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  • Hey, sorry, I took a break from the game and the site, just getting back into it again
    It wont let me submit feedback, but thank you very much! I’m sorry about the technical complications!
    I think the iasue is on my end. Give me just a minute to reset my router and se if that helps. Im really sorry!
    Okay. I will add your fc now. Also could i get some signatures for one of my villagers while im there, please?
    that's great! and no worries I'm pretty on and off on here myself xD
    but yea if you ever need any more pokemon stuff for Gen 7 or previous versions
    lmk ~ could always hit me up on discord as well if anything lol
    Lars! heyy omgosh so sorry for being MIA ;w; and suuuuper late reply!
    if you're ever in need of any pokemon services again I am back for a short awhile lol;;
    also if I don't respond here you can always msg me on discord as well ~
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