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Oct 30, 2011
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...what type would you specialize in? as an added bonus, who would be on your team?

it would honestly be criminal if I specialized in anything besides bug-type haha 🪲💕 I love bug-type pokemon and I appreciate that they got a decent buff in recent generations! I adore most of the bug-type pokemon, even many of the weaker ones (I wouldn't use Wurmple on a team but she is a whole vibe and I love her dearly). if I had to pick a few to be on my team, here's what my lineup would look like:

Scolipede: I have one named Jeffery in Omega Ruby, haven't actually used him much to battle but I think he's absolutely adorable. he's just a tired lil dude and he can be ridden like a horse, he's so chill. that's one heck of a bug boy 😂
Golisopod: my dear Mr. Sprinks in Ultra Moon was a BEAST lol. especially because First Impression is a great move (and, coincidentally, the ability Emergency Exit kinda helps with that haha), and Gen 7 buffed Leech Life which is amazing. he was a team player fr.
Volcarona: I haven't had the honour of using one on a team yet, but I've heard a lot of great things about this guy. also fuzzy warm moth bab go brrrrr ❤️
Armaldo: my favourite fossil pokemon, I've always really liked his design and I loved playing with mine in Pokemon Amie 😊
Heracross: this guy is an OG and I remember it fondly from my early days of playing Sapphire and Fire Red (my first pokemon game). not to mention I love rhino beetles in general so of course I love heracross 💙
Scizor: I think having a mono bug-type team without Scizor would be illegal lmaoooo I haven't used one myself but I know he's a hard-hitter. plus the green shiny is honestly fantastic.
I pick my team mostly for aesthetics but these guys go HARD honestly

honourable mentions go to Centiskorch (not as good as Volcarona but he's also very cute hehe), Frosmoth (pretty weak but I still appreciate it and its special bulk), Kleavor (prob better than Armaldo but I have a soft spot for the fossil boye), Genesect (aka the best mythical pokemon of all time don't @ me), Galvantula (fuzzy sparky tarantula bab is vibes, I bet hugging him feels like static electricity haha), Wurmple (best worm bab, Purps McGee), Lokix (never used one but he seems like a badass), Beedrill (buzz buzz), Yanmega (amazing shiny btw, also the concept of a giant dragonfly is hilarious and terrifying)... heck just give me all the bug boys haha 🤗🐞🐝💞
I’d definitely be a water type trainer. I’m not sure if the other Pokémon, but Croconaw would obviously be my main companion. I liked to think of Croconaw as my “starter” and have other random Pokémon join me along the way — sort of like Ash Ketchum and Pikachu.
That's a tough question. Honestly I'd rather be a civilian with an Umbreon or maybe a Houndour or Vulpix but I wouldn't choose dark or fire types as a Gym Leader.
Maybe water because I find them reliable in battle? And real life abilities and terrain would throw many trainers for a loop. Seaking wouldn't float in midair irl.
Swampert, Ludicolo, Kabutops, Seaking, Dewgong, Quagsire
I guess I'd focus on speed and special attack.
My favorite type is fairy but honestly I'd struggle making a team out of only that when some of my favorites aren't even fairy type, lol.
I'd definitely be ghost or fairy, or both.

Choosing a team is more difficult. I'm always torn between making strong/compatible teams and just choosing Pokemon with cool designs.... but for the sake of fun I'll just go with my favourite designs and ghost type. Some of them are pretty strong anyway.

Mismagius, Mimikyu, Gengar, Pumpkaboo, Aegislash, Chandelure

I've honestly never used Mismagius but I really love the witchy design, it's one of my favourites. Pumpkaboo is also 100% just there for cuteness ahahaha. The rest are ones I've actually used in playthroughs and they've all served me well!

Honourable mention to Togekiss and Mawile for fairy types.
I would be a Steel type specialist. Since Steel is my favourite type it would make the most sense to me. Ignoring legendaries since I wouldn't probably be able to get one here's what my main team would look like. It has a weapon theme to it.

download (1) (5).jpeg

A Grass/Steel type. Covers the Ground weakness and Iron Barbs helps with the physical moves. Good setup with Leech Seed, Stealth Rock.

download (1) (1).jpeg

A Steel/Flying type. Immune against Ground, neutral to Fighting. Defense is amazing and can get useful moves in with Sturdy. One of my old school fav Flying types.

download (1) (4).jpeg

A Water/Steel type. Good offensively against Ground and Fire. With Competitive can get free boosts.

download (1) (3).jpeg

A Dark/Steel type. Could use it last or near the end for the Supreme Overlord boosts. I love the Pawniard line so this was a requirement.

Aggron (Mega)

Aggron is a Steel/Rock type but loses its Rock type with Mega Evolution. I would search the Pokemon world for its MegaStone. I could also have it have Rock tera for pesky Fire types.

Aegislash (shiny)
download (1) (2).jpeg

My favourite mon and the only shiny I would actively hunt for. It has a Steel/Ghost typing. Immune to Fighting and can be either physical or special. My headcanon has it have Bitter Blade so a Fire tera would be cool on it. I would probably give it Ghost tera. Diversifying my team is always the best.
oh my god 100% a fairy type!! 💕 to be honest I don't have a favorite type, it just so happens that a lot of Pokemon I like are fairy types. They'd all be shiny too because I love me my shiny fairies. ✨


Clefairy - my baby lucky star, how could I not have her on a fairy team? ✨ She's there for the vibes.
Granbull - it was a toss between them and Alolan Ninetales but I just love Granbull more! one of my favorite gen 2 pokemon.
Togekiss - oh my beautiful peace-loving friend. definitely a gen 4 favorite for me.
Florges - the white variant is especially beautiful as a shiny!
Hattrene - one of my ultimate favorites 😭
Mawile - my trump card, my mega evolution pokemon. I had this obsession with Mawile back then and it has not changed since. Mega Mawile has the best design among the megas, fight me.

I've actually had all these shinies at one point or another except for white Florges, which I will be hunting one day in S/V 🫶
and as you can tell I do not know how to build teams LOL you can fight me as the first gym leader idc I just need to flaunt my babies 💕

honorable mentions:
- Mimikyu - I swear if I had a 7th slot in the team it would be Mimikyu.
- Alolan Ninetales, Sylveon, Primarina - beautiful, but I don't have any major attachments to them
- Alcremie - I love their design a LOT but I didn't play SwSh so I never really got a proper feel of the pokemon
- Tinkaton - I love you but I'm sorry Mawile is my most beloved steel/fairy type
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I did a birb-only run in Emerald once, that's the closest I've gotten to 'specializing'. Naturally, most of them were Flying, so I guess that's what I'd choose (Dragon and Psychic are very tempting, though).

Not sure it would be the most strategical team, but picking my six favorite Flyers that have an additional typing, I'd choose Altaria, Mandibuzz, Corviknight, Pelipper, Oricorio, and Talonflame.

(Tropius, Drifblim, Togekiss, Archeops, and Xatu: you get honorable mentions. And shout-out to all the Normal/Flying babies I skipped over. 😢)

I thought I was going to be able to put Decidueye on the list as my 'proper' starter, but I remembered it ends up exchanging Flying for Ghost. Which means none of the birb starters get Flying type, wtf.

So I guess we rolling with bby Swablu as mine. 💙
I couldn’t decide on which type to specialize, so I took a random quiz. lol

I was given psychic. Which isn’t bad, because there’s a lot of cute options to choose from. However, if I could build a team, then I would choose the following.

Hawlucha: My favorite Pokemon, easiest choice. It also helps that I like the moves Roost, Sword Dance, High Jump Kick and Fly.

Aegislash: It looks cool. What else can I say? The little laugh in Pokemon-Amie is cute as well.

Incineroar: I like to think of Incineroar as Hawlucha’s sparring buddy. They would probably get into a lot of trouble together.

Gardevoir: I keep putting them in my final teams even when I try not to. I guess that they are my ol’ reliable.

Bellossom: I know that Pokemon with one type are not ideal. However, I’ve liked this one ever since I was a kid.

Claydol: The last slot is hard to choose, but I picked Claydol because it is a ground type. Preferably I would’ve chosen Mudkip, but having two starter Pokemon seems unlikely.
I would not have a type i would specialize in, more like a team of Pokemon I like. I would also nickname all of them and give them impossible movesets and abilities because its my canon, I do what I want lol.
My first team member would be a shiny Incineroar named Ethan. (don't ask why he's named Ethan, i just thought it would fit) He would have a moveset of Inferno, Ice Beam, Moonblast and Dragon Pulse. His ability would be Sheer Force (why does this work).
My 2nd member (and Ethan's training partner) would be a Lucario named Archer. His moveset would consist of Thunder Punch, Hydro Cannon, Iron Tail and Aura Sphere. His ability would be Prankster (in reference to the B2/W2 Riolu that has that as its HA).
My 3rd member (and the obligatory Legend/Mythical) would be a Zeraora named Raiden. His moveset would be Plasma Fists, Close Combat, Dragon Rush and Flamethrower. Ability would be a mix of Mold Breaker and Levitate (I'll call it Ground Breaker).
4th member: A Hisuian Lilligant named Spring. Her moveset would be Trop Kick, Grassy Glide, Floaty Fall and Sizzly Slide, with the ability Grassy Surge.
5th would be a Machoke named Hikaru (He'll be in charge of helping the team master moves) with the moveset Sacred Fire, Volt Tackle, Submission and Metronome. His ability would be Unaware.
Last is a Rampardos named Spike. He would have a moveset that consists of Aeroblast, Psychic, Bug Buzz and Iron Head. His ability would be Cute Charm.

What do you think? I kinda let my imagination run free here lol.
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To sort of piggy back off this thread I’d be interested to know what teams people would have if they specialised in a theme 👀

Like a sports themed team with Hawlucha as an ace, for example
It's probably obvious what I'd choose, but even as a trainer I wouldn't be choosing pokemon based on their battle prowess. My type would be Water, and my team would simply be 6 Buizels. Obviously there are plenty of choices that would give me much better chances in battles, but honestly just the fact that I'd be surrounded by 6 Buizels at any given time would be a dream come true for me! Besides, perhaps I'd be able to train them up to be a rather formidable team despite being unevolved Pokemon, sort of like the B Button League in the Anime.

(Or would that be the "Bui Button League" in my case?)
I'm honestly not sure what type I'd specialize in! When I was a kid I loved the Ice-types cause "sparkly pretty ice and crystals" lmao :ROFLMAO: I also gravitated towards the Water-types (for much the same reason lol), so perhaps one of those two?

As for my team, very easy! The same team I've had since the OG Gold:
Feraligtr: My starter Pokémon in the original Gold and eventually the HeartGold remake; I loved my Ferligatr very much and it became my favorite Pokémon thanks to my memories with it in Gold 🥰🥰
Ampharos: I love Ampharos' design and I really wanted an Electric-type that wasn't another Pikachu/Pikachu evolutionary branch; it may not be the fastest Electric-type but it's decently powerful and I like that it can learn a good Bug-type move! I love my electric sheep 🥹
Arcanine: Another type that I got cause I thought it looked cool, plus the work you have to put into a Growlithe to get an Arcanine made me feel like I accomplished something when I was a kid 😄
Vileplume: I was all about type coverage when I was a kid lol So of course I needed a good Grass/Poison-type, and that became Vileplume! I love that it has health-sapping moves and can put foes to sleep, makes it an annoying thing to put up with haha
Gengar: Admittedly, I was never able to get a Gengar in my original Gold save due to the fact that you have to trade with another player to evolve Haunter into Gengar, so it was natural that that was the first thing I took care of in HG! Love its speed, plus type coverage and Dream Eater is a cool, annoying move 🤣
Pidgeot: Lastly my resident Flying-type! Admittedly a more "basic" Pokémon than the rest, but I loved it all the same 🥰 I hated having to constantly run to the nearest PC to get a Pokémon that could use Fly for traveling, so I just incorporated a Pokémon that could benefit from knowing Fly into my actual party 🤣 Laziness for the win! 🤣
So hard to pick just one type! My favorite typings are Electric, Fire, and Ice.

But if I had to just pick one……probably Electric? The team would be:

Iron Thorns

Based entirely on their level of coolness as perceived by me and absolutely nothing else. It’s Pokémon! You gotta pick based on what your heart tells you.
The baby type, of course! 🥰 I raised these little ones from eggs and we completely conquered the Paldea region, proving that anything is possible with enough dedication, strategy and stat-enhancing drugs heeheehee I'm a certified baby mon Trainer in Scarlet from now on. The game is much more challenging and fun that way. Also it helps if your babies have beneficial natures, abilities, held items and moves, but that should go without saying.


But really, I wouldn't specialize in any specific Type. Instead, my team would be varied and belong in the Monster Egg group, as a lot of my favorites mons are from that group.

This would be my Gym Leader ranked team, with Flaaffy as my lead and Nidoking as my ace.


I would set up with Flaaffy by using Reflect and Light Screen followed by Volt Switch. But we could also debuff your team first with Thunder Wave. This would be my Gym Leader battle theme:

And this would be my final, Champion ranked team, with Ampharos as my lead and Nidoking as my ace.



Also my AI wouldn't suck lol I'd be doing things like using Full Restores and switching out strategically. Oh what's that? Another Flamethrower against Venusaur? I'll answer by switching into my pseudo-legendary Tyranitar. But shouldn't Tyranitar be your ace instead? No because Nidoking is best monster boy 🥰 and my Champion battle theme would be this:

My favorite Pokémon is Snorlax, but as a trainer, I’d do best as a fairy-type. My team would be Sylveon, Mimikyu, Togekiss, Jigglypuff, Florges, and Clefable.
I love a lot of different types, but my top three favorite Pokemons are Steel-Types, so I think I would specialize in that for my gym! Bugs, Ghost, Dark, Grass, and Water types are also my faves alongside Steel and I might add a different team type later, but here's what I got for now:

Bisharp - My favorite Pokemon of all time! It's just so cool looking and I have a soft spot for gen 5 Pokemons since I grew up with that gen. I have a plushie of the "Sitting Cuties" line for it and I plan on trying to nab the first plushie of it. If you haven't seen it, you should! It's so silly :]
Scizor - My second favorite! It's such a cool Pokemon and it looks so sleek. I just really like how it's designed and how in the newer games, the coat on it is really shiny!
Magnezone - The whole Magnezone family is my favorite, especially Magnemite! Magnemite is so cute and round and adorable! I'm picking Magezone for this one because it's the final evolution for this line, but I also like it from PMD :] (Shout-outs to Sandy Shocks, love them so much)
Excadrill - I own a plushie of this one! Besides it being a Gen 5 Pokemon, I remember this one because of Iris' Excadrill in the anime. It always left an impression on me when I was a kid. It also might or might not be here because my favorite Pokemon trainer has Excadrill on his team, hehe. Oh, I should say, it's also really strong from when I had it on my team in White!
Skarmony - I feel like I should include this one because I had one from my first play-through of Black 2 from when I was a kid! Plus, look at it! It's so cool and I like the animations that is has from... Stadium? I've never played Colosseum or Stadium tbh, so I get those two mixed up. I'm adding Skarmony for nostalgia sake, fight me!! (Though, I'm not really 100% sure on this one)
Corviknight - I never used Corviknight in my play-through of Shield, but I wished I had because IT'S SO COOL !!! It's a KNIGHT bird!!!! It somehow looks really fluffy and nice to hug, while also looking like it has tough armor on. I also really like the Gigantamax form of it too, even if it looks simple!

Honorable mentions: Perrserker, Mawile, Aegislash, Alolan Sandslash, and Tinkaton!