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My speech

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
I had a lot of fun with this compition, even though there was a flame war, me vs everyone else XD and that I got points off....was last....got disqualified....yah...*thinks of somthing postive*

Yah might want to get back to the positive stuff...anyways, I remmeber from the first event, I saw PIRANHAs entry, and I was like...< _ < > _ > ok I lost XD, even though I may disagree with how it was done, I am just happy that it had a happy ending.

Piranha is a great person when he is not angry at me XD he is really funny! And is really creative! I would like to thank....Storm....Bul...and Bast...for thinking this up, it was creative, anyways, even though, i may have been banned about-er-6 not wait7 hmmm 8 times, I am-er-was honered to be considered sage material, I see my smart allic/fresh mouth hasn't destroyed me yet! Anyways congrads PIRANHA! Just keep in mind, that if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be a sage!
now is the time for you to explain what you mean by "if it werent for me you wouldn't be a sage"