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Dec 3, 2004
Hello everyone! I've returned from my Hiking trip.

We went in on Saturday and holed 4 miles to the Lean-to and camp ground. We then rested the rest of the day, and had dinner.

Day 2: We headed out at 8:30 AM for a 7 hour round trip hike up and down Seward Mountain in the Adirondacks. As we made our assent up the high peak we encountered Large boulders whivh made the trip liek a rock climbing venture. The worst part of the hike, was we could never see the top. So it basically seemed like it was a never ending hike. We got to the top though and had lunch, and had a some0what good view of the mountain range. We got past the rocks on the way down, and got lost in the woodsy part of it. We luckily spotted a trail after Bush whacking thorugh the forest for a hour. We headed back to camp where we stayed. We left the next day and came home...

Good trip over all.

you did hiking basicly like me... only i was gone for 3 days and went about 12 miles


but yeah, those boulders are a killer...
I got a ton of scrathes and everything. We were actually gonna climba nother mountai but a few people were too tired.