he yelled stabbing Ganon. Ganon winced, then fell dead.

Link went to Hyurle Castle and started walking around like he was cool. Girls fainted and one ran up to Link screaming. Guards came and carried her off.

Link finally reached Zelda. "Well Link glad that you saved Hyrule again." she said. Link was embaressed and nervous. :lol:
ok, i know your new at this, so i'll be nice (like im ever not :p)

1. regular rules mean no spamming, that includes double posting... i think your at 11 posts in a row right now...

2. you really need 2 people to RP...

3. uhh yeah... you need to go more in depth, this is more of a really tiny short story... not an RP exactly.

yeah, hope that helps you.

PIRANHA2 said:
i think your at 11 posts in a row right now...
...I think thats a record....
no, i've seen 45


it was in the Animal Crossing boards... some idiot wanted everyone to listen... he ranked up twice, then ranked down three times


but yeah, this guys new to RPs, give him a break

-_- oh ok. Thanks for helping me out. Anyways I guess I will wait for more people to come and then I'll continue. Thanks everyone.
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