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  • One area I think can use the clover paths is the right of the station that leads to the manhole. The grey path stops a bit abruptly and I think it could look nicer if it was replaced with clovers instead so it looks more natural :) I love visiting modern towns and I think yours is a great example of a well planned modern town! Do you also plan on changing the town hall to the modern design too? Oh yeah and the early morning was a nice time. I like how the streetlights are still lit up and the music is kinda dopey so it makes me more dream like lol. Thanks again! <3
    Thanks for sharing your DA! First of all, your town hall couldn’t be in a more perfect place! It looks really nice and neat right above your plaza. You have a very easy town to navigate which I like. I like how your villagers are arranged. You have some nice flower combinations going on (I love towns with lots of different flowers!) however, I think the path coming down from the station with the blue pansies on one side and the lilies and tulips on the other looks a little awkward because it looks too “left heavy”. Maybe you can alternate another flower in-between the blue pansies to tie it to the other side more (like another yellow or pink flower). I also like the areas (like the campsite) with the clover paths.
    Thanks for visiting the dream of Biscotti once again! I'm happy you enjoyed it! All improvements happened thanks to your previous suggestions too!
    I'm sorry :( I personally haven't had many new games to play but the ones I DO have I play like crazy, especially Pokemon Sun and New Leaf. I'd really like Nintendo to make some new games that can appeal to me but I'm kinda fussy :')
    I pretty much agree with all of that tbh, but especially villager interaction! there's so much to do in terms of improvement and making the villagers feel more alive. why aren't you getting a switch though? ;_;
    yeah it's true :') I do want a Switch version really bad though, because whilst new leaf is great, it's getting old. what would you like to see in Animal Crossing Switch?
    I just miss being able to look back on my old towns and see what they were like, especially for ideas/inspiration on certain parts. my town before the current was really decked out too and pretty dang nice but alas, it is gone forever. :( I'll miss it a ton but ah well. I love my new town too, and I'm really happy with how it has progressed. I'm still tempted to make a secondary town tbh, especially since I can basically move in everyone I want to because of Amiibo cards. it'd be nice to start fresh again and work on a pretty new town.
    thank you very much! my DA is actually outdated right now but I'm gonna work to get it up to date soon. :) I have had lotsa new people move in, house improvements ect so I'm excited to share it. do you feel sad/annoyed that all of the old DA's reset? i had some old, reset towns I kinda wanna look back on but i can't now. :[

    and yeah, i know right!! it's super sad. i could try etsy! i've never really used it before though so i'd be kinda nervous to buy from it.
    my old 3DS won't run homebrew anymore sadly. It might be possible to do it still but I haven't taken the time to try and likely won't since if I start hacking, I'll lose any purpose to play actively again now my town is completely finished. :(

    cute! My favourite of all time is Bob, he's so dang cute. i'm a big cat person IRL though so this makes sense. i wanna get some Bob merch but there doesn't seem to be any, very unfortunately. :(
    yeah it's super hard for me to keep motivated with one town but i've had this one since late 2015 i believe. that's like... a record for me. i'm super happy i've kept it though because so much work has gone into it to make it pretty and nice. i've tried hacking a few times, mostly to fix issues with my layout but i'm unable to do it anymore so that won't be happening. you can't do anything tooo crazy with hacking though so it doesn't really enhance the experience too much tbh...

    i'm curious, who's your favourite villager? there's so many!
    woo! that's fantastic. i've reset my town so many times over after getting bored/unhappy with my current ones. haven't you ever felt tempted?
    your town in your sig looks super pretty!! i'm gonna visit your DA soon B) how long have you had the town for?
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