Pokémon Favorite Pokemon Generation?

Pick your favorite generation.

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  • V

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • VI

    Votes: 2 8.0%
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Apr 28, 2022
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I saw a few threads about this but they didn't include IX so I'm making another one. OK Pokemon fans, do you have a favorite generation of Pokemon games? If so, what is it, and why? Oh, and I'm asking for the generation, not the region.

Mine is Generation IX (unironically enough) for three reasons:
  1. Great story!
  2. Great Pokemon!! (See my favorite IX 'mons here)
  3. Kieran is in it!!!
The whole "treasure hunt" thing also inspired me to open up to different paths in life a little more.

Your turn! There's also a poll here and you can interact with it if you want. It's here because I'm curious about the most-loved generation in TBT as of 2024.
My favorite is Generation IV, not just because it's what I started with, but because the Pokemon available, gym leaders, villainous team, and story were all pretty great. Generation V comes in at a close second for me, and from there the other gens would probably be mixed up until the bottom.
I’m ngl Gen IX being your favourite is SOOO wild to me but I guess your reasons make sense 😭

My favourite is gen 2 or 5. I love most of the mons from unova and sunk the most hours into the games. The gyms felt innovative and the BW2 is hands down one of, if not the best, game in the series Second for me would be 4 or 7
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My favorite generations are 2 and 7. Honorable mention to 3.

I grew up with Generation 7 and have lots of great memories of getting together with classmates to play it at our club. Generation 2 makes me fond purely because I think the art style is beautiful.
Gen 2. Silver was my first game, it introduced the Love ball, going back to Kanto and collecting another 8 badges is iconic, it has Teddiursa.. the list of reasons why it's peak just goes on. lol. HG/SS are also the greatest remakes of all time but I honestly still replay the originals on the 3DS virtual console and enjoy every bit of it.

Gen 3 and 5 are kinda tied for second favorite, both just sooo good. (And obviously improved on a lot of technical/gameplay elements)
gen 7, so sun/moon and ultra sun/moon. i thought they had a great story, great characters, i liked a lot of the newer pokemon introduced, the ultra beasts and wormholes were cool. gen 8 would probably be close second Only because of legends: arceus, if we're counting that, and because i don't hate sw/sh the way some people do, it was just lacking in a lot of aspects for me.
To add onto my post, I enjoyed seeing most of the characters in Generation IX. I already mentioned my favorite character, but I also really like Nemona, Arven, Carmine, and Drayton. I’d like to ramble on about them a little more but that’s unfortunately irrelevant for this thread.

I also have rather nostalgic memories of the seventh generation. The story almost reminded me of Lilo and Stitch (one of my favorite Disney movies), the starter designs are some of the cutest out there, and… the reasons above me, too. It’s also the first generation I played on when I first got into the series.
Generation 5. It was peak Pokemon. B2W2 are still one of my favourite games to date. The generation after it introduced my favourite Pokemon but with mons like Hydreigon, Bisharp and Escavalier giving off medieval Europe vibes I feel Aegislash could've been introduced earlier if they wanted it to. So much about Gen 5 was great as well. The music was fantastic and still probably the best soundtrack. Pokemon World Tournament and Pokestar Studios were fun. Reusable TMs made QoL easier and I hate, absolutely hate that they got rid of reusable TMs in Gen8, losing that QoL feature. I feel that there will be remakes on the horizon for it. Perhaps they'll combine it with Alola for Johto-Kanto like experience. I can only hope...
Generation 2 will always be number one in my heart, it's my official starting point in a language I could understand. So much to do and see, plus an extra region? MWAH. After that, Generation 5, 9, and 7 are up there.
Generation 2 will always be number one in my heart, it's my official starting point in a language I could understand. So much to do and see, plus an extra region? MWAH. After that, Generation 5, 9, and 7 are up there.
The fact that you were able to go to the gen 1 region, beat another 8 gyms, and better red was pretty cool too
Gosh I love Gen 2 so much 🥰 even though I own HeartGold which, like many others have said, is undeniably one of the best Pokémon remakes but not only that, it's also what every remake should be in general (look up "remake" in the dictionary and it'll be a picture of HGSS lol and FRLG too!) I still very much enjoy returning to that classic pixel style in Crystal on the 3DS Virtual Console every now and again. It has such a great soundtrack, I just love that Game Boy bit music 🎵

Gen 5 is absolute peak, however. Great characters, great Pokémon designs, high quality sprites and animations, fast-paced battles, seasons, dynamic route and city music, excellent battle themes and overall just really freaking good. GameFreak went all out in this Gen and it clearly shows, pushing the DS to its limits, using the engine to its full potential.

Gen 6 is only good because ORAS exists ❤️💙
I voted for generation 1, but if I could pick more than one, I’d say 1-3 since I liked all the games and all three had a lot of my favorite Pokemon I. Also, they all had game corners still and were in 2D. I liked the game better in 2D for some reason.
Gen III is the best in my opinion. That might have to do with the fact that it was the first generation I played, but still. Along with the main games, the remake is also pretty good.

Special mention to Gen II. It only barely didn’t make my favorite.
Gen II is my favorite! I mean 2 for 1 regions, introduction of apriballs, and goldenrod theme ??? 1000/10

special shoutout to gen iii & gen v tho. R/S is my second fav: natures & abilities added, WEATHER, and Pokemon contests! b/w & b/w2 probably have the best story tho
I'd say gen 5. I sort of grew up with it (not my first game but I was really into Pokémon at that time), and I just love the Pokémons it added.
Gen 5 is the most nostalgic to me, but going back to those games hasn’t been much fun as I remember. I think it’s Gen 7 now. They’re the ones I replay the most, they introduced my favorite pokemon, have a region with a cool theme, and has one of the better stories in the series. They’re deeply flawed though. The postgame is underwhelming, SOS battles are a pain when you’re not doing them intentionally, and there are way too many interruptions throughout the game. I still hold them highly though.
Gen II - I started with HeartGold, so I have a massive soft spot for it. V comes in a close second.

And to my surprise, I ended up being pretty fond of Gen IX, too! The characters, Pokémon and story really won me over, especially once the DLC added more to it.
Gen V...

I may have started with Gold on the Gameboy Color, but I was around 5/6 and the save battery in the game was also fried, was not sure how to play when it never let me save xD
When I got back into it, I played SoulSilver. Even if those two were my first glimpse into Pokémon, Unova will still always be my favorite. At that point, I was old enough to understand the story, how the game worked, etc.
And I LOVED IT! N was and still is one of my favorite Pokémon characters, and the story from Pokémon B/W is very hard to beat future expectations of mine for any other future game. I just loved the art-style, the story, everything! It will always be special to me. I remember the summer it came out, I did at least 5 complete playthroughs of the story. Unova will remain my favorite region until I die xD