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  • AWWWW PANDA FRIENDO! I have been so busy recently and wanted to chat with you! Your message and bells was such a cute gesture and means so much to me. Thank you for your motivating words of wisdom! Hoping all the same for you 💚🥒🍓🥰⭐🎁✨💫🐸
    Thanks for the bells btw! I also found my third Shiny Alpha yesterday, and it's a Hisuan Growlithe! I decided to name him Mustard since his fur reminded me of mustard lol

    He may be an alpha who is huge and has a terrifying cry, but I still think he's adorable 🧡✨
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    You're welcome! And awww!! I just wanna snuggle against that warm, plush fur! 🥰💖✨ what a great catch! Will you keep him baby or will you evolve him?
    King koopa
    King koopa
    I think I'll keep him as a baby! He's just so cute that I kinda wanna keep him like this lol

    I ended up finding a shiny Grotle the other day, which I evolved, and now I have all the Shiny Sinnoh Starters!

    Now I kinda wanna try to find the shalpha versions, which would be a lot harder lol
    Im still so blown away by your creature entry 😍 it looks like a litteral mythical style, and the kelpie looks absolutly amazing ♡♡ you can defently get the mood from that drawing alone!

    Kitsune and Kitsune Jr are looking for some dust! While Kitsune Jr searches, Kitsune wards off any attackers with some terrifying illusions!

    Though, despite his Serious nature, Kitsune still makes time for naps 😴
    King koopa
    King koopa
    Yeah lol, hopefully I can find a shiny Eevee soon to join them as a new member of the shiny fox squad!

    (And maybe I'll just evolve it into an umbreon and them I'll have Polari, only its the wrong game lol)
    Who's your second favorite shiny eeveelution? Surprisingly, mine is Sylveon even though it's my least favorite eeveelution lol but compared to the others, it's definitely a great shiny at least 👍✨
    King koopa
    King koopa
    Mine is also Sylveon! I think the blue looks really nice on it and i honestly wouldn't mind if i end up with that instead of a shiny umbreon lol 🩵✨

    Random but look who I found recently!
    I decided to name him Revali, as even though he's a little Timid, he's still a strong warrior in his own way! 🐦 🎶 ✨

    And it looks like he found some magic fairy dust on the way here! You can use that to craft and amazing potion that can heal a lot of health!
    How would you feel if you got a blue pinwheel instead of a red one? Just wondering.
    Considering I already own a red pinwheel and just looking to get another one for the funsies, I'd feel like dumping all my event currency on a raffle if a green pinwheel ever appears, for a complete set.

    Then I can retire and giveaway all my TBT lol
    Kitsune Jr says hi!

    And it looks like he sniffed up some dust on his way here!
    (And yes I did find another Shiny Hisuian Zorua because why not, I love this shiny so much and I kinda wanna try to find 5 more to make a whole team of them lol)
    Ruby says Hi! 🐻👋 I caught him as a shiny teddiursa and evolved him from there!

    He may be quiet by nature, but don't let that fool you! Anger him, and you'll be dealing with one angry bear!
    Hey, Panda! I hope that you are doing well ^^ I think I am going to try to participate in the Halloween event! How about you? <3
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