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Oct 20, 2005
The NCAG is a community that brings together all Nintendo related clans and groups. TBT is an affiliate of ours along with some other groups. Can some people here join there to get it to be bigger (at least) and to chat about anything? I just got it set up really well and we have a mere 21 members but quite a few mods. Thank you.

The NCAG is now hiring. Anyone who would like to work here must be able to help out, want to help, and not mind getting a pay...yet. I will try to pay anyone who helps me out in Bells since that is the only way I can pay people. I'll make a post here for how many bells I owe each of you. The pay will vary and I won't post a pay now. Post what position(s) you want here. The positions are below:

Graphic Makers- You will make NCAG icons, banners, sigs, skins, and other graphics. You don't have to be able to make everything I just listed but it would help if you could make at least one of them very well.

Assistants- You will help out anyone who needs it and fill in for people that will be inactive. You don't have to be able to do every job.

Mod Assistants- You will help the admins and mods when they need it. A mod or admin can have this job.

Personal Assistant- You will be my personal assistant and may get to be a super mod. You will mainly help keep the forum running and moderate. This is known as the Forum Manager as well.

Brainstormers- You will come up with ideas for The NCAG (forums, clans, organizations/groups.

More positions will be posted later. If you have any suggestions for positions, please post them here.

You must be active here or can be active here. Please post what you think a pay should be if you think a pay in necessary.


Graphics Makers-


Mod Assistants-

Personal Assistants- Dspro


Clan Members- This is coming soon and will have sub jobs/be split up. The NCAG will be offereing a clan, service, store, or other group for people.

TBTS is affiliated with the NCAG. If you would like to e-mail the NCAG, the address is below.


Note: I'm not trying to bump this, I just need to put in the positions.