Hybrid Flower Breeding Event - What flowers are you getting?


Jan 14, 2022
Smash Ball
Black Hybrid Rose
Purple Hybrid Rose
White Rose
Yellow Rose
Blue Balloon
Purple Balloon
Pink Balloon
Corrupted Rainbow Candy
Rainbow Candy
Now that TBT Earth Week has started, do you have any plans for the hybrid flower breeding event? What flowers are you looking for and why?

I'm aiming to get a purple and blue rose! Roses are my favorite flowers in Animal Crossing and in real life, and blue & purple is my favorite color combination. I'm also trying to get a black rose since I have a lineup planned with one (and I also really like the black roses in AC).
I'm shutting off my brain for this event.. I go crazy in game for hybrids and I have things to do so I won't be participating in this- maybe for a day or two? But I hope I can get a blue hyacinth ..! And an orange on! I'd like to actually buy buy some regular tulips though. If I have enough bells left over after buying a Lief token, maybe I'll get those...
As much as I love the hyacinths I am going to be focusing on roses for this event (mostly because I already have some roses to work with)
I hope to get pink, purple, and orange. If I can manage those then I may as well try for blue as well but I also won't be super hurt if that one doesn't happen.
I want all the new hybrids! Which is... a sizeable undertaking ahaha, so fingers crossed! 🤞 Currently for Phase One as I'm calling it, I'm trying for another Black Rose (so I can try for a gold one; I think I had a second Black Rose ages ago but sold it akdjsdklfs), an Orange Rose, a Purple Rose, an Orange Hyacinth, a Pink Hyacinth, and a Blue Hyacinth! Since you can't get more than one of each hybrid per day, I'm prioritizing setting up a variety of combos over maximizing my odds for a specific hybrid.
I won't need more than one Orange/Purple/Black Rose or Pink Hyacinth, so if I manage to breed any of those, I'll phase their parents out of my lineup. I'll need two of Orange and/or Blue Hyacinths for a Purple, so if I get one/both of those their parents still have to stay until I can obtain a second (at which point their parents can be phased out). And if I get two orange hyacinths I can also phase out the parents for blue ones, since two oranges can create purple or blue.
If I manage to obtain a few of these, I might shift and start trying to max out my odds of specific hybrids too, but we'll see how it goes!

And if I somehow have time, space, and the necessary flowers, I might try for more Blue Roses, because I adore them and they remind me of Code: Realize ;w; But I don't think that's very likely and I already have a couple anyway, so they're not my priority this time.

I... think most of this post turned into personal note-taking on my part but hey, maybe someone will find it helpful lol ;v;
I wouldn't mind getting 1 purple and 1 pink and 1 orange hyacinth but I don't know if I will get around to them. I already have white and purple violets on hand, so I am going to display them and maybe get blue. Maybe I can trade later hybrid for hybrid. I am more excited about the historical sceneries.
i'm just trying for purple ones. i thought pink and purple would be cute, but i figured more people might be trying for pink, and pink roses were available during the last version of this event, so there'll be more around in general than purple. and, honestly, trying to get them alternating for line-ups sounds like a nightmare anyway lmao.