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Have you ever messaged the wrong person?

I've definitely messaged the wrong person before at least once (probably more). Only one I can think of right now is when I accidentally message my mother-in-law instead of my husband 😅

Also once applied for a job using the wrong email address lmaooo
Yea a lot of times oops…. glad we can delete messages from some social media 😅😅 sometimes i get trigger happy and forward messages to the wrong people hehe

funny story but years back when me and my ex just broke up, an hour after the break up I received a text from him that said “i did it. i broke up with her.” and i was like ?? i think that text was not for me??
anyway found out he was supposed to send the text to his girl [space] friend (who he soon entered a relationship with but they didn’t work out either, lol). it was funny cuz i heard that when he realized he had sent the text to me instead of the other girl, he immediately threw his phone and cried 😭😭 it was that bad on his end but i thought it was funny in hindsight.
I don't think I have, I'm definitely scared of sending a message to the wrong person so I always double check. However, I've accidentally pinged a different user rather than my friend on a Discord server since their names were super similar.

My younger brother once sent me a message about this game, and then he quickly tells me that it was meant for one of his friends. I figured he was talking about a game he was playing at the time, but I was like, "why are you telling me this?" XD