Do you have any New Year's resolutions? ✨

  • once my store closes, i’d like the find another job haha
  • create an etsy shop with my sister! i’ll be doing the branding and setting up the shop while my sister will be making the jewelry :>
  • finish my island!!! the finish line is upon the horizon, i just have a few more large projects left until i’m happy with it
  • get out of the house more! i’d like to hangout with my friends more and make more plans
They're not really New Year's resolutions, but some things I'd like to continue doing next year:
- Continue learning Spanish! I'm currently working through the intermediate playlist on the Dreaming Spanish YouTube channel, and I'd like to start watching some shows and maybe start doing some reading
- Exercise more! Slowly working on this one
- Read more! I don't really have a specific goal in mind, but I'd like to read more consistently. I've been slowly increasing the amount of reading that I do, but my desire to read comes and goes
- get healthier and do more exercise
- continue doing my absolute best at school
- get a job?? maybe??? i'm already way busy so this might not even happen lol
I don’t normally make resolutions but this year I need to. I have had a pretty rubbish year and a health scare so

Eat healthier and do more exercise
Get stress under control
Hobby? Reading? Just something for me
Maybe try studying something

So much to change but tbt will do for now 🤞💜
- Continue learning French, since I'm inevitably going to need it at some point in life
- Create a script outline for the horror game + advertise the project so we can get more people on board
- Try to get on top of schoolwork
- Read at least 10 books
  • Start cooking (at least twice a week)
  • Improve my Polish
  • Graduate and get a job
  • Start playing the piano again
  • Find a hobby I can actually stick to ;((
  • Give away the clothes I don't wear
- Save up 1k. Not that much but I don't make a lot of money, I basically don't want to buy anything apart from food and presents.

- Pass my mid-exam for my training. No idea how to translate this one, but if I fail I can't continue the job I'm training for.

- Only write A's and B's. Had no problem doing that in my first year apart from PE which was pretty unfair after my accident, but this year I wrote a C on one exam because I didn't study properly. I hope to finish that class with a B as well. And get at least one A in any class.

- Weightloss. My ideal weight is 24 kilos away (plus Xmas gains eheh...) so I don't really know what my goal for 2024 should be. Theoretically it should be possibly, but pratically I dunno how to change my lifestyle with boarding school. I just snack too much on holidays though. But I plateaued the last time I reached my lowest weight. I will change my caloric intake from an average daily of 1500 to 1400 because calorie calculator says I need to drop to 1450 for significant weightloss and I just like to keep the number simple. My calculations aren't perfect anyway, but they've worked in 2023.

- I'd like to read a book... I got one for Christmas but I do struggle with reading. I read TBOSAS when that came out but I just read social media and forums in my freetime. I should maybe aim to read one book a month.

- Finish a cross stitch. I don't think I finished one in 2023, but I certainely started one this month.
My new years resolutions are always the same Every. Single. Year. == Try to find a way to do everything I want or like to do in the limited time I have, without getting lost in a book or my own head. :rolleyes:

Learn piano pieces I like but find challenging
Sewing projects, trying a new method this year
Wrangle property into some semblance of order (a few acres of poison ivy, brambles, weeds, giant rocks, snakes, who knows what else)
Keep up with garden (ha! The weeds always win eventually, but I give it a go every year)
Work out/ get stronger (pfft...)
Keep up with other language torture (I'm terrible learning other languages, but i try)
Practice drawing!
Do some writing!
Maybe get another switch so i can have my own island, lol...
Manage the extreme stress that is a constant in my life.
Keep working on reading/typing skills with nonverbal family member
Save money!
Win the annual family game challenge!

I just need more hours in the days...
I don’t make any resolutions. There are some things I’m working towards, but certain things I’d rather not state publicly until they happen. I feel as if I’m more likely to achieve those things if I keep them to myself.
I usually don’t set resolutions as I usually forget about them. I think I’m going to try this year . Hopefully by setting some goals it will get me motivated.

I would like to set up an exercise routine and stick to it. I really should be stretching and getting back into yoga.

I would like to get back into reading. I love to read and have so many books I want to read . I just don’t have the time. So I want to make a point of setting aside some time to read .

I want to work on my anxiety and stress and try to get that under control. I want to get better at taking care of my physical and mental health.

The last thing is to get more organized. I want to clean and de clutter the house. Get rid of and donate things and clothes I will never use that are just sitting around .
Like some others have said, I don't really do New Year's resolutions because I make changes throughout the year when I feel like they're required. However, I did make 2 decisions within the past few days, so I guess you could call them resolutions.

- As of yesterday, my husband and I started taking walks in the evening. We walk the dog in the afternoons, but he's slow and stops to sniff a lot so it's not much exercise for us. We plan to walk every evening to get healthier and hopefully lose some weight. My goal is to keep up with it even when the weather is not ideal. I promised my husband not to bow out just because it's cold or rainy, but extreme weather will be an exception.

- I've decided to switch back to a vegetarian diet! I'm really excited about this one. I was a vegetarian for nearly a decade, but due to various reasons I started eating small amounts of meat daily. It's been on my mind a lot lately that I've wanted to cut meat out entirely again. I mentioned it casually to my husband earlier this month without any real plans of doing it soon, but then just a few days ago he brought it up and said he'd fully support me making the change. He's not going to do it with me and I didn't expect it of him, but he will make it as easy as he can for me by sticking to restaurants that have vegetarian options, etc. I don't have a start date planned yet because I'm not going to waste the food I already have at home, but I will be gradually phasing it out as I finish up what I've got.
I have a few!
  • I would really love to try and learn how to draw. I have said this to myself for a few years, but never followed it through. I even bought sketching pencils and a sketch pad years ago, but never used them. I would be quite happy to be able to draw simple doodles. I’ve got a iPad pencil so I might try digital doodles aswell.
  • Make more time for myself. This is high in the list of my priorities. I have so many games, that I’ve hardly played over the years. Also, work on my ACNH islands.
  • I run 2 fan accounts on social media, I used to post at least once daily. However, this year, I’ve let things slip a bit. I would really like to get back posting on a daily basis.
  • Post more in ‘The Buck Appreciation Society’ as again, I feel as if I posted regularly last year, but this year not so much. I’ve extremely happy I’ve been able to keep Buck’s Advent Calendar going all month!
  • I always buy a diary every year to note appointments, and I always say I’m going to write something everyday, but I never stick to it.
  • I really need to declutter and try to organise things better around the house. I blame Blossom for this, as I end up putting things into cupboards and drawers so she can’t eat them!
  • Drink more water!
  • Wear my smart watch/fitness tracker when I’m walking Blossom as I feel that motivates me more!
I’ll add more if I think of any!
  • Keep up with practicing my instruments daily (ukulele and violin) and keep taking my weekly violin lessons. I want to make a lot of improvement over the next year. I also want to keep learning about music theory and working through all the exercises and whatnot in my music theory book.
  • Finish more books. This is more important than just the goal of “reading more”, because I read a lot. But I have trouble finishing books because I get distracted , start others then get overwhelmed with everything I’m reading at the same time and stop. So my rule is to really just read one book at a time till I finish it.
  • Play a lot of specific games. The games I’m focusing on this year are the Life is Strange games, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom; Disney Dreamlight Valley. I’m gonna try to stick with those and not jump around to a bunch of other games. Same issue as with books. I get distracted by other games then never finish ones I’ve started. So I want to work on that
  • Less social media. I deleted the Facebook app on my phone a week ago and hardly ever get on it on my laptop. I still use messenger to keep in touch with friends but I don’t scroll Facebook for hours anymore. Trying to use my time for more beneficial things or things that are fun. Things I don’t regret spending hours on. Like practicing violin and ukulele. Taking walks outside. Playing with my cat Mustachio. Being more mindful and present in my life.
  • Lose 20 lbs, develop healthier habits
  • Keep up with meditation and try to get good sleep as well.
  • Clean my apartment more frequently.
  • Spend less money, put money in savings, aiming to save $1,000. Just to keep in savings.
  • Get out and do things, go to the movie theater, go to cafes , out to eat, etc to new places even if it’s just local places. Just get out of the house more and experience life more.
My resolution is not to take any resolutions, because having resolutions stress and pressure me a bit and then I will do something else to distract me.

One thing is sure is I'm tired eating fattening food and need to stretch a bit.

I think my first resolution, if I have one, should be to enjoy the snow as much as possible, we had so little so far and I fear it will get worse in the future.
Every year, my new year's resolution is to make it through another year, until the next year when I make the same resolution, and the cycle repeats. Basically, survive another year and see how far I can make it 😂🤞