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Favorite forum sections?

May 28, 2021
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Which sections do you frequent the most? Which do you typically not delve into?

My favorite section is this one. (Bell Tree HQ). Unironically. I also like Brewsters Cafe and The Basement.
I frequent Brewster’s Cafe and only that section. I’ll browse other sections, but I rarely post in them.
Any of the non-AC boards. I don't really ever post in the AC boards anymore as I don't play AC much anymore, and even when I do I don't feel like it. 🙃
Frequency doesn’t determine favorites in my opinion, but the subject matter is.

My favorite boards are the Bell Tree HQ, the Bulletin Board, and the TBT Marketplace, but the one I visit the most is Brewster’s Café.
i enjoy the random threads in brewster's cafe a lot so i would say that is my favorite section and where i post the most. i also enjoy gamer's lounge and sometimes nintendo treehouse (but i don't play much pokemon/nintendo related games these days so there's less for me to talk about there). and of course the current event threads in bulletin board is also fun to post in.
My favorite boards on TBT are the Museum and the Gamer's Lounge. These two boards are what I've frequented the most, especially posting art and discussing about games. Brewster's Cafe is my second favorite TBT board because of the random topics/general discussions.
I definitely post in The Basement the most, but my favorites are Brewster’s Café and the gaming ones (Nintendo Treehouse and Gamer’s Lounge). Now that I think about it, I actually don’t visit this one very often.
I'd say the ACNH forums are my favorite because of the interesting topics on one of my favorite games. However, there isn't a lot of activity there compared to The Basement and Brewster's Cafe, where I usually post nowadays.

I also like to help people out in Nook's Cranny, though that depends on my mood. The Museum has some pretty cool art too, and posting there has made me embrace my style more, having felt demotivated to draw prior.
the woods! it's too bad that it only comes around 1-2 times a year, though :(
As for the permanent boards, I like brewster's the best. ACNL patterns is also cool but I've only ever lurked there.
The museum! All of the artists here are so cool. Brewster's is fun too since I like to ramble sometimes. I actually joined for the AC boards but I think every possible topic has been covered there at this point, so I don't use them all that much atm.
The Woods - I only partook in it one or two times, but it was so much fun :D. It has inspired quite a few of my house designs and harv’s studio projects 🙂.

The museum - I love looking at all the artwork; the artists here are all so incredibly talented, creative and amazing! 🤩 When I have tbt, i love commissioning them when I can 🙂.

I frequent Brewster’s Cafe a lot so that may be a favorite too, though for me, the what made you happy thread is the topic I really enjoy reading and posting in 🙂.

Special mentions: nook’s cranny - I love trading :). Also the Animal Crossing forums: I like reading about others’ accomplishments, reading about villagers they like and looking at screenshots they took and also posting there myself; i love designing houses so much and taking screenshots.
I mostly post in Brewster's Café and The Basement.

I also post in New Horizons, New Leaf, and general Animal Crossing discussion threads.
Brewster’s Cafe, The Basement, and the gaming ones. Despite being an Animal Crossing site I didn’t post on the Animal Crossing sections that often until recently.