Can you remember your dreams?

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Jan 24, 2010
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Well? I can remember some dreams, some more clearly than others.
Like, I can remember my dream from last night:
I was at University and I had found a boarding house to stay in, I met this guy there and he could turn himself semi-invisible, but (And I remember this clearly) when he did I saw a rainbow*, then it went crazy with lots of Big Macs. (McDonalds, which I hate)

So what dreams can you remember?

<small><small>* I'm planning to turn that into a story, excluding the part with Big Macs.</small></small>
Varies, and depends on if I try to or not. If I don't try to remember them as soon as a wake up in 15 minutes poof, all traces disappear.
Most of them, yeah. Some kinda clear, some vaguely.
actually the last couple of days I've had pretty vivid ones, I know that much can't remember many details though.
Often I won't remember my dreams, but sometimes I will and it's awesome. Unless it was a nightmare. |=<

I've never really had a lucid dream until a few weeks ago. =o The dream started out as a nightmare in which a serial killer cut off all means of communication and killed all of my family and friends right in front of me.

But then it somehow turned into a lucid dream and I started it over, went some variation of supersayan and beat the everloving *censored.2.0* out of my serial killer and saved everyone. ^w^
Yes, and recently I've been having micro reality changing things when I'm awake but sleepy.

In class for a second I'll remember my teacher being apart of an evil counsel for a few seconds and then be like wat.
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