Do you wear/own a traditional wristwatch?

Do you wear/own a traditional wristwatch?

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May 26, 2022
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⌚Who wears/owns a traditional wristwatch?⌚

Some of you may know that I’m obsessed with watches, even when I was much younger, I loved them. I have some makes/models in several different colours. Now in my mid-thirties, I still love them as much as I did back then. Whenever I meet anyone, I always look at their wrists to see if they are wearing a traditional watch and which brand. However, I hardly see anyone wearing one nowadays, it’s usually a smart/fitness watch or even worse not wearing one at all! I know a lot of people just rely on their smartphones for the time, but I’m old fashioned and always were a watch.

If anyone thinks of anymore options, please let me know and I'll add them!
Thanks for reading!
I used to collect them but I've stopped (just because I have no more space) and now there's pretty much two I wear the most. I'm a 20 minutes early person and I hate holding my phone or digging into my purse to find it. It's just so much easier to quickly glance at my wrist as many times as I want to. I still prefer them still.

The funny thing was when I used to live downtown, almost all the people had their phones out but they would always ask me for the time which was so weird.
I don't wear one but I cannot say whether or not I still own one. I feel like there's probably one lost in the house somewhere.
Nah. I have a Fitbit one that I used to use, but I never wear it anymore, especially for the purposes other than the time since it's wildly inaccurate. 💀

Funnily enough, I don't find it difficult to check the time. There is never a time when I'm out when I don't have my phone on me, and I check it sporadically throughout the day when necessary. It helps that it just goes in my pocket! :LOL:

I think the only time I've really needed to ask someone for the time a lot was when I went hiking in the mountains. But that's more understandable. Some people are just too lazy to check themselves, lol.
i don't like the feeling of anything on my wrists so i don't wear any wristwatches, i do like the idea of a smart watch though!

personally i love when people wear vintage casio's, i think they look so cool lol
Yes, I've always worn a watch when I'm out and about. I find it easier to either simply pull up my sleeve or lift my wrist to look at my watch as oppose to digging around in my pocket or bag for my phone.
Wristwatch? ⌚ Yes, I like having time constantly ticking around me. 😛 Even my home has a clock, either digital or analog, in almost every room. 🤪⏰🕰 Here's an image of wristwatches I own. My wrist feels naked without one! 😱 I wear one depending on what outfit I have on and I change between wearing them on my left and right wrists. I also have a timepiece that is a wind-up one, but the metal springs that hold the leather strap to it snapped off when I was playing golf once and I've since not purchased new ones. 😬⛳🏌️‍♂️⌚ It was a little funny having my watch pop off my wrist with that swing. Like something out of a cartoon. 😂 (and no, I don't wear three watches at once) 🙄
No, I don't wear wristwatches or anything on my arms. I feel its an invitation for a robbery lol
But I do not have wristwatches because I have a phone and I use the phone clock majority of the time when I'm outside doing things or even inside.
I still own a few novelty watches from when I was a child. One of my most treasured possessions is a Mario watch released around the time of Super Mario 64. But nothing I wear as a serious accessory. I've thought about getting one simply because I prefer not to have my phone out at all times, but I wouldn't spend a lot on it.
I wore a digital wristwatch when I was in college. It was kinda hideous but it did its job, though I haven't really needed to use one since.

I might get an analog one at some point though just because I think they look nice, and it's a good backup in case I can't check the time on my phone or anything. Also because I really like vintage fashion and I think certain analog ones work super well for that look. 👀
I owned one that I was wearing daily up until recently. Then it broke, and I haven't replaced it yet. I like wearing a watch in addition to being able to check the time on my phone. It's easier to just glance down at my wrist than to pull out my phone.
I owned and occasionally wore a wristwatch in high school, but haven't worn it since and think I gave it away. My mom said she will eventually gift me her luxury watches, but I don't know I'll wear them and might just store them lol - I don't like the feeling of something around my wrists. They're very pretty though!
I don't own any wristwatches and I wouldn't wear any if I did. I know how to read a clock. but it's easier just to pull out my phone if it isn't already in my hand. I don't see a need for the wristwatch if I already have a phone that I take everywhere that can do the same thing and more. I'm sure certain wristwatches are stylish and look good on certain people but I am definitely not one of those people.
i own one, a thin black one that's cute and simple, but i haven't worn it in years, and i'm pretty confident the battery's dead anyway lol. i used to wear it everyday to school, but i have a memory like a goldfish and now wouldn't remember to put it on even if i wanted to. same reason i almost never wear earrings despite having pierced ears, because i just forget to put any in.
My aunt gifted me a fancy fossil watch years ago and it just sits in my drawers. It is beautiful but having anything on my wrist is annoying. I tried to save it for special occasions but if I wear any watches or jewelry I usually end up taking it off during the event cause it bugs me.
i like the aesthetic of watches and timepieces in general, but i don't like the feeling of wearing one! something about the feeling of a band around my wrist bothers me, and if it's too loose, then the constant shifting bothers me instead.

i almost always have my phone on me anyways, so i use that to check the time instead.
if watch rings were a real/functional/cute thing i'd probably wear that though
I wear a digital Casio wristwatch and love it! They're timeless (design-wise) pieces of jewellery and do the job well. It's much handier to glance at your wrist for the time, instead of taking out a phone from the pocket, in my view.

At first when I started wearing a watch it felt quite strange, but it was surprisingly very easy to get used to it after a few days. It's the same as with other pieces of jewellery, in my opinion. :)
I don't own any watches currently but I have thought quite a bit about getting one (or maybe two) for fashion reasons. I like the idea of a sparkly fancy watch and an everyday one, both analog.
I used to wear one in high school, but I kept subconsciously taking it off and fiddling with it. For example, I'd be giving a presentation in front of the class and while I was talking, I'd take off my watch and pass it back and forth between my hands without realizing it. I stopped wearing one when I finally became aware of how much I fiddled with it and what a distraction it was.