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  • Hi, Kiwi, I add my thanks to those of so many others for your generous gift of your time and energy in serving me and TBT community. I wonder how many times you opened your town for visitors to come to your RV park and order items. I especially appreciated that after a while you trusted me to go to the RV's alone. :giggle: Thank you! Bless you, Kiwi! I also hope that you are happy and doing well. ♥️
    I have just seen you had left... I hope you are doing well you were always so lovely to talk to :)
    It's.. a strange feeling to think that one of the people who made my experience on this forum and with New Leaf memorable is no longer here. I am sure that you would have participated with great joy in the last farewell event of the forum. And you would have helped everyone, as you always have.
    I experienced this last farewell to New Leaf also as a farewell to the people who helped me but with whom I will no longer be able to play online, and you are the first of these, because you left suddenly and we don't know if you're okay, if you're happy. I don't know where you are, I don't know what you're doing, I don't know what you're going to do with your life. But I know it's right.
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    I know that every choice you have made is right. I know you will bounce back from all the bad times, and I know you will be happy, if you aren't yet. I know it. But in my heart I fervently hope that you have someone or will find someone in your life who will give you back all the help you have given. I fervently hope that you will accept help if you need it, because you deserve it. You deserve everything this world can offer you. Never forget it, please.
    Thank you Kiwikenobi, thank you for being a part of such an important phase of my life, I'll never forget your kind soul.
    I wanted to leave you a message here in case you can't get / dont want dms.

    Ty for everything you did for me and the community! You inspired me to find ways to help others in New Leaf and not focus on the negative of losing online. Doing weeding marathons in Caloom is one of my favorite NL moments.

    Reading all these lovely messages here shows me you were an even more supportive person than I ever knew as a newcomer to this site. I echo their hopes that you are happy and doing well.

    I am happy anytime Zell mentions your town and reminds me of the fun visits you gave me. He will always have a home here.
    Just saw you left TBT, I hope it wasn’t in bad spirits! Thank you for all your help, I still have all the items you helped me get and think of you often :)
    just realized last night that you've left, I haven't been super active lately. I honestly feel so sad. you were always such a wonderful friend to me/us, you've been very kind about my art, and you took a genuine interest in my fanfics and lore stuff. I'm sorry I never got around to sharing some more of things with you. I am happy that I got to draw for you a bit, hopefully you can always cherish those drawings.
    I'm not sure why you left, but I sincerely hope you're okay. I know sometimes things happen, life gets in the way, and internet friends leave for one reason or another. you will be sorely missed. maybe someday you'll come back, but if not I understand. take care, kiwi. I hope life treats you well. 🥺💞
    I'm sorry you felt you had to leave TBT, your presence on the forum will be missed and we will never forget about all of your kindness and generosity you showed to everyone, I fully respect your decision that you decided to leave whatever may be the reason why. I hope that life goes well for you and I wish you good luck on whatever endeavours you may have. I wish you nothing but peace and happiness and I hope you can have a safe, happy and healthy life where ever you are kiwikenobi. Take care 💗
    Hi Kiwi 💖 I hope you are well🫶 I know it's early but I wanted to wish you a wonderful new year and thank you for the wonderful help and kindness you gave me with New Leaf that made my 2023 more special, thank you so much🥰💕
    Big congrats Kiwi :3 cyan wand cheers! Was so excited to see names of friends and acquaintances listed tonight!
    Hi friend🥰 I hope you are well💖 I don't know how this thing about presents from the new forum event works but it was so cute to read the notification that I had received a present (previously stolen😆) on Christmas day🥰 Thank you🫶
    You're welcome! It's part of the "naughty or nice" event going on. I basically un-hid one of your collectibles.
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