First ever post

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DJ. Atomika
Apr 22, 2010
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When did you post it

where did you post it

what did you say

This was mine:
Name: Chris

Town: Ronda

FC: 1333-9581-1807

Age: 10

Timezone: UK

Experience: not sure what this means

Will you follow the rules? All of them

Why do you want to join JTP? To be a deliverer, i'm usualy on at about 6 oclock in the morning in uk gmt
Lolz hey people im from ttc i joined here soo i could exchange friend codes easier

That was my first post back when TTC and TBT would compete together in Brawl.
I think it was something "I already knew trelz was gonna win!!!!" not sure xD. It was all over that Coffe vs. Trela SSBB fight.
here's the turnips on the table glitch, but using it makes me feel like a pooper.
"haha i named my town yo momma
and it always says like have a blast in yo momma
or have a great time in yo momma.
hahah =] "

First Post said:
:veryhappy: Yeah! I finally got a chance to join the forums. Looks like I am about to be in two separated forums. One is and the other is this forum! Looks like I'll be hanging out here for a awhile. But for now I'll be go play Animal Crossing: City Folk

Oh, If you want to add me on City Folk, Here is my latest info.

Name: Nick
Town: Florida
Friend Code, 4382-6150-3995
I will come over now here is my friend code:
Name: FillFall
Town: Putono
Friend code: 4469-1152-7637
Just take away the - it's just to show it like it will look in the game :gyroidsideways:

This was back in November last year.
"I would like to buy gold and blue roses." I didn't even know they were hacked. -.-
Back when I couldn't stand being a rooster I was a nice little boy. After going through puberty and the internet, it all changed. But srsly, I said something about how I came from MKW I think.
"I a new to TBT and want some friends on AC: CF, I have one, but for some reason will not connect. Please message me if you want my friend code. :gyroidsideways: "

and one person replied to it. :S

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