Pokémon If you were a Pokemon Trainer...

I’d be a fairy-type gym leader but with one Psychic pokemon
My team will be all female & shiny starting at level 60

Shiny Sylveon
Shiny Galarian Rapidash
Shiny Diancie
Shiny Ribombee
Shiny Alolan Ninetales
Shiny Farigiraf - my favourite Pokemon 💖
Ghost specialist, with misdreavus as my ace! My pfp is a silly doodle of how I draw myself as a gym leader!
i would most FOR SURE be a fairy type trainer. my team would probably consist of a clefable, mimikyu, togepi (i am adamant that it would be unevolved), slurpuff, whimsicott, and my ace would be my shiny sylveon, paris.

but i also love the idea of being a concept trainer!! like all dogs/cats, object pokemon, something like that.
My team would be misdreavus, mimikyu, and gourgiest. Misdreavus as my ace because yes
Would like to be a lonely warrior traveling different regions trying to get better by every experience i live.

Main: Shiny Umbreon (have him and train him since he was a small Eevee)

2: Lycanroc (Dusk)

3: Ceruledge.

4: Shiny Palafin.

5: Ampharos.

6: Shiny Rayquaza (my secret)
if I was a Pokémon gym leader, I would probably specialize in Water Types, with a specific theming of super deep-sea creatures. Probably why that’s literally one of the gym leaders from my Fakemon region. Pokémon like Wishiwashi (a cooler regional variant in my region), a Dhelmise regional evo, Malamar, Eelektross, Dragalge, and a deepsea convergent of Kingler that’s a giant spider crab.
I would specialize in Psychic. I always felt drawn to anything mind related so no surprise though ghost type come in close second. If you were to peek at my pokemon gameplay you would see that my team is all psychic or ghost so I kinda do that already :ROFLMAO:. I also tend to like characters that specialize in Psychic pokemon.
Probably not very effective and easy to beat but my line up would be this:

Kinda wish I could also do a flying and ghost line up but I am definitely part of the psychic gang.
Oh I used a monotype team in Gen 6 (and I think I used it in a few games here years ago???) so I already know the answer to this. Water type! iirc, the team I had back then was:
Vaporeon - Rain Dancer and some other support
Swampert (Mega) - Really strong physical damage, and pairs extremely well with Vaporeon's rain
Milotic - Bulky and annoying
Gastrodon - Bulkier and annoyinger. Also my favorite pokemon (plea,se i am thinking about slug)
Barbaracle - Another physical damage user
Lanturn - I actually don't think I used Lanturn ever but I liked the vibes so he got the 6th slot :p
I'd probably change a few slots if I made a newer team (I think at the bare minimum I'd put Wishiwashi over Lanturn, love that funny fishy), but I'm still keeping water type.

And yes I stole the name Cress from the Unova water gym leader. I barely know anything about him, but I liked water types and his name was cool so I stole it. And here we are 7 or 8 years later and it's still great!
I don't know if I could ever choose just one type. Hardly any two of my favorite Pokémon share a type. My favorite Pokémon of all time is Lucario, but I don't really like any other fighting or steel types that much.

I might be able to fill a team with normal type Pokémon I like, but most of them wouldn't be very strong, I just like them because they're cute or cool. Something like:

Girafarig (not Farigiraf)

I also like several water types, so a water team might work for me:

Dewott (not Samurott)

...Actually, that might be it for water types. ^o^;>

Maybe a half and half team of water and ghost, there are also a few ghost types I like a lot:


...I couldn't think of a third one. My tastes in Pokémon are so spread out across all the types. XD
I would probably specialize in fairy type Pokémon, and my team would probably be:

Shiny Sylveon - Regular Sylveon is cute as well, but blue is my favorite color, so the coloring of the shiny version really appeals to me
Alcremie (Mint cream with love sweets) - I love mint ice cream, and I think the love sweets and pink eyes looks really cute with the mint color
Tinkaton - They're really cute, and I like their giant hammers
Rapidash (Galarian Form) - Just a beautiful Pokémon. I love their coloring and design
Shiinotic - I love mushroom-themed things, so of course I have to have a mushroom Pokémon on my team
Shiny Ribombee - A cute little bug fairy!
i’d specialize in ice type! i don’t think i would be a particularly hard gym, but i’ve always loved icies.

-Alolan Ninetails
-Froslass (Main Pokémon)

i only list four because i don’t imagine being like one of the elite four or anything haha
Sylveon, Togekiss, Alcremie, Goodra, Altaria, and Audino

I’m not thinking in a very practical all-around sense, though some these mons definitely have their benefits (mainly just being big fluffy serotonin machines).

I’ve had this idea of a signature team since like 2018 except it had clefairy before alcremie was revealed. I made them my OC Mimi’s team as she started out as a sona.
If I had to choose a single type, probably ghost-type since those designs appeal to me most. My team could be:
  1. Chandelure (ghost/fire)
  2. Trevenant (ghost/grass)
  3. Sinistea/Polteageist or Galarian Corsola/Cursola (ghost)
  4. Frillish (ghost/water)
  5. Drifblim (ghost/flying)
  6. Mimikyu (ghost/fairy)
But honestly, if the Pokémon world were a reality, I doubt I’d want to battle. I’d likely want to pursue being a conservationist, so my team might look more like:
  1. Noibat (pollinator / my favorite pokémon)
  2. Butterfree (pollinator)
  3. Blissey (medical team)
  4. Tirtouga or Omanyte (water / research)
  5. Galarian Corsola (research)
  6. Trubbish (clean-up crew)
Most realistically though, I’d be an underachiever and just be home with a single or couple pet pokémon at most.
So, I have thought about it so many times over the years... I actually made a list a few years ago, of teams I would use if I were a gym leader of a specific type:

I didn't do a Psychic team, but I would also HAVE to have Espeon as like my little Pikachu type sidekick!
If I was a trainer, I would wish to be a gym leader, and I would want to specialize in dragon-type Pokemon. I've always loved dragons in general, although I have also been (perhaps a little too) picky about dragon-type Pokemon designs. With that in mind, I have come to the somewhat uncomfortable realization that I simply love Hydrapple. I've only known of its existence for a couple of weeks and yet somehow it's wormed (GET IT??) its way into competing for the slot of my favorite Pokemon. So... it's time. I will join Claire and Drayden as dragon-type gym leaders.

EDIT: My gym would take the form of Food Dragon, the town's grocery store (with an Applin mascot, of course). Challengers would have to go to the different sections of the gym and collect ingredients from my trainers to fill my shopping list to pass my pre-battle Gym challenge. Finally, to reward trainers for defeating my team, I would give them the Hoard Badge!


My initial team would be:


And my post-game rematch team would be:


Appletun: I used to have negative feelings about the Applin line because none of them satisfied my somewhat picky expectations of what a dragon-type Pokemon should look like. Now that Hydrapple exists, I can accept that Appletun is adorable (and delicious - I love apple pie.)

Druddigon: I want at least one pure dragon-type Pokemon on my team, and I think Druddigon might be my favorite. It is a good dragon-y looking dragon.

Turtonator: Fire/dragon is one of my favorite type combinations, and Turtonator is essentially Bowser as a Pokemon.

Noivern/Tyrantrum: Simply two of my favorite dragon type Pokemon. There's not much else to say other than I love their designs and they both somewhat epitomize the glass cannon fighting style that I tend to lean toward in games.

Hydrapple: My ace. The perfect combination of idealic dragon and delicious syrupy snack; that's my dream!
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I'll have to come up with my team in a bit, but definitely Dragon type for me.

Alright, this is the team I'd probably stick with:

Badge would be called the Draco Badge.

Gym leader:




Elite Four/Champion:







Hydreigon: Literally one of my favorite Pokemon in the game, Hydreigon will start the battle, forcing trainers to have some Fairy types handy or suffer the consequences.

Dragapult: Literally one of the best Dragon types competitively, Dragapult's insane attack and speed prowess will make it a difficult obstacle for any opposing challenger.

Naganadel: Naganadel has been a favorite of mine ever since Ash used one in the Sun/Moon anime on his team, and after finding out it's also Poison type. Truly a good counter for Fairy types, Naganadel will make sure that people can't just sweep my team with a Fairy type Pokemon.

Latios (Will mega evolve): Even though I rave about how good the Darkrai movie was and how it's my favorite, the movie that featured both Latias and Latios from Pokemon was really good as well. Latios is already a speedy and powerful special attacker. Add on the mega evolution and it'll be tough to counter this Pokemon.

Koraidon (Will Dynamax): Trainers will only have to face this legendary if they challenge me in my Elite Four or Champion form. Koraidon is really powerful and is one of the reasons I chose Scarlet over Violet. Its Fighting type ensures that no one can just win the match with a Normal type strategist Pokemon.

Gouging Fire (Will Terastallize to ONLY Fire type): Truly one of the great new additions in the DLC, Gouging Fire is another Fairy resister and a great addition to the team. Those who think they can easily take it out with a Dragon type Pokemon will be surprised when it Terastallizes and loses that typing. :3

And there you have it! My ultimate Dragon type Pokemon team if I was a trainer. I'm really glad I chose Pokemon Scarlet as Dragon is my favorite Pokemon type, and both of the Scarlet-exclusive legendaries are Dragon types. 🐉
This sounds fun :D. For me, realistically, I’d probably not be a gym leader and at most be a collector or have a few to stay home with me. My team would be all cats ofc.

But if I was a gym leader, here are the teams I’d have. I am not sure which element I like the most. All my favorites are in different elements.


(I never played the game with Incineroar in it, but I really don’t like how it looks. If I was a competitive gym leader, I’d include it though regardless). If I could have legendaries on the team, I’d have Ho-Oh and/or Victini.


(If I was a competitive gym leader, I’d use Walrein instead of Spheal. Also, I’d replace Iron Body with maybe Ludicolo. I haven’t played the game Iron Body is in, so I have no idea what it is like. I like Delibird a lot which is why I picked it).


If I could have legendaries on my team, I’d have Dialga


If I could have legendaries, I’d have Mew, Jiraichi & Lugia.

There is a limit to attached pictures, so I’ll post more of my team ideas later if you’d like 🙂.