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May 11, 2020
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Hi, I’m Neb! I was very active here around when New Horizons was new. For the past year or so I’ve kinda forgotten about forums in favor of Discord. I haven’t touched New Horizons in a good while either ever since my island reached 5 stars, but I may return to New Leaf even though the servers for it shut down recently.

I ended up revisiting this site and a Pokémon forum I’m also on today to look back on some connections I used to have here. I was so surprised to see people still leaving messages on my profile even though I haven’t been active in ages. Forums have been such a comfort for me in the past and they’re honestly so much better than conventional social media.

If you haven’t interacted with me before here’s some info! I’m an autistic genderfluid person from Oregon who started with New Leaf right around when it came out and played New Horizons daily as a part of my daily routine for months after it released. I also play lots of JRPGs, visual novels, farming sims, and indie games! On the side I’m into brisk walks and reading books, epically memoirs, sci-fi, and contemporary books. I look forward to being active here again!
Welcome back to bell tree forums! Do you like Disney? I also have autism
I haven’t watched any of their movies from after 2017, but Zootopia is one of my favorite movies ever and I’m super excited for the sequel coming out next year. Their 2D films are great too.