Do you wear hats?

Do you wear hats?

  • Yes, all the time/most of the time.

    Votes: 8 11.8%
  • No.

    Votes: 32 47.1%
  • Sometimes, but not all the time.

    Votes: 28 41.2%

  • Total voters
I can't stand wearing anything on my head. So no hats, headbands, hair clips, or ear muffs either. It feels extremely uncomfortable for me and can even cause me painful headaches above and behind my ears. I'll pull my hood up only when absolutely necessary due to being out in cold or wet weather for an extended period of time, but I don't even like doing that.

I do love the look of certain hats, though, and I think they look good on other people. They're just not for me.
I only wear hats at work. Usually a baseball style cap or a bucket hat. I either wear them to protect my face, scalp and neck in the sun, or just not to get my hair wet in the rain lol. Sometimes I wear a hat if a go for a walk in the sun as well. Generally I can't stand anything on my head though as it gives me a sensory nightmare 😅
I have a beanie from Colorado that I really like and wear daily when it’s cold, as I have to walk my dog multiple times a day. We currently have six inches of snow and freezing temperatures, so I’m motivated to wear a hat!

When I’m going to be outdoors all day in the sun, I will wear a ball cap if I remember. I enjoy wearing hats outside in the cold or the heat, but I never wear them just for aesthetic purposes. I think they probably make me look younger, and I already have the kind of face that makes people think I’m a minor when I’m actually almost 30 (exhausting), so I try to avoid the commentary.
Not really cause I have a big head. If it's freezing out I might wear a toque though especially at work
No as I have thick hair which denotes the need to keep my head warm or cool. However I do own a winter beanie hat that only comes out if the weather remains below zero for a long period of time.
i don’t wear hats often, but i do sometimes. i agree with kiwikenobi in that most of the time it’s for practical reasons instead of fashion reasons. i have a bucket hat i like wearing though on occasion. in general i prefer things like ribbons and hairbands.
I'm not huge on hats but I do put on a hat if it's a very sunny day and I know I'll be outdoors for a long time. I love beanies because they're really cozy but I only really put them on when it's reeeeaaalllyyy cold.
i use hats all the time! the Pokemon x Santa Cruz and Ash Ketchum's hat were two recent additions to my hat collection. i have New Era baseball hats as well and other random gaming ones.
Eh I'm not really a hat person. I'm not really a fan of things sitting on my head for extended periods of time. Also I dye my hair quite often so I spend a lot of effort making sure my hair doesn't touch anything that can be stained lol. I wear a really old one when hiking to protect from ticks but other than that I don't really wear them.
Sometimes. I wear winter hats (toques) for warmth in the winter pretty often but I don't wear hats in the summer as much. I didn't even own any summer hats for a long time but now I do own a baseball cap and a bucket hat so maybe I'll start to wear them more. I also love the idea of a big floppy sun hat but I might be too shy to actually wear one of those.
I wear baseball caps from time to time. I don't wear sports caps, though. The few I wear usually have a subtle gaming motif.
i'll wear a beanie if it's super duper cold outside but other than that, not really
I generally don't wear hats, but have been increasingly interested in getting one for my walks. I don't really like the look of the ones I've come across so far, so still on the hunt. Outside of that, hats don't really appeal to me, so I don't see them necessarily becoming a staple part of my wardrobe.
If hoodies count, then yes. Otherwise, I don't wear hats. It's not my style. Well, in the wintertime I do wear my pom pom hat, but I don't count that. When I think hats, I think about sports caps, beanies, fedoras, sun hats, cowboy hats, etc.
I wear hats outdoors pretty much 100% of the time. In the winter I wear toques/beanies and in the summer I wear baseball caps. I don't usually wear hats indoors.
YES! I love wearing my cute bucket hat with most of my outfits! It has a little frog on top hahaha.
Never, I don't really like them for fashion reasons and I never bothered to wear one when it's practical. The most I'll do is put my hood up when I go outside on a cold day.