Do you wear hats?

Do you wear hats?

  • Yes, all the time/most of the time.

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • No.

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • Sometimes, but not all the time.

    Votes: 28 41.2%

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Sep 20, 2013
Old Eggs
I wear hats practically 24/7. I think my hairstyle looks better with a hat on. I personally wear baseball caps - not necessarily baseball teams since I do own some in the same style with hockey teams, but I do like the cap style. I can't see myself wearing beanies since they get kind of hot, they aren't personally my style, and I haven't actually tried it. Mainly, though, I'll just stick to my standard blue Dodgers hat. At this point, it's iconic since I've had it so long. I feel the need to have something on my head.

What hats do you wear, if any?
I use to often. The mario shaped hats. idk what they are called. But I had different colors and they had things on them like a leaf or flower or something.
Sometimes I do wear them in the summer if I am going to be outside a long time, but most of the time I do not wear hats anymore. If I wear them now it is baseball cap types with a pony tail hanging out the back or the outdoorsy sunhats with pigtails.
I wear way more hats in Animal Crossing than in real life. I wear hats when it’s cold or hot outside (like a beanie or baseball hat) but otherwise not so much.
I’m really into headbands though— the big, thick ones that almost qualify as durags. Most of these are a thin material with floral patterns, but in color weather I have a thicc Cuddl Duds one and a soft one with a big bow. (It’s for skincare purposes, but still think it’s cute lol.) I also have a Pokéball ear warmer I wear a lot in winter.

I think it’s interesting how a long time ago, one wasn’t considered fully dressed without a hat. I kind of wish that became a style again, but personally I prefer headbands over hats.
I wear hats very seldomly, and mostly on a day when I didn’t wash my hair. I did wear one last week though! I wear baseball cap style hats 99% of the time, but will wear a winter hat if it’s dumb cold or snowing and I need to be outside for some awful reason. There are two styles of hats that I want but don’t own; a black, floppy brimmed hat and a beret.
Never. I’ve had my hair in many different styles and lengths and have never been able to make a hat look good lol. I’ve accepted that my head and face just weren’t made for hats. 😭
I hate wearing hats. They always mess up my hair so I stopped wearing them a long time ago.
Not really. I absolutely hated the sensation of wearing a hat when I was a kid. It didn’t matter if it was a baseball cap, a winter hat etc, I hated it. I had this pink lacy bucket hat that my mom used to make me wear during the summer to protect me from the sun, and oh boy I hated it. It was such a challenge for her to get me to keep it on. 😂

Then, I went through a phase in middle school - early years of high school where I actually didn’t feel confident unless I had a hat on. I can’t remember what inspired the switch, but it was rare to see me without a baseball cap-style hat on. I also got into wearing beanies and winter hats. I thought they made my facial shape look better, so I wore them. That phase has since ended and I’m back to not liking hats lol
Usually no because my hair is really nice and looks good, and I don't want to cover it. Once in a blue moon I might though, lol.
Nowadays I only wear hats during summer and winter vacations when the weather necessitates them. But I used to wear them all the time all the way to the end of my college days. Basically my current year's baseball team hat since I played baseball lol.
I used to wear hats years ago, but not anymore.

Nowadays, I only wear hats if it's cold during the season of winter.
no. i only wear a beanie when it’s cold because it has a practical use. really love those britney spears looking cabbie caps but i have no idea how to style it.
I used to wear hats all the time from elementary school through high school.. I loved hats!! My favorite was this knit Sock Monkey hat, I really wish I had brought it with me when I moved to australia even though it's not the best climate for that type of hat. Idk if my parents kept it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nowadays I only wear baseball caps when I go out for my 10k step walks!
My head is large and hats make it look even larger so I don't wear hats.I don't think I even own a hat.If I did wear hats I think I'd wear a derby or a nice fez.
I wear one at work since I kinda work outside. I'll also wear one on vacation, going to the beach, or being active outside cause it keeps my hair pulled back and sun mostly out of my face. Normal day to day stuff line shopping I don't wear a hat for.
No. I have a weird hang-up about things touching my face and just generally dislike the sensation of having something on my head.
I have to wear a hat for work, it's part of the uniform lol. Unfortunately. We might get to wear visors, which I don't know how I feel about that xD But at least my head could breath.

In winter I sometimes wear a knit hat, but most of the time I don't wear a lot of hat. I do like hair clips, like my rep wears. I don't wear hats for most of them time, though.
I wear hats purely for function and not for appearances. I'll wear a hat with a bill to shield my eyes from the sun and keep cooler when it's hot and bright out. I'll wear a warm hat if it's very cold. I don't care if I look good or not, I just want my head to be comfortable.