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Your hopes for your/the future?


AroAce, ASD, and Proud ^^
Oct 31, 2015
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This is something I am very...passionate about, for lack of better words. I am not saying my life/present is bad, but I just yearn for the future...2 years from now? 5 years from now? 15 years from now? I can't even say.

In a year or two down the road, I will be getting into programs for people with special needs, on the spectrum, etc. From what my dad said, this will be like a volunteer type thing and/or something that is basically my job. I am skeptical, of course, but I also can't wait. Even though school was boring and stressful for me at times (NTM, a lot of the stuff we learn is useless in the long run), I still miss it dearly. It was nice to go out and have things to do on a regular basis and to be with friends. I am still very unsure about what my programs will be about, but I am excited all the same! I want those days back. I want to have a daily thing to go to and to make in-person friends again. :,)
(I had friends in school, don't get me wrong, but we all have gone our separate ways).

And do not get me started on my hopes as an author... 🥺 💕💕
I don't think I have ever been more passionate about anything... ❤️‍🔥

I want to write books that spread awareness on topics that pertain to me (whether directly or secondhandedly) and that I feel people lack knowledge, information, awareness, and understanding about. I will not get into all of them in this post, but to name a few: Self-shipping, Autism & Neurodivergence, LGBT+, Mental Health, and the School System (how it is flawed and whatnot). Unfortunately, ignorance can turn into insensitivity, inconsideration, and even things like hatred and bullying. It is normal to be ignorant and to lack knowledge and awareness, but some people tend to think the worse of certain people because of it. Not only do I want to spread awareness, kindness, and world peace with my books, but I also want to teach people to handle their lack of knowledge and whatnot better. Just because a person has/does something that you do not understand, that doesn't mean that person is a bad person or deserves to be bullied. I know I will not be able to eliminate bullying, ignorance, etc. 100%, but I want to at least alleviate it to a considerable extent and to make an impact in some people's lives. :,)

And I mean no hate towards my dad and my brother, but I am looking forward to getting my own place later on down the road. I can live however I please without worrying about getting mixed into my dad and my brother's crazy stuff (and vice-versa). Plus I can get out of certain **** I don't want to do (at least more easily) like taking vacations. They are just not for me. I can make my life as comfortable and convenient as I possibly can. I am not saying I am gonna avoid my family all together. In fact, I love the thought of going to a restaurant I like with my dad, my brother, and if she lives close enough by that time -- my mom, on a regular basis once we are all living on our own. However, it will be nice to have my own house and my own control. Despite being younger, though, my brother will probably move out first. Don't get me wrong, it will be sad in a way, but I can't help but look forward to it. We don't have to share a bathroom. I hate it when I have to...ya know, go, but my brother is in the shower. At least we have our own bedrooms (granted, they are right next to each other)...but still. I also dread the thought about my brother bringing his friends over to the house we currently live in together with my dad (which I have overheard discussions about). I just worry about it being obnoxious and inconvenient... .-. Once my brother has his own place, I will not have to worry about that BS anymore, as that commotion will be over there and not here. But it will be even better once I also have my own place. That way, me and my dad don't have to worry about (unintentionally) inconveniencing each other either. Plus we can all eat whatever whenever. ^__^

But yeah. I just love the thought of making an impact through doing what I love most (writing) and to live on my own with as little worries as possible. :,)

This is just one of those things that is just always on my mind. I know I probably think about this too much. People always say things like "carpe diem", "no time like the present", and simply "Stop focusing too much on the future!", but I just cannot help it. I am not saying the present can't be full of wonderful times...but I just cannot help but compare the future favorably to the present. Thinking about my ideal future puts a smile on my face. Looking at the other side of the coin, I believe it is harmful to give little to no thought about the future. It is a good thing to set goals and think about your hopes for the future, whether it be YOUR future, or the future of the world in general.

What about you guys? How do you imagine your ideal future to be like? What are your helps for the future in general?
From a practical perspective, I hope I can get my own place within the next few years. Otherwise, I just want my family to stay healthy. I don't want much to change really, I just want to have a comfortable life and enjoy the simple things.

If we're talking about the world in general, there's a lot I would change. Probably too much to put into a single post. But essentially I just want things to be better for everyone.
I wouldn't call it a hope, but it's a dream for me. Very soon I'll be earning lots of money from a business I own half of, and once I accumulate enough money in a few years, I'll be giving it back to charities and communities of my choice. My "dream" is to continue doing things like this for the rest of my life, so that I can make other people hopeful about their futures. My mom was always someone who empowered everyone else before she died, and I'm just like her in that way. :giggle: 💚
I wanna reach a point where I can actually do what I want and get support from the people closest to me it’s just not that much man. I want to reach a point where my effort isn’t sabotaged, and I can be realistically optimistic, instead of these downward spirals of negative affirmation. Things only needed to be a LITTLE different, i picked up the pieces for people to help me and they let me down and that makes me regress. I want to be past that. I want to really be excited about my dreams, feel it, etc,

like i’m not expecting society to become utopian and more widely supportive (though that would be ideal), but just the people i gave the most trust to. Why dont i have this lol. Like fix this and i can trust more people again, i have a safety net, i wont break down all the time etc. And when things are bad as they are now id be able to lean on someone instead of being stuck in my head or dissociating. Sick of having envy and this feeling i have to do things alone to do them right. Its emotional dissonance because i know its wrong but life slaps in the face when i try to break that mold

Determined to make art work as my career, I settled for so much in life and I made up my mind that I CANNOT settle on this if I’m settling on so much else
Man I just wanna live a safe, happy, comfortable life. I'd like to have enough of a consistent, stable income that I don't have to worry about things while also keeping up with my hobbies/interests and being able to give to worthwhile causes. I don't need anything super fancy or luxurious. And I just want to live somewhere where I won't have to feel afraid anymore.
I'd also love to meet the perfect person(s) for me someday. If it doesn't happen, that's fine too (I'd rather keep my relationships fictional that settle for one where I'm not fully happy), but god I've recently come to realize that I vibe so so much with the idea of being a housewife/homemaker. ;w; Would love to live a life of simple domestic bliss tbh

As for the future in general... I don't know if it'll happen in my lifetime, but I would really like for society to reach a point where no one has to worry about their ability to literally just survive. I fully believe society has reached a point where it's possible. I don't like how many people I've seen with my own eyes who don't have enough money for food or medical care, while corrupt super-rich multi-billionaires roll around in more money than they or the even the next several generations of their families could ever hope to spend. I'm gonna stop myself there before I get too growly on the subject, but you get the idea.
In my more immediate future: Learning to drive, and moving to a better state (Connecticut is the target).

Otherwise, I don't know what I'm doing with my future right now. I hope to find a career that is right for me. I also hope to find a partner, I've been alone for a very long time now. Where are they? =( Also, as I get older, I'm leaning more and more toward wanting to have a child and be a mother.
It's not possible to break away from society because of the system that is set up, but I would like to break from it as much as I can. Meaning I would like to garden and have ducks and others not making a fuss at that choice I choose for myself on my own property. Especially when I'm already limited by physical abilities on what I can do in live that is considered good enough or acceptable by society. We are constantly compared to robotics and computers mentally, emotionally, and physically and it is tiring that people want to passive aggressively put people to death behind a curtain because they dont like something or they want to control.
I hope I continue to get physically better in my everyday life. It is great that I am. And it is nice to actually wake up and be happy about it instead of dreading how I will be treated that day.
I also hope that in the future I will have real life friends as I get into an older age group and people are less focused on working, their fast paced hobbies, and their kids. Maybe at that time they will have more interest in real tangible things and moments with others. You know, nothing overwhelming and tense like many group events people attend sometimes because of a common interest.
I hope to continue to learn about many wonderful things that are in the world. The natural systems and cycles in great detail. I feel we are so very far from the natural world and it effects us in a negative way. A way that we cant exactly voice or even easily identify because we were brought up in this distance.
And although I have spoken negatively on computers, robotics, and basically fantasy and artificial alternate reality, I would like to one day make a complete video game. There are benefits to these things, as long as they aren't abused. But I think many are so drawn because if the distance I mentioned earlier. I find the details of video game making fascinating. Maybe because of the parts and pieces and the systems. Video games is an escapism or a relax period from the daily issues people deal with that do wear on you over time. And issues and hard challenges will always exist. Video games basically just replaced board games, puzzles, and riddles whether theological in nature or not. There are many discussion and reflective points and topics to find in video games.
That was long and may seem kind of negative, though it wasn't intended to be so.
Good topic.
I also have no desire to host any family gatherings, and I hope my family will respect this if/once I am living in my own house later on down the road. There is just too much stress and effort that go into these that I do not have the capacity to deal with. As long as my family doesn't stress me out, I wouldn't mind going to family gatherings as a guest. Or best yet, going out to eat at a delicious restaurant, which is something I have always loved doing.

And I plan to make it a rule that they let me know in advance before they come over. I HATE when people come over unannounced.
At least it is nice to get one in Animal Crossing (a DND still would be nice, though) from your favorite villager. You do not actually have to seriously worry about preparation BS.

But in real life, it is just complete ass. Some family members always expect you to be prepared for **** and think they are entitled to just show up as they damn-well please. I am not having this. You cannot always expect me to be prepared for the unknown, because YOU couldn't be bothered to give a notice in advanced. I have ASD (I don't always like to bring up my condition as my reason for things, but it really is a well-known fact that we like to be aware of things, and not have them just sprung on us). It is important for us to be aware, for emotional reasons and so we can KNOW if/when to prepare for it and how to do so. I am not going to bother to prepare for something that I didn't know about. I am not going to spend my independent adult stressing about this. I'm just not.

And of course, I will always be avoiding vacations like the bubonic plague. I will make sure they understand my dislike of them. I will definitely go on day trips and to family gatherings, if my conditions are met though.
I always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was little and I want to do the schooling and everything but the motivation is not rly there cause Yk stuff happens but I believe in myself I believe that soon I’ll be able to surpass all the procrastination and i think I’ll do just fine c:
to be honest, just thinking about the future overwhelms me. the past 3 years have been difficult and honestly traumatic for me, and they’ve changed the way i think and see life permanently. i’m excited for the future and the good and exciting things i’m sure it’ll bring, but i’m petrified of the responsibilities, changes, and tragedy that it’ll bring as well. i’ve been constantly anticipating the next thing to go wrong for two years now, and while things are okay for me and my loved ones right now, the future holds the moment(s) where that will no longer be true. the future means an eventual time where my parents and my cat will no longer be alive and well, and i’m scared of that. i’m not 100% happy with my present, but i’m too scared of the future right now to move towards something new.

that being said, i’m as hopeful as i can be that the future has good things in store for me— i just have to work towards them. i of course hope for good health, happiness, and peace to be in my future and everyone else’s, but to be more specific, some of my biggest hopes and goals are:

- to overcome my depression, anxiety, and social anxiety to the best of my ability, and learn how to deal with some of the struggles i have because of them. this includes finding medication(s) that work for me, learning how to not be afraid of going places by myself and how to protect myself so that i feel more safe, learning how to talk to people (verbally and in face-to-face interactions especially), how to best take care of myself during depressive episodes, etc.

- move into an apartment of my own, either by myself or with a roommate / friend.

- get a job. i’ve been job hunting since i graduated high school last summer, and my counsellors have provided me with resources to help, but it’s still been hard when a lot of places won’t hire you unless you have experience, and i can’t get experience because no one will hire me 😵‍💫 i’d be fine with pretty much any paying job for the foreseeable future, but long-term i would love to work with animals in some way 💕

- become 100% independent. this includes having my own bank account and credit/debit card, my own insurance, paying my own bills, going places on my own, etc.

and countless other things. but honestly, as long as i’m happy, healthy, and content with my life, that’s truly the most important thing to me when it comes to my future. everything else is just details 💜
- I'd like to figure out this whole life thing. I feel like I'm nowhere near where I should be at in life for my age and it really gets me down sometimes

- Other than that, It's always been my dream to start an etsy/shopify/etc shop for selling my art!

- Also thinking about starting an art youtube channel/tiktok since the algorithm favours videos these days. But I also just like the idea of recording my art process and making lil videos in general
I love this thread! It's so amazing seeing everyone's dreams and aspirations. It's important to enjoy life, but if you want to be a winner you have to keep going forward and work for your dreams. Because nobody but you has the power to walk your path and do it right!!

I've always wanted to be a surgeon, and I am working my ass off for it every single day. I have finished med school, became a doctor and I'm much closer to my dreams now! But it is only the beginning. We can all do this!
My biggest dream for the future... I've believed for a long time that my purpose in life is to help people. Once I'm financially and mentally stable enough; I'd love to become a therapist of some kind. Or maybe a psychiatrist.

Another dream is I'd love to get married.. >w> I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say? I'm in love with the most sweetest guy. Even though we aren't dating, I have high hopes for my future with him.. hehe..

I'd also love to make music.. some sort of music. I love to write. I am really good with poetry, I've noticed. Songwriting not so much, but I've written a couple of songs before! I'm just really shy about my singing voice.. OTL
I’ve decided to try to become an advocate for autism rights (not affiliated with any organizations like Autism Speaks or similar) and abuse victims. I want to share my stories of being autistic and a victim of mental and emotional abuse to change how the world sees them. Not all abusive relationships involve two people dating or a parental situation and people need to know how to recognize the signs of abuse in ALL situations and relationships. Caretaker abuser doesn’t just happen to the elderly. It can happen to those who are autistic too and people need to know that it happens far more often than they would like to think and sometimes the caregiver conceals the abuse by playing the self martyr caregiver card where they make it seem like it is so hard for them. I think this is why some severely autistic people act out around certain people after they do something specific or says something bad about them.