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Pokémon Pokemon X/Y or USUM?


Apr 11, 2023
Red Rose
hello TBT. i apologise in advance if this is the wrong place to post something like this. recently, i have been wanting to play a Pokemon game. i played Pokemon X/Y and US/UM a long while back (more specifically, Y and Ultra Sun)but since then i have unfortunately misplaced both the cartridges. I am looking to buy a replacement for one of them, but i cannot decide which. I do not really mind so much about the plot of the game, i am more interested in aspects such as the Pokemon catching and battling. this being said, i was tempted to purchase X/Y due to how large and diverse the Pokedex is compared to US/UM (and because US/UM is lacking my favourite pokemon). when i gave it further thought, i recalled i enjoyed battling and catching pokemon far more in US/UM than i did in X/Y, rather ironically. I am rather tempted to purchase X/Y because it has the more appealing pokedex, i noticed the lack of ledgendary and mythical pokemon in comparison to US/UM. X/Y has 7 ledgendaries, meanwhile US/UM has 61 (apparently). I enjoyed spending hours catching ledgendaries in US/UM, so i am rather confliced. i could purchase OR/AS, but i have not experienced that game yet, and for now i would rather buy a game that i have already experienced.

to sum it up; What i am looking for is the game with the most enjoyable pokemon catching and battling system, which does seem to be X/Y. the lack of ledgendaries is throwing me off, and tempting me into purchasing US/UM, because i remember spending many enjoyable hours catching ledgendaries in that game. i prefer most aspects of X/Y to US/UM, but i am tempted into purchasing US/UM solely because of the ledgendaries and because i generally prefer how that game plays out in comparison. I am left very conflicted.
IMO most enjoyable pokemon catching would be USUM, but battling system would be XY because of Mega Evolutions. I really don't care for Z-Moves

I think from what you said there are more aspects of USUM that you would prefer, the gameplay is definitely more interesting. The storyline is better and the post-game would definitely be more interesting with the Ultra Beast quests etc. I think you should go USUM
I'd recommend trying something new and going for OR/AS if you're interested in the Pokedex. I really liked the Pokemon catching mechanics in those games, and it sounds like it'd be a good blend of what you're looking for since it's from the 6th generation and has similar features to X/Y. It has many postgame legendries like US/UM, and it also has many pokemon from other regions available through the poke-radar and mirage spots. It also has the dex-nav, a menu on the bottom screen that shows you how many pokemon you have and haven't encountered in an area yet. For battling it has the battle maison, battle tests, and secret base QR codes that you can scan to battle competitive teams (or blisseys for exp) made by other players.
If you're not interested in OR/AS, that's perfectly ok too!
I would second going for US/UM. The longevity of the game is just better than X/Y to be honest, especially with how much there is to do once you beat the game. Just my two cents though.
USUM. Neat thing about these games is that you can use both Megas or Z-moves if you like. Its also the least dated game so it has all mons and moves from Gen7 and before in.
I'm also on board the Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon train. X & Y, while having some nice aspects and having the benefit of Super Training, are a bit too easy. The Elite Four and Diantha don't even scale their levels up on rematch in X & Y.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon seemed, to me at least, to boost the challenge a bit compared to standard Sun & Moon, and also brought more content like more Ultra Beasts and being able to capture past legends via the ultra wormholes. There's also Team Rainbow Rocket. I feel like it would be a more fulfilling playthrough.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is, I would say, a good middle ground option between the two. It still has the traditional gym structure as opposed to the island trials of Alola. Hoenn is fun to explore and has a nice selection of Pokémon, plus you can also catch a bunch of the past legendaries either out in the world or via the mirage spots. It also has more Mega Evolutions than were present in X & Y. Even if you don't choose them now, I'd recommend playing them eventually.
ORAS is the best game of all these in my opinion. Gen 6 was the peak of shiny hunting if you like that with dexnav, better hatching, chain fishing still being around. Best designed region of the three for sure. Secret bases and mirage islands are cool.

But between XY and USUM I think USUM are the better option for you, would be a fresher experience than another gen 6 game. The difficulty is so much better. I do think the routes are too hallway-ish but the games are still fun. I think the dex is quiet similar in both really.