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About lolly In the English patch of dobutsu no mori e+

Lolly is so epic

Junior Member
Mar 23, 2024
Hi I'm new to the bell tree forums and I know this isint really related to the original animal crossing GameCube in any way but, I honestly cant find any info about her being in the English patch of that specific rom of the game made by Cryuler, I had looked at the file and it said USA on it and I'm 100% sure that its based on the USA rom of the game and not the JP version as of why when I tried to scan her E reader card it said rejoin error

Am sorry if this disrupts any threads or I get banned or something because talking about roms might promote something I don't really know

Any anwsers would be very helpful to me thanks
Likely an e-reader issue? 🤔 Might have to use a Japanese e-reader with... a Japanese e-reader card, I'd imagine. I only have the game in Japanese, but don't possess an e-reader, so I don't know how you do that via an emulator. 🤷‍♀️
This thread made me look her up realize Lolly was added to the series in Animal Forest e+ and was absent from Wild World, that's crazy I thought she was in every game

From what I could tell I don't think the translation patch is 100% finished yet (I haven't seen social media updates from Cuyler in a long time, unless they're active somewhee I don't frequent) so maybe it's a glitch

I assume since Lolly is in e+ she SHOULD be able to exist in the game... So yeah might be a patch glitch or an e reader issue like danmokun said