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Jun 21, 2010
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how do you, personally, come to the conclusion to make/start a new topic on the bell tree, or any forum that you frequent?

with me, it just depends on a couple of things, usually just common sense, but sometimes the forum's leniency. the bell tree is pretty lax, so creating new topics isn't that hard of a decision to make so long as it isn't already covered, but with other forums this isn't the same, as there are rules and people give half a damn, if you'll pardon the frankness.

do you like to make threads about videos, threads about jokes, threads about your personal life, questions for the members to answer, or something entirely different?
I don't post much but if I did I would post just random things like videos and creepy things
All my topics end up in flame, spam or inactivity. I prefer to only make topics when I need help now.
My threads tend to be about some news or video I find interesting and want to share.
There have been ones about my life and noone would really care about. So those aren't ones I go for.
sometimes my personal life, not usually.
news, opinions, and problems would make up the majority
I never really make threads about songs, videos, or movies though
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