Mimsie! :D

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Mar 10, 2009
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So, there's this cat I found, she's homeless. She hangs around our front yard, & I feed her some crunchies & this other type of cat food. She is adorable! I wanted to name her Meowth, but she looked more like a Mimsie! [:

Soo, I asked my mom if we can keep her, I've been playing with her outside for 4 hours. My mom said no, 'cause we already have two black cats. I want a diffrent type of cat for a change, Mimsie's white with brow/black fur. She has cutie little eyes, & is so small c:

I think she's preg. though, which really sucks. But, I love her so very much! She's the cutest kitten ever ^.^!

I know Mimsie is a member here. Haha, it's just a cute name for a cat!

Ideas? I want to convince my mom to keep her, but it's tough.

BTW: Mimsie is asleep in this big pot full of dirt right now. Well, she was until my little sister & brother started playing with her.
thats cool how your helping the kitten hopefully you can keep it so it wont have to stay on the street:)
FarrenTheRobot said:
Pregnant Kitten?

show me your pedophiles
I wish.
Someone killed her kitten friend ;-;

Btw, my mom's only saying no/screaming right now 'cause she's .. ya' know. I'll just ask her tomorrow when it wears off.
Oh I saw this on Facebook. If you can't keep the cat mail it to me or something so I can rename it Mimzy.
Lisamilitz said:
Muffun said:
Oh I saw this on Facebook. If you can't keep the cat mail it to me or something so I can rename it Mimzy.
My mom is like "WE'RE GIVING TO GRANDMA."

Grandma does not need to take care of 8923894 kittens! Jesus.
Sorry for the bump
For anyone that cares:

We are kinda keeping Mimsie now. My mom says she won't be she eventually will crack. Soo, she sometimes sleeps in the house or outside & we feed her everday. She's here right now. She says hi! :-D
Well, anyway, yup.
Our older cat, Bella, attacks Mimsie & Mimsie just runs away. Our cat that is older than Bella, Cookie, attacks Bella & Mimsie.
Bella & Cookie are both black cats.

2 black girls teaming up on a white girl. Tragic.
Ron Ronaldo said:
Aww, Mimsie! <3 Make sure to get her shots and everything. =]
Nah, that's why my mom doesn't want to keep her.

We can't afford shots for her, so I have no idea what to do with her.

Aaaawww, she's right next to me sleeeeeeping :>

Thank God she's finally asleep.
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