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Brewing coffee at home

Reginald Fairfield

Senior Member
Dec 21, 2017
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I might be in a "screw it, I'll do it myself" mood. I've been having instant coffee at home even if there's free coffee at work. Some who gets to work before me might be making weaker coffee since she's mad that I'm not doing half her job while she's brown nosing the boss. I don't know why she's still trying to brown nose her way into management. She told me about her felonies that are preventing her from being my boss.

Anyway, there are apparently different ways to brew coffee. Someone mentioned a press method. What way is cheap way, and is that good?
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i have a friend who's a self proclaimed coffee enthusiast and from what i've heard, the easiest and cheapest way is grinding your own beans and using a pour over. i've been meaning to try it but i'm just kinda lazy to find coffee beans and then buy a grinder and all that. personally, i've been making my own cold brew which is u just let the coffee ground brew in the fridge with water for 12-24 hours. u just need a big jug for water and that's it (and u can buy coffee that's for making cold brew as well). i'm not particularly picky about my coffees or anything but i like cold brew and i find them easiest to make!

if i had money i would totally buy a nespresso ngl lol.
I have an espresso machine and have had it for around a year now, but haven't set it up yet... and technically I know how to make different kinds of coffee. Just haven't found the time to set it up! :LOL:
I use a cheap coffee maker to make black decaf Sumatra coffee in the evening. It gets the job done, but it never tastes as good as even bottled coffee.
Depends. Some do some don’t. I prefer unsweetened, but if it’s the only thing available I’ll get the ones with sugar too.
I use a K-cup coffee maker. I like using it as I don’t have to guess the amount of coffee to use for one cup and I don’t have to worry about storing an open package in the right conditions.