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Mar 29, 2021
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I find it interesting how many people (myself included) have middle names, but oftentimes they rarely ever get used. So here are some questions!

1) Do you have (a) middle name(s)? (For privacy reasons, you don’t have to share what it is)
And if so:
2) Do you like your middle name(s)? (If they’re birth names)
3) How often is it used?

I like my middle name, however it’s seldom uttered. I most often use it when signing documents, filling out forms and such.
Yes, I have a middle name. I prefer it over my last name. Before I came to terms with being trans, I used my first and middle name on platforms. I’m not sure if I can still use it since it seems like a feminine middle name, but it isn’t a big deal. I am much more comfortable with my chosen name, even if it’s following my last name. I may just drop my middle name completely once I legally change my name.
No, sadly I don’t have a middle name. I always wanted one and was always jealous as everyone seemed to have one. The reason I wasn’t given one was because my mum hated hers 😞

When I had my son I did give him a middle name. He likes it as it is a connection to his grandfather.
i don't have a middle name as my parents are italian, so it's not common, but i was baptized with 3 names, none of which i rly actually like lol (my actual name is ok tho) even tho my friend LOVES my name so much haha
1) Do you have (a) middle name(s)? : yes, i do seem to have one... it's ''grace''

2) Do you like your middle name(s)? (If they’re birth names) : it's... alright...

3) How often is it used? : not that often... i think...
I have a middle name. It's Bronwynn. I like it a lot. It's a pretty unusual name and a lot of people struggle to spell it.

I do want to tell a story about someone else's middle name. He's Cape Verdean, and in his culture, girls get half a dozen middle names and boys get their mother's maiden name as their middle name (super common in Portuguese speaking countries). So his middle name was Andrade.

When his family moved to the US, they had to go through the Portuguese government, which decided that his first name was too "ethnic" and he had to legally change it before moving to America. Which is incredibly dumb and hard to explain to a five year old. Anyway, his father was not a creative man and changed his name... To his own name. Now they've got the same name. He filled out the paperwork incorrectly, though, and instead of adding Junior as a suffix, he added it as a second middle name. So his legal name went from K*** Andrade C*** (super cool name) to H*** Junior Andrade C*** (weird lame name).
My current middle name is Grace, but I'm currently in the process of picking a new one to go with my chosen name, Remus. I've narrowed it down to Mars, Moon, Lupin, or Severus, and of course, many fellow trans beans are mad at me because of the Harry Potter themed names, for obvious reasons, but do I give a damn? No.
I do have a middle name and I actually despise it. Unfortunately both of my given names were my grandparents names and they were terrible, horrible people to me and my siblings. I never, ever use my middle name and sometimes don't even tell people/say I don't have one. I already chose a new first name and will eventually look for a middle one, but it already took me a few years to decide on the first one, so I need a break XD
well I had a middle name, when I was still going by my full legal name. and I guess technically I still do because I haven't had a legal name change yet.
but my current chosen name actually is my middle name haha. It was given to me by my mom, and that's what she was originally going to call me before my dad picked out a very feminine first name for me. it's also what my late grandpa always called me while he was in my life, so in a way it's a bit nostalgic and lovely to hear people call me that.

so I suppose once I go through the process of a legal name change I won't actually have a middle name, and I'm okay with that honestly. I'm just happy to be going by a first name that feels right to me 😌
my middle name is elisabeth! my parents almost went with anne instead, for someone that my mom used to know, but they had a falling out before i was born, so elisabeth it was lol. i like that my mom spelt it with an s instead of a z, but otherwise i’m pretty neutral to it. my parents have never been the type to throw my full name at me when i’m in trouble, so aside from being in my medical file and when i have to fill out certain forms, it’s rarely used. i think the last time someone used it was to differentiate me from another patient with the same first name at my doctor’s office, and that was months ago haha

i’ve thought about changing my middle name as well when i go to legally change my first name, but i think i’ll just stick to elisabeth. it’s pretty :’)
I do have a middle name, but for all intents and purposes it may as well not exist. There really are only two instances in which it's ever used: when dealing with legal documents, and in the past to let me know when I was in deep trouble. Naturally, with those kinds of associations attached to it I can't exactly say I'm fond of the name, but then I don't really like any part of my given name to be honest.
My middle name is pretty basic, it's Lee. No one ever uses it except my mom. She just strings my first and middle name together (it flows together very well tbh) usually when I'm in trouble. I don't really care for middle names to be honest, I just don't really see the point in having one lol.
I have a middle name, but it's only really used when its for legal purposes or signing documents. No one ever uses it, I have never been called my middle name and it was never used when I got in trouble (you know when people yell out the kids first and middle name, that was not a thing for me.) I don't mind my middle name but honestly at this point I don't see a need to have one since its not used.
  1. Yes, I have one.
  2. I like it more than my first name. However, I still don't think that it fits me. It means courageous or something similar and I'm not brave at all.
  3. Only my family say my middle name.
i am not fond of my middle name (not disclosing for privacy reasons), there’s nothing wrong with it but it’s… too common/basic. apparently it was my great great grandmother’s first name, i never use it and i only know of one instance of it being used. i can just imagine my parents trying to pick a name for me before my birth: “speedrun most common baby names of the 2000’s, first + middle GO!” and thus my ultra basic middle name was chosen.
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I have a middle name, Juliana. I really like it, but it doesn’t get used much and if it does it’s shortened to the initial “J.” My parents used to use it when I got in trouble, but they don’t as much anymore. It’s a shame really, I think it’s super pretty.

I’ve started going by a different first name, but since I like my given names, just don’t think they fit me, I was thinking of making my given first name become a second middle name if I legally change it. So it’d be Raven (first name) Juliana (last name). (Not disclosing first and last names for privacy reasons)
i’m chinese so our chinese name (two characters) romanized becomes our middle name. mine is hui-jing / 慧晶

i like mine ᴖ◡ᴖ i know my parents spent time coming up with it, and it means bright and intelligent.

some chinese names can be shortened to just the second character so my nickname is jing jing / 晶晶 and that’s what my whole family calls me, i rarely hear my english name haha
I actually hate my middle name, but it IS the last name of a historical figure. Not going to share it here for privacy reasons.
Yes, and I hate my middle name because it's very uncommon where I live and people mispronounce it frequently. My parents often call me by my middle name and it's very embarrassing, especially when they call me by that name in public.