What were your predictions and ideas for "Animal Crossing Switch" before New Horizons was properly shown off/revealed? How many of them were right?


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Apr 12, 2023
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I fantasized for years about what the next mainline (and watched Animal Crossing Wii U | Make Believe tons of times) and I was wondering what people's predictions and ideas were! I have a verrrryyyy long list that I made in 2019. (Copy and pasted from my original post on my tumblr account)

ACSwitch Wishlist/Speculation!​

These are just some things and I really really reaLLY WANT in the game :) I guess
1) I want scarves!! I wanna be able to wear scarves!!! I want to be able to design them too!!!
2) Let us design our shoes, pants, & skirts nintendo!!
3) I want bat villagers.
4) In new leaf, everyone is more similar to each other. Their voices have a smaller variety range and they all say similar stuff with the activity switched around. In new leaf the villagers seem more empty compared to past titles. I remember in city folk I had mint and filbert in my town and they were best friends, other villagers acknowledged it too. They would talk all the time. In new leaf when a villager would say that two characters were friends I always took it with a grain of salt because I never saw them talk anyway. Villagers don’t interact with each other as much anymore.
5) In your town in New Leaf, villagers who have moved out will visit main street, what if when they are on main street you could talk to them and try to convince them to move back to your town? That way you could get villagers who’ve left come back.
6) Once you’ve donated every single fossil in the game to the museum, you don’t need to go to Blathers to asses it anymore. You’ll dig it out of the ground already assessed.
7) Let Blathers blather! Have a new dialouge option where you can just listen to him go on and on like he did in previous titles, but only if you want to/have the time.
8) When you upgrade your house with tom nook i want the loan to immediately be payable without needing to go talk to him first.
10) I wanna be able to put stickers on the letters I send! And up the character limit!!
11) Raise the Character limit on my name and my town please :)
12) let us. Customize. the beach. Also I want a bigger beach! Theres like no room down there once you plant any trees…
13) switch themed furniture!! How cool would a joycon closet be?
14) I don’t want ANY amiibo exclusive furniture or clothing. Its never an issue of i wont pay for it, but an issue of i don’t have anyway TO buy it. :(
15) GIVE CELESTE HER OBSERVATORY BACK I miss looking up at the sky and seeing my consolations
16) Let us turn public work projects? please? thank you
17) The whole thing where you randomly get recommendations PWPs to put in your town? Bull****. Do away with it. Instead maybe as your town/you are more wealthy you unlock more of them. And you unlock all of the ones available in that money…..price…. category
18) I want long hair and curly hair Nintendo.
19) We need to be able to choose our skin colour and face from the start but I don’t think we should change our eyes or hair because we can change that later anyway, Animal Crossing is a very atmospheric game and I always thought just picking everything from the start despite your lil conversation with Rover was a little bland. ALTHOUGH I know that is a very unpopular opinion if we must pick everything, I still want it to be atmospheric. Like let’s say rover says “hey you got something on your face! take this mirror and fix it!” and then you get to pick n stuff
20) Did I mention I want scarves.
21) A new item: the magazine catalogue! You can buy these from the T&T store and they are sold by theme and specific furniture set. Let’s say you want the kiddie series but can’t find the whole set normally, you can buy this catalogue and then use it to purchase the rest of the set!
22) I wanna be able to walk up to a villager and give them an item from my pockets at any time! I don’t wanna have to send it in a letter and wait a day! Also we can’t put fish and bugs in letters but what if I wanna give one of my villagers one!? Nintendo!!!!
23) I want more towns to pick from because if I don’t like the ones I see I just restart anyway. Yknow as you do.
25) I would love to be able to move things like the bulletin board to other places in your town or do actual terrain-ing like getting rid of ponds or making them and making all parts of your beach accessible or inaccessible.
26) I want gloves!! I was on the phone with my friend and he mentioned it and now I’m hellbent (not as much as scarves though)
27) In the new game I want there to be bigger towns and different TYPES of towns. Like in Happy Home Designer how you can pick a differnent terrain. This ties in with what an idea im REALLY excited about. In every animal crossimg game theres a main mode of transportation. The Train, Taxi, ect. In the switch game i think that theres gonna be PLANES!! Just the image of sitting next to rover on the plane is so fun. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh i want planes. !!!!
28) I want bigger houses. But like. On the outside. Villager and player houses, just homes in general in city folk were so big and cute and unique and just… hey were so great but a big thing that would make sense for that type of house is backyards and balconys.
29) I miss being able to use the bed upstairs in your house to save. Just a random thing that I think would be a thing you can turn off in settings but what if when you lied down in your bed it would ask you if you want to save and quit or continue like in the other games? I always liked the atmosphere of thinking that my villager was taking a nap or sleeping. Or maybe if we double tap the bed we can get under the covers!! & then you leave the bed unmade! And you need to tap it again to make the bed!!!
30) Rover got really pushed under the rug in New Leaf. You see him once at the start and then never again. It’d be cool if when youre travaling to your friends towns you could run into him from time to time on the PLANE.,, I just wanna talk to my boy ;(
31) Minigames!! I wanna play musical chairs with my villagers damn it!!
32) Like how there were NES games in population growing, I want game and watch games!
33) I want to be able to write books! Or write on a sign! (I thought of this because I wanted to use the stone PWP and make my late cat a grave in my town) I think it would be like books the way they are in minecraft, and signs would be you click on it and then the game UI shows what it says.

I got a few things right, like planes and terraforming, and I ended up saying a lot of quality of like improvements. Because of the track record for previous games and that Nintendo had been doing a lot of ports and remakes on switch, I was expecting basically New Leaf 2 and my ideas lowkey reflected that.
Well it didn't include crafting and landscaping, that's for sure.

I just didn't expect anything new. Just better graphics and more space.
I knew that crafting might have been something considering it was first introduced in Pocket Camp (which I don't play anymore).

However, terraforming surprised me. I really didn't expect to mold the map of our game.

I had lots of ideas for more animal types and was expecting that but alas...I'll have to wait for snakes
I figured the online interactions would be as mediocre as the previous games. 🥱 Am I missing something in regards to online play? What are you supposed to do besides oooh and ahhh at people's islands and talk? 🤔 I used to role play with others when I would host, but you need a good host with rules and well furnished houses to enrich the role playing experience. 📖 I personally want competitive minigames to play with random players online. Like a match-making system. ⚡ The best you can do is race each other to catch bugs and fish, I suppose. 🦋
I remember I said three things specifically as I didn’t have much interest in listing « more furniture stuff ».

  1. I wanted Nintendo to do away with the rolling log effect that has been plaguing this series since Wild World. That was a miss, but it might be AC6 where that happens. ❌
  2. I said we’d be ab’e to put paths down. I was right ✅
  3. I said we should be able to build plot of lands or house for our animal neighbors, so they just don’t appear overnight on land we have built an orchard/garden/etc. on. I was also right. ✅