What did you think of your original username?

What did you think of your original username?

  • I’m still using my original username.

    Votes: 45 62.5%
  • It’s okay.

    Votes: 9 12.5%
  • I hate it! It reminds me of my past.

    Votes: 5 6.9%
  • It was a stupid name, so I changed it.

    Votes: 13 18.1%

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While some of us have the same username from the beginning, most of us have changed our usernames. Some of them didn’t like their original username, mainly because it was a cringeworthy name that they didn’t like, but others hate their old username for a reason. It’s because it reminds them of a past identity they don’t want to be reminded of because they said something or done something that was cringeworthy, or that it was their username during one of their worst experiences on this site.

So what did you think of your old username? Did you like it, hate it, or are you still using it? You don’t have to mention what your original username was if you don’t want to.

For me, I was okay with my username of Apple2012, but I’m glad that I’ve changed out of it. I’m no longer on LittleBigPlanet Central (which is where I had that name), it’s an outdated username, and 2012 doesn’t mean anything special to me. If I had to go back to my old username in some way, I could go with Apple2011 (when I graduated high school), Apple2014 (when I joined TBT), or Apple1993 (the year I was born). That, and I would prefer to be compared to the fruit apple and not the tech company Apple.
my original username was FrozenDrinks. i had it from when i joined in april 2015, to may 2016, and iirc the only places that i‘ve ever had it was on here and acc.

frozen was one of my hyperfixations at the time, so i thought FrozenDrinks would be a cute and original name to reflect that. i was 13-14 years old when i had it, and other than me being cringey like a lot of 13-14 year olds usually are lol, i don’t have any bad memories with that username. i just changed it once i got tired of it and was no longer hyperfixated on frozen (though i still love it). it’s not a username that i would pick for myself presently, but i don’t hate it. i’ve had 7 usernames (including my current one) during my time here, and they have all reflected my interests at the time and/or who i am— i’m proud of that 💖

though we don’t talk about Electracrybby… idk what i was thinking with that LOL
Mine was... okay? I don't know. I can't hate it because it's technically still a name I go by in some places. It also relates to the past, though. 2008, before I even joined TBT...
I like my current username a whole lot more.
I've had around 15-20 username changes on here over the course of 10 years, but my original username was AnimalCrossingExpert(ACE). I didn't really think it was stupid perse, but it didn't fit me after some time, so I changed it.

Out of all the usernames I've had in my time here, Midoriya definitely suits me the most. Coincidentally, it's also now officially the username I've had for the longest amount of time on this site.
My username is still the same username that I had when I signed up.
There were moments where I wanted to change my username, but I'd be wasting tons of TBT in the process, so I'm glad to have turned against that decision. I grew on it eventually.

If I were to change my username now, I'd pick "Spiky Haired Devotee"
I'm still using my original user name and it is fine. I do want to change it, but deciding if I really want to considering I've had this one for 3 yrs.
Main reason why I want to change it is because it is long and I think a shorter one would be better. I just have to think of one and see if I like it months later before applying if I do change it.
I also thought about thinking of 3 and allowing members to vote for what one they like. Cuz polls are fun.
But I also thought about just waiting and change it waay later if I'm still around.
I'm still using my original username, lol. To put it simply, I like ~Kilza~ because it's me. It wouldn't feel right to use anything else.
I still have my orginal name, since its a combination of my two chracters. I think Id only plan on changing it, if I dropped that story, or the characters.
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Kind of changed but not very much 🙈 originally I was Roxy10

It was the name I used on all AC games and I got attached. Honestly was so hard to get any roxy spelling without numbers. I feel this name is me now. I know there is someone on here who was Roxxy before me as I got a message when I changed. Whoever it was, I would love to know as they sounded so sweet and lovely. Please lmk if anyone has had my name previously ❤️
My first username was kind of boring and I feel the same about the one I have right now. I think I just really wanted to change it but didn't think much about what I was changing it to. I'm saving up for a username change right now because I've decided to just use the one I go by on other sites.

Edit: Nvm, username change acquired thanks to the extremely kind @Midoriya 🎉🎉 (Thank you again!!)
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My first username was Feraligatr. I changed it to Croconaw. The most surprising thing is that I’ve been able to have both of those usernames. I’m not changing from Croconaw anytime. I’m very fond of my current username and I wouldn’t change it.
my first ever username was KawaiiX3 😭 i was 11 and i didn’t know what else to put, thankfully i changed it like a month or 2 of being on the forums lol and i’ve changed my username a lot since then, but my current username is probably the one i’ll keep
My first username was Feraligatr. I changed it to Croconaw. The most surprising thing is that I’ve been able to have both of those usernames. I’m not changing from Croconaw anytime. I’m very fond of my current username and I wouldn’t change it.
I noticed that you went through a de-evolution through username changes.
My original username was Believe_In_Kittens, which I chose when I was 12, based on a conversation I had with a friend in primary school. About a year into being on here, I really wanted to change it, It was just outdated and didn’t reflect me, also it was a pain to type every time I wanted to log in

I finally changed it and went it Zerous, kinda a mix of different names I go by. I partially wish I went with one of a couple other names that I do prefer, but I don’t know if I want to use my bells on a username change at the moment, and I don’t mind my name too much. I’m also not entirely sure which username I like the most out of my preferred ones.
One of the first usernames I made when I was 11 was ThePoliceman009 on PlayStation Network. At first, I used my Dad's email to create it, as I didn't have my own personal email account at the time. Back then, you couldn't change your username, so I stuck with it. I could've just created a new account with the email I eventually made with a new username, but never bothered, and just swapped email addresses. Sony eventually gave users the option to change their usernames, but again, I've never bothered to change it as it's how I've been known on PSN for over 12 years at this point. Even though I only play my PS5 when my friends are online nowadays, my username is still ThePoliceman009. 🤷‍♂️

I eventually created my current persona, TN4U, a couple of years after the PSN account on other online gaming services. Short for "T00 N0RMAL 4 U", I think it's cool, and I still like it in its shortened form. Today, I still use TN4U for gaming sites, and use a completely different username for everything else.

Looking back now, ThePoliceman009 is very cringy, but I don't really care that I still use it. Yes, I get my name made fun of sometimes by guys on microphones, but I just mute them. No sense adding fuel to the flame.
I think it's still the exact same username, nearly 10 years running

I also still have the exact same namecard for events. used since the 2014 fair, just a bit over 9 years ago now
I’ve used my real name from the get-go and have no plans on changing it.