Do you eat food that falls on the floor?

Depends, if the floor is clean then I might eat it as long as i dont go ahead of the 5 second rule otherwise no.
Sometimes. It depends on how clean the floor is and if the food has acquired any hair.
It’s usually a no for me. i don’t even care how clean the floor may be, as soon as it hits the floor my mind tells me to throw it straight in the garbage. but I guess in situations where if it’s something I can rinse off with water or something with an outer layer I will most likely try and salvage it instead of wasting it.
The instant it drops to the floor it goes to the trash. This especially applies to moist and soft foods. As for dry food it's the same... but there are moments where I eat it when no one's looking. Gross!!
Also, can't forget about the 5 second rule. I've learned from somewhere that it's a misconception, so that contributed to my thoughts on this topic.
I have a very clean home as I walk barefoot and despise stepping on crumbs and other stuff and I don’t have a pet so the floor is usually spotless with hardly anything on it. When I drop something on the floor at home, I pick it up, inspect, and if it looks clean, I don’t mind eating it. If it’s something like a piece of fruit or veg I just rinse it and then eat it. I would never eat anything off the floor anywhere else though.
Lol yeah >.> only for hard, dry foods though. If it's moist or saucy it's more likely to have stuff stick to it. I keep my floors clean but even still I inspect it extremely thoroughly before I eat it and toss it if I see anything. I just hate wasting food that's realistically just fine to eat.
Definitely the 10 second rule. Why waste a perfectly good potato chip if it falls to the floor for onpy a few seconds? Now, there are some things I say no to the 10 second rule. Liquid foods like soups or semi-liquid foods like ice cream are a definite no. If a pizza slice fell with the topping side on the floor I wouldn't eat it. So...the 10 second rule does have its limitations but generally I follow it.
If a piece of food has fallen on the floor then, for all intents and purposes, I consider that piece of food to have been claimed by the floor and thus won't eat it. Hopefully it wasn't a full meal or anything. This is subject to change if I was in dire straits and it was the only food I had or something, but yeah, no, otherwise not going to risk it. That said, if it was something with an outer layer that can be removed (like a banana peel or the skin of an apple or orange) or something in a wrapper then it's still fair game and I'll remove the outer layer and eat the food.
It depends, if i can wash it or peel it, like a fruit of vegetable, yes. If the food is wet, probably not.It depends on the floor too.
No for like 99.9% of the time, it’s pretty disgusting for me lol. The 0.1% is reserved for my apartment, I take my shoes off so the floor is technically not that dirty, and I only ever drink medicine pills/tablets that fall to the floor on occasions when they pop out of the container. Like no I’m not going to waste my $2 medication and skip a day just because it fell to the floor 😭 I can’t really think of another time I ate something that fell to the floor.
Depends on a lot of factors. For example, where/which floor, the kind of food, how hungry I am, etc. If it's in my house on a floor that I typically keep very clean and/or spotless, then I'll probably eat it. If it's in a public space? Hell no. If it's something I'm not really hungry for or part of a larger meal, I won't bother, but if it's something small like a snack or a treat I'd be more inclined to eat it.
Only if it is fruit or vegetables I can easily clean without compromising the integrity of the food.

I bake with blueberries very frequently at the moment. I wash them upon opening the packaging and then they tend to roll off the counter during the drying phase. I just wash them again.