Favorite Songs From Your Favorite Artists' Albums?


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Apr 26, 2020
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I don't make threads very often, but I thought this would be a fun topic to discuss! So, let's talk about our favorite artists and what our favorite songs from each of their albums are! And why those songs are our favorites.

For me, I'll start by talking about the albums of one of my favorite Kpop groups! And the group I've chosen is Exo. They have one of my favorite discographies out of all of the Kpop groups I've listened to. So, without further ado:
👩‍🍼Mama: This was the only album we had for over a year, and it was only a mini-album. I still remember the memes about waiting for Exo's comeback. Although I didn't become a Kpop fan until late June or early July of 2012, so the wait for the next album was a bit shorter for me. I listened to all of these song so much back then. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'll go with Mama. It's just iconic. The first Exo song that I ever listened to, Two Moons, is also on this album. The reason it was the first Exo song I listened to is because the first Kpop group I liked was SHINee, and I came across this song while going through SHINee's discography because Key, a member of SHINee, features on the song. (Maybe I'll go through SHINee's discography in a separate post later...)
💋🫂XOXO (repackage): Finally we had new songs to enjoy! I listened to this album on repeat. I feel like Growl is the obvious pick here. A hit that so many other groups have covered. But while I do love Growl, I'm going to pick My Lady. Because I loved this song even before we got the full version. Originally a bit of it was used in one of Exo's pre-debut teasers, and I used to watch that teaser a lot just to hear this song
❄️Miracles in December: Exo's first winter album! Miracles in December is my favorite song. The voices of the members participating on this song all sound so lovely, and the song itself sounds so lovely and pretty as well
💊Overdose: Okay, this one is tough. The title track, Overdose, is really good, but Thunder and Moonlight... You'd think it would be easy since this mini-album only has five songs, but no... Okay, I'll go with Overdose. It is one of my favorite title tracks of theirs. Also, there's a song on this album called Love, Love, Love, and all I want to say about it is that Exo's first live album has two more versions of that song, a rearranged live version and an acoustic studio version, and I prefer those
💕Love Me Right: Another album full of songs I love. I guess my favorite would be El Dorado, but I'll say Playboy is a close second. They both have such a satisfying sound that scratches the itch in my brain
🎤Sing For You: Another winter album, and once again the title track is my favorite. Pretty and soft
🪙Lotto: I remember having mixed feelings about this album at first, and it's still not my favorite album of theirs, but it definitely grew on me pretty quickly. That being said, Lucky One is probably my favorite song from Lotto. This is the repackaged album, but the original album had double title tracks, Lucky One and Monster. Monster is probably the more well-known of the two, and I do love it, but I always had a soft spot for Lucky One. I love the chorus
☃️For Life: Winter album number three! But this time the title track isn't my favorite. Twenty Four is my favorite. Also, I don't know how people feel about this song now, but when it came out I remember some of my fellow fans not liking this song. They said it was noisy. And I do get that, but for me the noisy parts are balanced well by the less noisy parts. The "You're my twenty four" parts are a bit repetitive, but for some reason it doesn't really bother much me in this song. The whole song is just a vibe
🎵The Power of Music: This was another tough choice, but I'll pick The Eve as my favorite song from this album. It's a song to sway and bob along to
🌠Universe: The fourth winter album! And while the last winter album broke the mold, we're back to the title track being my favorite. Universe is just so pleasant to listen to, like hot chocolate for my ears. It warms your soul during the cold chill of winter. Honorable mention to Been Through though. I love that song. If it were on a different album, then it might have been able to take the top spot, but unfortunately it's competing against Universe. Overall, this is my favorite of Exo's winter albums
🔢Countdown: Exo's Japanese album. I haven't listened to this album that much to be honest. Excluding the Japanese versions of a few of their Korean/Chinese songs that are on this album, Lovin' You Mo' is probably my favorite
💘Love Shot: Ooh La La La is my favorite from this album, although I also like Tempo a lot. I feel like Exo does this type of smooth sounding song really well
😍Obsession: I haven't listened to this album as much as some of the others, but I think my favorite is the title track, Obsession.
❌Don't Fight the Feeling: I'll pick the title track again for this one. I listened to it a lot when it was released. It's a fun song
🧍‍♀️Exist: Their most recent album, released last year. I've only listened to the full album a few times since I've kind of been taking a break from Kpop the last few years and not listening to it as much as I used to. I do love the title track, Cream Soda, though. The chorus is really satisfying and the song as a whole is pleasant to listen to

I'll probably come back and do a few more artists later! I originally wanted to at least do one Western artist as well to start with, but it takes a while to look through each album and skim through the songs to verify which one is my favorite. I'll also try to listen to the songs you guys pick as your favorites from your favorite artists. I love listening to and exploring new music~
There are a bunch of artists/bands that I love, but my absolute favourites are Melanie Martinez and MARINA (formerly Marina and the Diamonds). Both of them are so beyond special to me, and their music has seen and gotten me through so much. I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’m actually going to be seeing Melanie live for the first time this June, something that I never thought I’d have the opportunity to do, and I’m so, so ecstatic and anxious!!! I was only able to afford nosebleed seats, but just being in that arena and getting to hear her live will be a dream come true. 🥹💓

MARINA was the artist that I discovered first though, so it’s only fitting that I talk about her albums first!

The Family Jewels
MARINA’s debut studio album, and the second album of hers that I listened to! It’s also my second favourite album of hers. It’s been 5+ years since I first listened to it, and I can still relate to a lot of the songs on it so much. It’s one of my go-to comfort albums, and is so special to me. It’s a beautiful blend of fun, vulnerability, wildness and rawness. It touches on self-discovery, self-love, self-hatred and self-acceptance in a way that is so human, and makes me feel seen. Its a reminder that the past, present, future, our families and our experiences all shape us into who we are, but that change and growth is always possible. Even if that change and growth is just you accepting who you are and everything that happened that helped make you who you are.

My favourite songs from The Family Jewels are “Are You Satisfied?”, “Girls”, “I Am Not a Robot”, “Seventeen”, “Obsessions”, “Oh No!”, “The Outsider”, “Mowgli’s Road”, “Hollywood” and “Hermit the Frog”. As someone who is often struggling with her emotions and having them, “I Am Not a Robot” has always been one of the songs that resonates with me the most. It’s a much-needed reminder that I’m human, that we all are, and that being human and expressing vulnerability and emotions doesn’t always have to be pretty, and that it’s okay. Being human is ugly, and that’s one of the beauties of it.

Electra Heart
My favourite MARINA album, and one of my absolute favourite albums of all time. I fear I will never love another album as much as this one. This album was my introduction to MARINA, and was honestly my soundtrack during my late middle school/early high school years. If I could listen to nothing but Electra Heart for the rest of my life, I’d be happy with that. This album is so, so very special to me, and I love it beyond words. It‘s forever iconic!

Glee was actually my introduction to Electra Heart, and in turn to MARINA! A few people on Youtube made Glee music videos to “Bubblegum *****” and “Teen Idle”, and Glee eventually did a cover of “How to Be a Heartbreaker”! I loved all 3 songs so much that it encouraged me to listen to all of MARINA’s music, and my love for her and her music was born! She’s also one of the reasons why I love occasionally drawing a black heart on my cheek, and why my New Horizons island rep has one as well.

There honestly isn’t a single song on Electra Heart that I don’t like, but my absolute favourite songs are “Primadonna”, “Power & Control”, “Teen Idle”, “Bubblegum *****”, “Starring Role”, “Homewrecker”, “Valley of the Dolls”, “Buy the Stars”, “Lies”, and “Lonely Hearts Club”! So… pretty much almost every song on the album, LOL

My least favourite album of hers. The album cover is breathtaking, but sadly the only songs off of Froot that I like are the title track of the same name and “Weeds”. I felt so bad listening to it for the first time and only liking 2 of the songs, but I did give it a chance! I’m honestly not sure why I didn’t like this album as much as her others.

Love + Fear
My third favourite MARINA album! I stayed up until midnight on its release day so that I could stream the entire album as soon as it dropped. All of the songs on Love + Fear are so beautiful, and I cherish the meanings behind them all so much. I love that this album touches on self-love, the beauty of having so much love for others, and the beauties and ugliness of the world and its inhabitants. I hate that the message behind “To Be Human” is still as prevalent today as it was in 2019, and that the state of the world hasn’t gotten much better. The beauty is still there, but the ugliness gets more and more pressing and horrifying with each passing day.

My favourites from this album are “To Be Human”, “Handmade Heaven” and “Superstar”!

I’m not going to talk about Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land since I haven’t listened to the album in full, but I adore the title track of the same name and “Man’s World”. The messages behind both songs are so important.

This post is already ridiculously long xjsidndjbc, but onto Melanie! To try and minimize my rambling as much as possible, I’m going to exclude her EPs.

Cry Baby
Excluding her Dollhouse EP, this is the first album of Melanie’s that I listened to. It’s my favourite album of hers, as well as one of my favourite albums of all time. I adore all of Melanie’s subsequent albums and EPs, and they’re all special to me in their own ways, but I don’t think any of her albums will ever live up to Cry Baby for me. It got me through middle school and high school, and it is so important to me. I haven’t known Melanie during the entirety of her musical journey, but I’m so grateful that I discovered her when I did, and that I’ve been a fan of hers for 10 years now. Melanie, her music, and this album especially, will always hold a special place in my heart. I never thought I’d get to hear any songs off of Cry Baby live, so the fact that I‘ll get to in less than 4 months is so… wow. 🥹

I love every song on Cry Baby, but my absolute favourites are “Dollhouse”, “Cry Baby”, “Tag You’re It”, “Pity Party”, “Cake”, and “Mrs. Potato Head”! I can’t believe this album is almost 9 years old. 😭

K-12 was a blessing to me. Melanie announced it during a time where I was struggling so badly with school, attending regularly, and having no friends there and feeling so out of place, and while I knew K-12 couldn’t fix any of those problems for me, I knew it would at least provide some healing and comfort that I desperately needed. It’d be a sort of safe space, and it was. I was so excited when I found out that Melanie would be releasing a movie alongside it! Listening to snippets of each song as she posted them on her Instagram gave me something to look forward to when I was struggling, and I’m forever grateful for that.

I actually watched the K-12 movie while I was in class, and I loved it! I also of course loved the album, with my favourite songs being “Show & Tell”, “Teacher’s Pet”, “Orange Juice”, “Lunchbox Friends”, “Nurse’s Office”, and “Class Fight”!

Her most recent album! It’s the conclusion to Cry Baby’s story and is a little different from her previous two albums, but I still adore it all the same. I was going through a rough time in March of last year, and Portals was one of the things that got me through. It took some time to get used to the costume that Melanie’s been wearing for Portals, but I think it’s so cool and unique. I admire and appreciate the love, effort, authenticity, creativity and dedication she puts into everything she does. This past year has been so busy for her between releasing a merch and parfum line, planning and going on 2 tours, working on and releasing music videos for Portals as well as working on the movie version of it, but she’s absolutely killing it!

I don’t love every song on Portals, but my favourites are “Powder”, “Milk of the Siren”, “Tunnel Vision”, “Evil”, “Battle of the Larynx“, ”Death”, and “Faerie Soirée“!
oh my gosnfdjsfnjdksad so many thoughts.. i'll attempt to keep it as short as i can by only putting one of my top favorite artists.. tyler, the creator!!
tyler, the creator:
wolf: "wolf", "answer", "48", "campfire", "bimmer" "ifhy", "treehome95", and "lone".
cherry bomb: "find your wings", "cherry bomb", "2seater", "f***ing young/perfect" and "smuckers"
flower boy: "where this flower blooms", "garden shed", "boredom", "droppin seeds", "911/mr. lonely", "november", "glitter", "enjoy right now, today" (my 8th grade yearbook quote! :blush:)
igor: ...literally every SINGLE SONG. i'm not even kidding. i love this album so bad its not even funny.
call me if you get lost: "corso", "runitup", "rise!", "juggernaut", "wilshire" and "safari". i also like "boyfriend, girlfriend".
Oh I'll pop in here a few times. 😂

I'm going to go with Boy George to begin with, because I'm currently re-reading his autobiography. I'll preface this with, yes, he's done some terrible things and I don't support them - but his music has shaped me, my values, and who I am today.

Sold (1987) - Everything I Own.
  • Very classic Culture Club sound... despite it being a cover! This song was a very easy way to transition from listening to Culture Club to enjoying his solo work.

Tense Nervous Headache (1988) - I Love You and Mama Never Knew.
  • I Love You is catchy, honest, and sweet.
  • Whatever you think Mama Never Knew is about; it's not: "When he says, woman, there's a place for you / That don't mean that's what you have to do / There's a gift somebody gave to you / It's called talking and saying out loud."

Boyfriend (1989) - You Found Another Guy and No Clause 28.
  • Clause 28, introduced when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the UK, prohibited the promotion of homosexuality by local authorities between 1988-2003. I've always loved this song for the lines: "Don't need this legislation / You don't need this score / Don't need this facist groove / Just to show pornography the door / Don't mean to be too precious / I don't mean to be uptight / But tell me Iron Lady / Are we moving to the right?"

The Martyr Mantras (1990) - Bow Down Mister.
  • This song kick-started my love of Indian culture and media.
  • Also, not on any album, but released around this same time was a song called Sweet Toxic Love (1992) that I am obsessed with all for the lines: "I'm not your punchbag / I'm not your floor / You can't walk on me / 'til you get bored."

Cheapness and Beauty (1995) - If I Could Fly, Same Thing In Reverse, Unfinished Business, and Il Adore.
  • Same Thing in Reverse is one of my favourite songs of all time. This song was massive in helping me come to terms with my sexuality. If I tried to quote it, I'd probably quote the entire damn song.
  • Then Unfinished Business is sad but beautiful. A story of a homosexual man stuck in the closet: "Boy, I know your secrets, though you / Brag and swagger / And you lay the women down // You're the same tough guy / That cried in my arms / And kissed me when the lights went down."
  • Il Adore makes me cry. I won't quote this one beyond the first line, "Mother clutches the head of her dying son." It is written for a man who died during the AIDS epidemic and is just so beautiful.

The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit (1998) - GI Josephine and She Was Never He
  • GI Josephine is fun. Everyone who lives in my building has probably heard me belting this out in the shower by now.
  • There was some controversy on Twitter a couple of years ago (approx 2020) where Boy George made comments regarding pronouns ("leave your pronouns at the door") and attention-seeking behaviours and many people then assumed he was transphobic. The comment did admittedly read badly, at first I thought he was trolling to try and appear relevant. That's because this is the same man who sang decades before, "She was never he, for as long as I remember / She was never of her gender categorically / She was never he, though this world can be so cruel / You would have to be a fool not to see / That she was never he."

U Can Never B2 Straight (2002) - Ich Bin Kunst, Fat Cat, and Julian
Oh boy, this is my favourite album of his, and I am totally cheating because a number of tracks I love on this also previously came up on The Martyr Mantras, Cheapness and Beauty, and The Unrecoupable One Man Bandit.
  • I have been meaning to get Ich Bin Kunst tattooed on me for years. It is a song written from the perspective of the late Leigh Bowery. This was written for a musical, so it is fantastically witty, but one of my favourite verses has always been: "My father said, "Don't panic it's a phase" / "Phase one" I said and snipped and sewn for days / I dreamed of London Town, art and fashion was my thing / I arrived and took a job in Burger King (It was nothing!)".
  • Fat Cat feels so brutally honest, and I often get this part stuck in my head: "You're the dirt on my collar / You're the hole in my favourite shoe / You're the last dying breath of love / You're the weight that I need to lose."
  • Julian just hits me in a certain way.
Ordinary Alien (2010) - Brand New
This Is What I Do (2013) - King of Everything, Bigger Than War, Nice and Slow
Life (2018) - God & Love
  • Keeping this brief because while I do like these songs his music just doesn't hit me the same way as it used to. I don't know if they're just not my thing or because these albums came out when I was an adult so I was less intense about them. 🤷

Not released on any of his albums, but rather came on a CD with his second autobiography Straight (2005). Two tracks on this, Kookie Jar and Panic, are among my favourite songs of all time.

Love Yourself:Answer: Mic Drop: Steve Aoki Remix,Europhia

Proof: Butter

Skool Luv Affair: Jump

Dark & Wild: War In Hormone

BE: Dynamite

Love Yourself:Her: DNA

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life,Part 1: Dope

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life ,Part 2: Silver Spoon/Baepsae

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life : Young Forever: Burning Up: Fire

Wings:Blood,Sweat,and Tears

You Never Walk Alone: Spring Day

Love Yourself:Tear: Fake Love

Too Kool For Skool: No More Dream

Map of The Soul:persona: Boy With Luv,Intro:persona

Map of The Soul:7:ON
Albums with songs that I listen to often:

She’s So Unusual- Cyndi Lauper
So many great songs on this album. I have the anniversary release on iTunes that has bonus tracks.

Control- Janet Jackson
Hard to believe that this album made her a superstar without any help from her family.

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814
Absolutely amazing album.

Bad Girls (Deluxe Edition)-Donna Summer
The entire album is amazing and captures the late 70s perfectly.
Fall Out Boy
  • Grand Theft Autumn
  • XO
  • Thnks fr th Mmrs
  • She's My Winona
  • Where Did the Party Go, which was actually one I disliked until I listened to it enough
  • Novocaine
  • Hold Me Tight or Don't (Acoustic version)
  • The Kintsugi Kid (Ten Years)
Lady Gaga
  • The Fame
  • Speechless
  • Scheiße
  • G.U.Y. or Venus
  • Diamond Heart
  • Rain on Me
  • Fun Tonight (Pabllo Vittar remix)
It only took me about twenty years, but I finally finished my next list, so I'm back with my favorite songs from one of my favorite Western artist's albums! I decided to go through Taylor Swift's discography since I like a lot of her songs! Also, since her songs are in English, I decided to include a favorite lyric from each of the songs I picked as well~

💧🎸Taylor Swift (Debut): This is one of the albums I listen to the least now, but I used to listen to it a lot when it came out. After that period I didn't really listen to Taylor Swift much again until last year, when I started going through and catching up on all of her albums and started to consider myself a fan again. Anyway, my favorite from this album is Teardrops On My Guitar. I used to listen to this song on repeat when I was younger, so it's a pretty nostalgic song for me. One of my favorite lines is "She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love, look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky 'cause". It's a sweet line to me because even though she's sad she isn't with him, she still wishes happiness for him and the woman he loves
❌😱Fearless (Taylor's Version): I don't listen to this album much either, but my favorite song is probably Forever & Always. It's another nostalgia pick, and it's fun to sing along to the chorus. A favorite lyric is "Thought I knew you for minute, now I'm not so sure. So here's to everything, coming down to nothing. Here's to silence that cuts me to the core." Silence speaks louder than words. At some point you drifted apart or something happened, and a person you thought you knew, a person who you cared for and who seemed to care for you, won't even speak to you anymore
🗣️Speak Now (Taylor's Version): This album is a mix of songs I listen to fairly often and songs that I barely ever listen to. That being said, I think my favorite song is Mean. I love the lyrics, and it's one of the songs I listen to most from this album. Although I do want to give honorable mentions to Long Live and Castles Crumbling. I listen to them pretty often as well. A favorite lyric: "You have pointed out my flaws again, as if I don't already see them. I walk with my head down, trying to block you out 'cause I'll never impress you. I just wanna feel okay again." This song in general reminds me a lot of my mom and my childhood, but this lyric in particular makes me think of how my mom would always criticize me and put me down
🟥Red (Taylor's Version): This album has several good songs, but my favorite has to be All Too Well (10 Minute Version). It's one of my favorite Taylor songs in general, and it's one of the songs that helped me get back into her music. It's 10 minutes long, but it goes by fast when listening. The lyrics are good and they draw you into the story. Honorable mentions to Nothing New, Begin Again, and The Moment I Knew. Also I feel like you can really start to tell what kind of music I like the most based on these songs... I would summarize it as songs that tell a story that's at least a little bit sad. One of my favorite lines from All Too Well is "So casually cruel in the name of being honest." Because I hate when people say something that's just straight up mean or insulting, and then say "Well, I was just being honest." Like no, I have autism, and I'm blunt by nature, and there is a big difference between being blunt and being straight up cruel and/or hateful. You can be honest while still having tact
🐇🎩1989 (Taylor's Version): I like a lot of songs from this album, but I think Wonderland is the song I listen to the most. I loved Alice in Wonderland when I was little, so I enjoy all of the references to that. "And in the end, in Wonderland, we both went mad" is my favorite line. Because that's how it goes in Wonderland. Everyone's at least a little bit mad anyway though. It's hard to pick honorable mentions, but I'll go with I Wish You Would, Say Don't Go, and Bad Blood
👀💃Reputation: I really like the energy and vibe of this album. Lots of themes of revenge, karma, and not letting others get to you. Originally my favorite song from this album was I Did Something Bad, but I think I listened to it too much. Now the songs I listen to the most are Look What You Made Me Do and Dancing With Our Hands Tied. Yes, I'm cheating and picking two songs. I like the overall message of Look What You Made Me Do, and I really like the rhythm/beat of Dancing With Our Hands Tied. My favorite lyric from Look What You Made Me Do is "I don't like your kingdom keys. They once belonged to me. You asked me for a place to sleep. Locked me out and threw a feast." It's like you're nice to someone, you help them out, and then they just take your kindness for granted and stab you in the back. And for Dancing With Our Hands Tied, "You said there was nothing in the world that could stop it. I had a bad feeling." It's like when a character says, "What could go wrong?" Everything. The answer is everything. Honorable mentions are I Did Something Bad, Don't Blame Me, This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, and Call It What You Want
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Lover: My favorite song from this album has changed a few times. At first it was Lover, then it was The Archer, then The Man, then Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince, then Death By A Thousand Cuts, then Afterglow, and most recently Cornelia Street... Aaah... I'll pick The Man. I feel like I've probably listened to it the most, even if it wasn't always my favorite. Favorite lyric: "I'm so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I'd get there quicker if I was a man." Honorable mentions are just all of the other songs I mentioned at the start
📖Folklore: We've reached the heavy hitters. Folklore and evermore. My two favorite Taylor Swift albums. Just looking at the tracklist is discouraging... How do I pick a favorite? Okay, I narrowed it down and decided this would be another album with two favorites: exile and this is me trying. For exile, I love Bon Iver's voice, and I like how this song shows the two perspectives of both people who were in a relationship. There's some overlap in how they view things but some stark differences as well. My favorite line is "I think I've seen this film before, and I didn't like the ending." I quote it in my head a lot now whenever I see/hear something that reminds me of a past situation. For this is my trying, the story tells of a character dealing with addiction. I really like the story it tells. Favorite lyrics: "I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere. Fell behind all my classmates, and I ended up here, pourin' out my heart to a stranger, but I didn't pour the whiskey." The first part is just really satisfying with the image it gives me in my head, and I like the double use of the word pour in the second part. A more metaphorical use and a literal use. Honorable mentions: epiphany(I really wanted to pick this as a favorite as well, but I didn't want to do more than two... It's really good though. Very heart wrenching.), peace, mad woman, and the 1.
👵Evermore: Another tough choice, but I'll pick marjorie. This is a song Taylor wrote about her grandmother, and it makes me think of my own grandma, who passed away when I was seven. It makes me cry. My grandma was my favorite person in the whole world, so to lose her so young was a tragedy. My favorite lyric is "I should've asked you questions. I should've asked you how to be. Asked you to write it down for me. Should've kept every grocery store receipt. 'Cause every scrap of you would be taken from me." I think anyone who's lost someone can relate to that. It would be so nice if I had writings from my grandma about her life and her thoughts, but I was too young to think of such things then. I just remember feeling confused and lost. Honorable mentions: tolerate it, coney island, ivy, long story short, and right where you left me
🕛🌃Midnights: This is another album where my favorite has changed a few times. But... hm. I think I'll pick The Great War. I really like the imagery in this song. Choosing a favorite lyric is tricky, but maybe "You drew up some good faith treaties. I drew curtains closed, drank my poison all alone." The other party is trying to work with you. They want to figure out a compromise. But you decide to shut them out, and in doing so you you choose to hurt yourself. Honorable mentions: Snow on the Beach, You're On Your Own Kid, Midnight Rain, Vigilante ****, Karma, Paris, Would've Could've Should've, and Hits Different

It's nice to see everyone else's lists! I'll have to start going through and listening to your choices soon~
Yesss an excuse to list my favourite BLACKPINK songssss!!!

SQUARE ONE: BOOMBAYAH, easily. WHISTLE is a bop, though.

SQUARE TWO: PLAYING WITH FIRE all the way. Not a huge fan of STAY.

SQUARE UP: See U Later. Not a popular one (I don't think a good chunk of BLINKs know it exists), but it's a banger.

KILL THIS LOVE: Kick It. Same case as See U Later.

THE ALBUM: Pretty Savage, with Love To Hate Me coming in at a VERY close second.

BORN PINK: Typa Girl, 100%.

I'll also list each of my fav solos from each them because WHY NOT.

Jennie: You and Me. I was SO happy when it finally got released. It's a MASTERPIECE

Rose: On The Ground. Rose's solos are definitely more melancholic than the others, but they're definitely some of my all-time fav songs.

Lisa: LALISA. No explanation needed, it's just an absolute banger.

Jisoo: All Eyes On Me. FLOWER wasn't all that great, but All Eyes On Me is the complete opposite. It was my most listened-to song in 2023, and I think that says a lot.
I finished going through the first couple replies!

I hadn't heard any of the songs listed from The Family Jewels before. From the ones you picked, I like Oh No!, Mowgli's Road!, Hollywood, and Hermit the Frog the most

I'd already heard a few of the songs from Electra Heart, and a couple of the ones you picked are also my favorites, namely Bubblegum ***** and Primadonna. I used to listen to those two on repeat. For the songs I hadn't already heard, I like Teen Idle and Buy the Stars the most!

I listened to the two songs you picked for Froot, and I like Weeds a lot! Also, the album cover looked familiar, so I thought maybe there was another song I already liked from this album, and I was correct. I really like the song Savages from this album

For Love + Fear, I've definitely listened to To Be Human before, and it's a great song. I love it. I hadn't heard the other two before, but they're both lovely as well. Another song I've already heard from this album and liked is Soft To Be Strong


For Melanie, I've listened to all of her songs already, and I like her music a lot. So I'll just go through my favorites quickly!

Dollhouse is my favorite song on Cry Baby. I used to listen to this song on repeat when I first heard it. My other favorites are Cry Baby, Sippy Cup, Carousel, Mrs. Potato Head, and Mad Hatter! For Mad Hatter, I already mentioned in my Taylor Swift post that I loved Alice in Wonderland when I was a kid, so it's no surprise that I like another song with that theme.

My favorites from K-12 are Wheels on the Bus, The Principal, Drama Club, Strawberry Shortcake, Lunchbox Friends, and Detention!

I haven't listen to Portals as much yet, but my favorites are Void, Faerie Soirée, Spider Web, Leeches, Battle of the Larynx, Nymphology, and Evil

oh my gosnfdjsfnjdksad so many thoughts.. i'll attempt to keep it as short as i can by only putting one of my top favorite artists.. tyler, the creator!!
tyler, the creator:
wolf: "wolf", "answer", "48", "campfire", "bimmer" "ifhy", "treehome95", and "lone".
cherry bomb: "find your wings", "cherry bomb", "2seater", "f***ing young/perfect" and "smuckers"
flower boy: "where this flower blooms", "garden shed", "boredom", "droppin seeds", "911/mr. lonely", "november", "glitter", "enjoy right now, today" (my 8th grade yearbook quote! :blush:)
igor: ...literally every SINGLE SONG. i'm not even kidding. i love this album so bad its not even funny.
call me if you get lost: "corso", "runitup", "rise!", "juggernaut", "wilshire" and "safari". i also like "boyfriend, girlfriend".

I'm not sure if I've listened to any of Tyler, the Creator's songs before, but I definitely know his name, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've heard some of his music and just not known that he was the artist.

Wolf: So I went through your picks, and I think my favorite is IFHY. Also this is now the third time in this thread that I've liked a song that references Alice in Wonderland... And I liked this song before it even got to that part, so it's kind of a funny coincidence. I also liked Treehome95.

Cherry Bomb: I like Find Your Wings and Cherry Bomb! (Also, looking at the name of this album/song so much resulted in me getting Cherry Bomb by NCT 127 stuck in my head.. Send help.)

Flower Boy: My favorites from the ones you listed are Garden Shed, Boredom, and 911 / Mr. Lonely!

Igor: I listened to a bit of each song, and my favorites are Puppet, What's Good, Gone Gone / Thank You, and Are We Still Friends? Also, I think maybe I have heard Earfquake before, or parts of it. It sounds slightly familiar

Call Me If You Get Lost: From these songs, Rise! and Boyfriend, Girlfriend were the ones I liked best~

Overall, I'd say that his style of music isn't what I usually listen to, but it was a nice listening experience, and I found a few songs I'd like to listen to more!

I'll have to work through the other replies later! It's so fun listening to new music~
Lady Gaga
  • The Fame: Paparazzi (THEE song to get me into lady gaga at like 9 yrs old)
  • Born This Way: Judas
  • Artpop: G.U.Y
  • Joanne: Hey Girl bc im a florence girlie
  • Chromatica: REPLAY oh my god my fave gaga song ever behind Judas
Duran Duran
  • Duran Duran: Girls on Film
  • Rio: Save a Prayer
  • Seven and the Ragged Tiger: The Reflex
  • Notorious: A Matter of Feeling
  • Big Thing: didn't like this album much
  • Liberty: Liberty (but this album is all over the place i didnt like this much either)
  • The Wedding Album: Ordinary World OR Come Undone (BOTH ARE SO GOOD I CANNOT CHOOSE)
  • Thank You: Perfect Day
  • Medazzaland: Out of My Mind
  • oh my god they have so many albums good GOD i didn't realize how deep i'd be in
  • Pop Trash: i've never listened to this one
  • Gold: Reach Up For The Sunrise
  • Red Carpet Massacre: didn't listen to this one either
  • All You Need Is Now: Girl Panic
  • Paper Gods: don't remember this but i remember Pressure Off and that ones good
  • Future Past: Invisible
  • Danse Macabre: i haven't listened to this one yet im scared LOL
it's not on an album but View to A Kill has my brain in a vice at least once a yr its so so so GOOD i love it I LOVE IT I LOVE IT
Dominic Fike
don’t forget about me, demos: she wants my money & westcoast collective
what could possibly go wrong: double negative and why
Sunburn: ant pile & think fast!

Tyler the creator
Wolf: jamba, ifhy & slater
Flower boy: 911, who dat boy
Igor: i think, new magic wand
Call me if you get lost: lemonhead, sweet, & boyfriend girlfriend

didnt include goblin or cherry bomb bc ive never fully listened to either album 😭

double dare: ill always be around, it follows
entertainment: not warriors
Fandom: dream boy, telephone, & i felt younger when we met
Greatest hits : numb, fuzzy
Intellectual property: self sabotage & funeral grey
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Okay, I did a Korean artist and an English-speaking artist, so now I'll do a couple Spanish-speaking artists. I've been learning Spanish for about eleven months now, and as part of that I've been trying to find more Spanish-language music to listen to!

I hadn't fully gone through either of their discographies before now, so some picks are based on first impressions while others are songs I've liked for a while

Pero No Pasa Nada- To begin, I'd already listened to and loved El Relámpago and Quiero Que Vengas. Listening to the rest of the album for the first time, my favorites from the songs I hadn't heard before are Nuevo Verano, Nadie Podría Hacerlo, Todos Estos Años, and Un Día Perdido. I love her voice. It's very pretty and soothing. And while I can't always understand 100% of the lyrics, I can understand a lot, and all of the songs have really good lyrics as far as I can tell
Cuando No Sé Quién Soy- This album was completely new to me. I hadn't heard any of the songs before. After a first listen, my favorites are Bienvenidos Al Show, Dilo Sin Hablar, Yo Invito, La Canción Que No Quiero Cantarte, and Yamaguchi. La Canción Que No Quiero Cantarte is actually by Amaia & Aitana, who's the other artist I chose for this post! So it's not surprising that I like that song

Of the two albums, I like Pero No Pasa Nada the most, but both are really good

Spoiler- I'd already heard Teléfono, Vas a Quedarte, Con la Miel en los Labios, and Barro y Hielo from the album. The other songs were a first listen. My favorites from this album are Teléfono, Vas a Quedarte, Con la Miel en los Labios, Cristal, El Trece, and Barro y Hielo. Also, there were a few songs in English, and Popcorn was my favorite of those
11 Razones- The only song I'd heard from this album was + (más). My favorites are - (menos), Estupidez, X (por), Corazón Sin Vida, % (dividido), Cuando Te Fuiste, + (más), Si No Vas a Volver, and 11 Razones. In the end, I put all but two songs on the list... Well, I'm sure I'll get a better feeling for which songs are my favorites the more I listen to them, but this is the best I can do for now!
La Última- This is the soundtrack for a Disney+ show, but since she sang all of the songs I thought I should include it. This album has both regular and acoustic versions for all of the songs, but for time purposes, I just listened to the regular versions for now. My favorite was El Cine. I feel like I'd probably prefer the acoustic version of some of these though
Alpha- I'd already listened to Dararí, Formentera, and En El Coche. My favorites are Dararí, AQYNE, Luna, En El Coche, and Pensando En Ti

Given that I picked so many songs for 11 Razones, I'd say that was my favorite album

Since both of these artists are from Spain, maybe I'll do a Latin American artist's discography next time. Or I might do a Japanese or Russian artist, or maybe another Korean artist. It honestly just depends on what kind of music I'm in the mood for at the time
i'll do my all time fav kpop group got7 first! their discography is to die for imo (only doing korean albums bc theres sm japanese ones too 😭 )

got it?: their debut album ;__; im tied between I Like You and Like Oh! both songs are amazing
got♡: i havent listened to this in full sadly, but Forever Young + U Got Me are probably my favorites
identify: I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH </3 all the songs on here are soooo good, but my fav has to be Gimme! it always puts me in a good mood
just right: this one is also SOO goood,, id have to go with Before the Full Moon Rises ;u;
mad: iconic album, Eyes On for sure <3
mad winter edition: this repackage came out around the time i started getting into kpop so its super nostalgic for me, the added holiday songs are so cute, but my fav is Everyday
flight log: departure: the flight log era begins!!! this is when i actually started stanning got7, so this is nostalgic for me tooo </3 tied between Something Good + See the Light
flight log: turbulence: OOHH these are all bangers imo,, its so hard to pick this might be my fav album from them LOL ill go with Prove It + Sick !
flight log: arrival: flight log trilogy ends :( my fav from here is definitely Don't Care!
7 for 7: this is such a cute era ;v; i choose Remember You! such a cute calming song
eyes on you: another iconic era !!! my fav song is Us! US supremacy!!!
present: you: the solo songs from here are so good ovo i'll go with Save You!
spinning top: oohhhh i think ill go w Eclipse here! this came out when i fell out of kpop for a bit so if im being honest i dont really know this album 😅

call my name: this was also when i fell out of kpop, but ill say Run Away
dye: I LOVE THIS ONE, Crazy + Love You Better go hard
breath of love: their last album under JYPE ;v; its so good tho, Waiting for You + I Mean It are my favs
got7: i love this album not only bc it has great songs but because this is their first cb not held hostage by JYPE 😇 either Drive Me to the Moon or Don't Care About Me are my favs!
My favorite artist is Sufjan Stevens! He has a very long discography and some albums I know better than others so I'll use this as an opportunity to revisit some of them.

Michigan: Say Yes! to M!ch!gan - I was not born nor raised in Michigan but it feels really nostalgic to me! It has that baroque sound I love about Sufjan and makes me think of childhood. Shout out to For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti for the "I'll do anything for you / I did everything for you" lyrics and Romulus for making me cry.

Seven Swans: The Dress Looks Nice on You - I love a lot of songs on the album but this one is sentimental to me. The first time I can recall hearing Sufjan it was through a remix tape and the song was Blackalicious's Make You Feel That Way played over The Dress Looks Nice on You, and I fell in love! The original song is so sweet and plain-spoken. Nowadays it makes me think of my girlfriend - it's one of the first songs I added to my own mixtape (aka a playlist on Spotify) for her.

Enjoy Your Rabbit: Year of the Dog - The album had to grow on me but I always thought this one was nice!

A Sun Came: A Loverless Bed (without remission)

Illinois: The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us! - Illinois is my favorite Sufjan album but this one is easy because it's my favorite song of all time! I love the gentle flute in the beginning, the horns, the way the choir kind of explodes when the full orchestra kicks in. It feels so cathartic and tender and evocative of being gay and in love!

The Avalanche: The Avalanche or The Henney Buggy Band - These ones just make me feel happy

Songs For Christmas: We're Goin' To the Country - A classic

Run Rabbit Run: Year of the Dragon (arr. Nico Muhly) - This album helped me appreciate Enjoy Your Rabbit more, I took to these versions of the songs a lot quicker and I think Dragon is my favorite off it.

The BQE: Movement III--Linear Tableau with Intersecting Surprise

The Age of Adz: Impossible Soul - This is probably the toughest album to pick a favorite from but I think Impossible Soul is just really interesting. I didn't pay much attention to the lyrics the first few times I listened to it but once I did and decided what I think it's about I loved it even more. I absolutely love Futile Devices and All for Myself too, though, and lately have found a lot of comfort in I Want To Be Well. I get really debilitating health anxiety and someone who sings as candidly about illness and death as Sufjan does would normally make me uncomfortable, but for whatever reason his music helps me embrace my feelings about it instead.

All Delighted People: The Owl and the Tanager

Silver & Gold: Holly Jolly Christmas - Also a classic

Carrie & Lowell: All of Me Wants All of You - Hard to pick a favorite from this album, I think the whole thing is incredible but devastating. I have to be in the right mood to listen to most of the songs or the album in its entirety, but I come back to this song often.

Planetarium: Venus

The Greatest Gift: The Hidden River of My Life

The Decalogue: VII

Aporia: The Runaround - I'm not huuuge on this album but The Runaround is a jam, especially when the singing starts

The Ascension: Sugar

A Beginner's Mind: Back to Oz - I love the production on this one

Javelin: A Running Start - Such a blissful love song. The album as a whole felt reminiscent of Michigan/Illinois to me and this song especially so!
This is a Russian singer who has several songs I like. She's called polnalyubvi. I decided it was a good time to do a deep dive through her discography. This is a bit different from the other artists I've done since I don't really know any Russian at all. I can read Cyrillic, and I know maybe 100 words. So, I can't really understand any of the lyrics. That being said, let's get into it!

I don't think I'd listened to any songs from this album before, but my favorite is Стрелы (Arrows). Polnalyubvi has a really pretty voice, and her songs have a dreamy feeling to them. They all have such a pretty sound

I'd listened to this entire album before. My favorites are Выше гор (Above the Mountains), Я рисовала море(I Painted the Sea), and Время (Time). Выше гор has a very dramatic and haunting sound. Я рисовала море has a more dreamlike sound... Like floating in the sea. Время is more upbeat

Элегия (Elegy)
I'd listened to the songs on this album already as well. My favorites are Лишь бы не снилось (If Only I Could Not Dream), Сердце (Heart), and It's Not Me. I really like the melody of Сердце. It's Not Me is one of two English songs on this album. The other is called My Love

Сказки Лесной Нимфы (Tales of the Forest Nymph)
I'd heard all of these songs as well, and Кометы (Comets) was the first polnalyubvi song I ever heard. My favorites are Кометы, Девочка И Море (Girl and Sea), Шапито (Chapiteau, big top, as in the main circus tent). Шапито has a darker sound

О чём поёт твоё сердце (What Your Heart Sings About)
This is her most recent album, and it was my first time listening to any of the songs. My favorites are Твои глаза (Your Eyes), Успокой меня (Calm me down), and Кукла (Doll)
Fun idea for a thread! I listen to a decent amount of different artists, but there's only a few that I love enough to hear all or most of their discography. My post would be very long if I went into detail why I love these songs and albums, so I'll make it a short list. (I also have a hard time choosing just one song, so I chose 2-3 songs per album.)

System Of A Down
  • Self-Titled: Suite-Pee, Sugar, Soil
  • Toxicity: Bounce, Aerials, Deer Dance
  • Steal This Album!: I-E-A-I-A-I-O, **** the System, Streamline
  • Mezmerize: Violent ***********, B.Y.O.B., Cigaro
  • Hypnotize: Attack, Dreaming, Vicinity of Obscenity
  • Self-Titled: Eyeless, Spit It Out, [sic]
  • Iowa: Disasterpiece, People = ****, The Heretic Anthem
  • The Subliminal Verses: Before I Forget, Opium of the People, Vermilion
  • All Hope is Gone: Psychosocial, Sulfur
  • The Gray Chapter: Custer, The Devil in I, Skeptic
  • We Are Not Your Kind: Nero Forte, Critical Darling
  • The End, So Far: The Dying Song (Time to Sing), H377

  • The Dethalbum: Fansong, Murmaider, Go Forth and Die
  • Dethalbum II: The Gears, Murmaider II: The Water God, Burn the Earth
  • Dethalbum III: Crush the Industry, I ********* Fire
  • Dethalbum IV: Aortic Desecration, SOS
(I haven't listened to the "The Doomstar Requiem" and "Army of the Doomstar" albums, except in the movies which I'm not exactly counting.)

And I'll throw in Korn, even though I only listened to the first 7 albums.
  • Self-Titled: Blind, Faget, Lies
  • Life is Peachy: A.D.I.D.A.S., Good God, Twist
  • Follow the Leader: Freak On A Leash, Got the Life, Dead Bodies Everywhere
  • Issues: Trash, Falling Away From Me
  • Untouchables: Beat It Upright, Here to Stay, Wake Up Hate
  • Take a Look in the Mirror: Y'all Want a Single, Let's Do This Now
  • See You on the Other Side: Getting Off, Twisted Transistor, Coming Undone
Edit: Added some more albums to my list.
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Time for another Spanish-speaking artist! This time I decided to check out the albums of Julieta Venegas. I'd heard and liked a few of her songs, so I was curious about the rest of her music. I was originally going to do two artists for this post, but she had a lot of albums, so I decided to just do one for now. Since I'm listening to these albums and most of the songs for the first time, my method is to note down any songs I find particularly likable while I work through an album, and then go back and reslisten to the earlier songs on the list if I feel like the later songs were notably better to me. Then I make any cuts if necessary.

It was my first time listening to any of the songs from this album. My favorites are Antes, De Mis Pasos, Libertad, Recuerdo Perdído, Quitar a Otras, and Verdad.

I hadn't heard any of the song from this album either. My favorites are Casa Abandonada, Enero y Abril, Flor, Todo Inventamos, Bueninvento, Sería Feliz, and Sueño de Sombras.

I'd already heard Lento, but the other songs were new to me. My favorites are Lento, Mala Memoria, and Oleada.

Limón y Sal
The only song I'd already listened to from this album was Me Voy. My favorites are Me Voy, Limón y Sal, Dulce Compañía, A Donde Sea, Mírame Bien, Última Vez, No Hace Falta, and Te Voy a Mostrar. I think Me Voy is my number one favorite from these. Something about the sound of it is very satisfying.

Otra Cosa
The songs on this album were all new to me! My favorites are Amores Platónicos, Bien o Mal, Debajo de Mi Lengua, Duda, Si Tú No Estás, and Un Lugar.

Los Momentos
Another album full of first listens, my favorites from this album are Vuelve, Los Momentos, and Un Poco de Paz. Overall, I think this was my least favorite of Julieta's albums.

Algo Sucede
After listening to all of the songs for the first time, my favorites are Ese Camino, Algo Sucede, Una Respuesta, Buenas Noches Desolación, Dos Soledades, Se Explicará, Porvenir, Parte Mía, Explosión, and Todo Está Aquí. Listening to this album felt refreshing after listening to the previous one. I ended up only listening to a bit of a lot of the songs from the previous album, but I finished most of the songs on this album.

La Enamorada
My favorites from this album are Alma Radiante, Aire en Movimiento, Podría Ser, Gente Decente, and Seguiré Viva.

Tu Historia
Finally, we reach her most recent album! My favorites are En Tu Orilla, La Nostalgia, Dime la Verdad, Pura Fantasía, Dame Una Oportunidad, and Despechada Mexicana.

I mentioned above that Los Momentos is probably my least favorite Julieta album, and I think my favorite is either Limón y Sal or Algo Sucede.

Next I think I'll go through the albums of Marissa Mur and Belén Aguilera. They both only have a few albums each
I haven't exactly thought of favourite songs from albums for most of my favourite artists, honestly...
Except for Kikuo. Who I'm going to be talking about nyow.

KikuoMiku1: Tie between Phantom of the Moon (track 6) and If 7 Billion People Put Balloons On Their Heads (track 8). Don't have much to say about these, they're just good songs

KIKUOWORLD: Easily Children of Infinite Hell (track 3). It's just a really cheerful-sounding song! One of my favourite Kikuo songs in general, actually. Honourable mention goes to Ankyou (track 7) though.
KikuoMiku2: Even easierly (is there even a word for that??) Akazukin no Ookami (track 3), which is alsyo my favourite Kikuo song out of all of them! I don't know, I just really like jazz lol. Especially when Vocaloids are involved. And Then You Became The Moon (track 12) is alsyo pretty great! And in general the whole album's my favourite (both in terms of Kikuo's albums and albums in general).
KIKUOWORLD2: Dreaming Mechanical Doll (track 2). It's the only answer. I don't really care too much about that album aside from it.
KikuoMiku3: This one's a bit tricky, but I have to say Midwinter's Daughter (track 5). Though Cherry Blossoms of the Night (track 12) and A Grotesque Spirit (track 6) are just as good.
KikuoMiku4: Gotta be Dwarf Star Fireworks (track 6). I'm nyot too opinionated on that album aside from it, but it's GREAT.
KikuoMiku5: Pino Polaris the Monster (track 3)! I've seen way too many people disregard it because of how long it is but it's probably one of Kikuo's best. MAWARU (track 6) is alsyo pretty good. (That one in particular feels like something I'd have liked a lot when I was really little.)
KikuoMiku6: Gotta be Memories of the Rainy Summer Day (track 10). It's just a really nice calm-sounding song. The Day I Was Absent From School (track 12) is alsyo very good for similar reasons (plus, doesn't anyone else think the start of it sounds a bit like the chorus to One of Repetition by Nekomushi-P?). Honestly I don't like this album nearly as much as the other KikuoMiku albums, but it's still a Kikuo album syo I can't really hate it.

KikuoMiku7: Finally, my favourite from this one is Mizu Mizu Yu Yu (track 3)! I don't have too much to say about this one either, apart from IT'S WAY TOO UNDERRATED WHY DO I SEE SYO MUCH HATE FOR IT IT'S SYO GOOD

I think I have a little bit of a bias towards third, sixth and twelfth tracks...
My favorite songs from Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual besides the songs you always hear on the radio are When You Were Mine, All Through the Night, Yeah Yeah, and I’ll Kiss You.

Favorite song from Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 would be Miss You Much.

Favorite songs from Upstairs at Eric’s by Yaz(oo) would be Don’t Go, Situation, Only You, Bring You Love Down (Didn’t I), and Bad Connection.