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Fair Trade Off?

Bacon Boy

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Sep 9, 2008
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Probably gonna trade in my DSi and put some credit towards a PS3. Hopefully, I can get a lot of credit. I'm gonna call gamestop later and ask. I still have my ancient brick, so I'll be fine.

Think it's worth it? With LBP 2 around the corner? Heck yes, IMO.
Maybe wait for the 3DS to come out before you trade it in for credit? Just saying.
Ricano said:
Maybe wait for the 3DS to come out before you trade it in for credit? Just saying.
I'd only get $60 for a DSi Trade-In right now. I know they'll have the specials for the 3Ds. :<
make sure you ask about any kind of a special they might be having for when the 3ds releases, and to make sure you'll both have enough money to buy games you want, along with the system.

LBP is a great game, but it does get a tad stale if you play it all day every day, even with the creativity that's at your fingertips.

what games, besides LBP/2 are you looking forward to getting?

sounds like a fair trade, by gamestop standards. have you thought about ebay? if it's in good condition, you could auction it there for ~$100-120, i don't remember how much a new one costs. maybe throw in a cheap game you'll never play again, and BAM, more cash, plus you don't have to spend it at gamestop, so you can shop around for sales/etc.

but eh. ebay is a hassle.

do what feels right. do you have any DSi ware?