Your hopes for your/the future?

i want lots of money in my future 😂

but i would love if someday i could do art full time, i find it so much easier to hyper focus on drawing rather than doing boring paperwork, so i feel bad that i’m not as productive as i could be at work ;;

my family moving into a bigger house or me getting my own apartment would be nice, it’s nice being able to live with your family but i would love more space to decorate how i like (more space for a figure collection? i’m running out of bedroom space, and i would love to set up the game room how i like, i’m not very fond of the current look)

i have no idea what to expect in my future in terms of marriage because i was never allowed to date, but it would be nice if i could just be a housewife ;v; i dislike being stuck in an office 9-5 (or any other job, i have no interest in climbing the corporate ladder or anything like that), the only work i enjoy is drawing/working with clay, every other woman in my family was able to be a housewife, so sometimes i find it a bit upsetting/stressful when my mom insists that i should be capable of doing everything (job, cooking, cleaning, raising kids) and tossing the kids in daycare (i’ve seen things about daycares that make me not want to trust a stranger to watch my kids all day)
I haven't thought out much about my future too much because of what happened in High School. I won't get too into it, but I was going through a lot mentally at that point and it was a dark moment in my life. I didn't plan for a future because of serious and personal reasons, but now I'm getting better and I'm older now.

Some things that I'm hoping for in the future is to get my driving license and get over my fear of driving, find a nice job that will support me for now, be able to move out and get my own place or move in with my grandma (I love my family, but it's a bit much right now), and maybe go to school and study in culinary arts.

It's short-term goals, but it's stuff that I can focus on without getting too overwhelmed. Best of luck to everyone in this thread with their goals and hopes for their future! Best wishes :]
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I saw someone mention this earlier in the thread and thought I would add in too: I also want to transition as well. That's my biggest and most wanted goal I think. The first step would be getting contact lenses, then work on voice training, do some clothes shopping before finally getting top surgery. I've also thought about taking testosterone, but not super sure just yet? I want to be more masculine looking, but also androgynous. Masc androgyny, if you will!
At this point? I'd like to stop suffering. There's all these problems I can't do anything about and waiting isn't exactly working. I need health insurance again. I want to see the doctor and the dentist. I don't know how much longer I can sit through this.
And if I get through that, uh... I sure wish I didn't still live in a house that's falling apart.
I don't actually have plans, though. I'm not really capable of doing things, especially not right now. Even if I ignored how bad my anxiety is, I seem to be too physically ill at the moment. There are actually many things I need to get checked...
i want my dream home. i fantasize about it like every day. i want like a permanent "christmas" tree thats planted at the front and is decorated for every season and holiday. i want fairy lights in most rooms. i want me and my partner to each have our own bathrooms and offices that we can decorate however we want.
so yeah i want like a massive house (not a mansion though big open rooms make me nervous like reverse claustrophobia) so i need money. goal for the future: lots of money (who doesnt have that goal though?)
i wanna have better methods and higher self esteem about/for my adhd. its been making things that shouldnt be difficult very, very difficult lately. and ive been very hard on myself
Well, next year there might be a shift in housing, so I hope that the place that I live in next year will be affordable and comfortable. The only question is where? The local job that I applied for has quite a lengthy process after the interview portion, which I already did. So, I can't jump the gun and start looking up apartments or houses in a new city if I haven't heard back from them. All I can do right now is research for cities with good job opportunities, touch up on what skills I lack in, and browse Indeed.

Long story short, I hope to have a stable job and housing by next year. Once I get over this large hurdle, then I can start dreaming about five years and so on.
I want to travel, see new things, meet new people, maybe a special someone, eat a lot of stuff and play a lot of games, but I whould like to fullfill my artistic dreams as well, I want to create something beautiful that people can connect with and that will stay in this earth even after I'm gone, idk if I have the luck or skills to achieve any of this but... I can dream
I want Villagers to stop barging into my House uninvited and unwanted especially if I’m trying to clean up and redecorate! I had Diva just come in without permission and then rudely comment about everything left out that I was trying to put away before. I immediately used an Amiibo to get rid of her as punishment for her rudeness.
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I’m also hoping my family will be a lot more knowledgeable when it comes to autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I’ve said on here before that I am on the spectrum and there’s a really good chance I have ADHD too.

Unfortunately, I feel like my family can be very ignorant and underestimating of the disorders. I am hoping they will become more knowledgeable, considerate, and aware, as time goes on whether it be because of my possible books about autism, spectrum disorder and mental health, or my psychiatrist appointment that I should have sometime in the future. Or anything, really. I just wish they were more aware about how we function.

If/Once I am independent enough to live on my own, I do want to actually have get-togethers with my family, not vacations, but just going out for a couple hours for lunch or something like that. but it’s just gonna cause a lot of stress if they continued to underestimate my condition/situation.

Don’t give me wrong. I love my family, but I feel like this is the main cause of why I can sometimes have a complicated relationship with some of my family members.
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That we, as a society, figure it out. We need to pull out heads out of our rear ends and address climate change, homelessness, and the myriad of social problems we have right now.
I hope to get a better paying job in my field and get married. Single life is atrocious at my age and I should had been more involved and paid more attention to the opportunities when I was younger. "I'll wait for my 30s 🤡 " but by that time, all the ladies I knew either got married or have boyfriends and whatever.