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Do you want to have kids someday? :3

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Ron Ronaldo

Seer of Heart :33
Dec 9, 2008
Dragon Tokens
Like the title says, do you want to have children when you're older? =o

I know I do, but if FutureHusband thinks I'm going to live to pop out kids and tidy the house... he'll be horribly wrong >=|
i hate kids but i LOOOOVE babies

ill probably have at least one kid.

but what im scared of is pregnancy (morning sickness, pains) and the giving birth.
Rawburt said:
Ron Ronaldo said:
Rawburt said:
1 or 2 at most. That's my limit.
Jolly good, you're fighting overpopulation. 8Db
Well, if I wanted to fight overpopulation I'd adopt instead of fathering kids. 8D
asdfgj Fine, you'd be promoting Zero Population Growth ;-;

@Kalinn- I want a girl too! ^^ (And I also want a boy)
Only if I get to name them something ridiculous like.......Dr.Octaganopus or *calm tongue roll*
Comatose said:
David said:
Tye's gonna name his kid Baby Mario.
I think he actually had a list of dozens of Nintendo based names for possible kids.
Yeah, I barely remember.

As for me, I'd rather just have 1 or 2 at most. 3 would be going too far imo. :\
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