Fortune Cookies!

May 28, 2021
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Does anybody like or use the fortune cookies sometimes given out in restaurants? Or has anyone received any interesting or memorable quotes/advice?

At the risk of sounding eccentric, I keep many of my fortunes because I like the quotes. I even categorize them based on my mood or how relevant I think they are. I wrapped up one of my fortunes and placed it on a sketch I was creating, since it happened to relate to what I was drawing.

I frequent a restaurant that gives these out. As in I visit it about every week or so, so I've ended up with plenty.

(I am aware there is an item being sold here called fortune cookie, but this isn't related and I had the topic idea before seeing it).
I used to take them super seriously when I was younger. I used to keep the papers but now I just like to read them, smile, and then toss the paper.
I don't remember most of the fortunes I got but I never really understood any of them. The only one I do remember said "Go to the beach :)". Well I went to the beach and I hated it! I will not be listening to fortune cookies, lol
I don't remember any in particular but I remember giggling at a few. I don't keep the papers. The cookies are good though.
I have a stack of years worth of fortune cookie quotes I’ve gotten. My favorite one ever said, “Pick another fortune cookie.” I was like, what the heck? 😂
i used to keep some around whenever the message was a good life reminder. lately the messages have become less fortune centric and more just... generic? not sure how to describe it, so i've sadly written them off. :(
Ooh, I do love fortune cookies! I like opening the cookie and reading the fortune more than eating the cookie itself, but it's a cute little treat/experience!

I feel obligated to post this! 🥠
I am ashamed to say that I have never had a fortune cookie irl? It is now on my bucket list along with trips to Australia and Canada so an easy ✔️ 😂💜
I thought the fortune cookies I got had decent messages. Not really fortunes, but more like advice.
It's funny that this thread popped up. I went to Panda Express today and received a fortune cookie. I ended up getting the sweet fire chicken breast with chow mein, if anyone is curious. I typically read them and throw the paper away. I don't take them seriously, but I had one with an interesting fortune.

"You are not where you want to be right now, but you will be soon."

That was a few days before my requested job transfer officially went through. I ordered Panda Express for delivery when I was at work, at my old job. I personally got a good chuckle out of it.
I don't believe in fortune cookie sayings to be honest. I usually just read it, laugh, and then throw it away. I don't believe in karma, luck, or superstitions either though, so.... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯