The Island of Alcott - Part 1, A New Adventure!


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Apr 3, 2024
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April 3rd. The sun was exceptionally bright today, hopefully a good sign of what awaits me on this new path. I received the offer to go on this 'deserted island getaway' and once saying farewell to my father, I slipped into my worn boots and headed for the airport. I was greeted by two young raccoon fellows, who called themselves Tommy and Timmy. They seem nice, even if they tend to speak simultaneously sometimes; it's almost like an echo when they talk haha. They signed me up, took my picture for my passport and suddenly, the plane was called! Just in time, as me and the boys headed to the plane. "Here I go, Wren Dandelion on a one way trip to a new start!" I thought, and if I'm honest, I was slightly terrified. After all, all I knew about this deserted island was the map I was shown before takeoff. What would the weather be like? Would we arrive to storms and hail? Or perhaps the plane would be unable to leave once we arrived, and then we would really be stranded. I tried to calm my nerves as I was lead to my seat by the pilot, a dodo named Wilbur. He was cool, and very accommodating despite having a rather small plane. When I got to my seat, I saw two others already boarded, though I hardly had time to introduce myself as we were off and in the air in record time! Luckily, Wilbur was a fantastic pilot and the flight was smooth and fast. I was truly relieved watching the sun remain in a clear sky, no signs of a storm or anything. Soon, we would be arriving at the island and then, the true journey began.

We landed safely! The tiny airport situated at the south of the island was a beautiful orange to match the plane, it almost seemed like it was meant to be. We stepped out onto the dock, and the fresh scent of the ocean filled our noses, paired with the gentle lapping waves on soft bright sand was so soothing that any fears I had of our island getaway washed away. Beyond the sand, lush green grass, albeit overgrown, swayed gently and caught falling cherry blossom petals in their blades. This island was magically beautiful; flying overhead truly showcased it. There are cherry blossom trees all over, the pink petals complimenting the green of the pear trees that stood tall and proud. I do not regret this trip, I am so glad I didn't miss it! Tommy and Timmy told me and the others that we must go speak to their boss, and began to lead us through the wilderness towards a green tent set up. On the way, I managed to speak with my new soon-to-be neighbours and actually get to know them! One of them, a purple eagle, introduced herself as Quinn and was so nice! She really gave me big sister vibes, and if I might add, is rather cute.. Ahem. The other was Samson, a grey mouse who, honestly, was a little much for me. He is very energetic and was trying to rush us along, saying we "needed our cardio after being on that plane so long!". I wish I could be as enthused as he is, I certainly don't have his commitment to fitness!

We met the man behind the 'operation', an older raccoon guy called Tom Nook. I had heard of his endeavours from my tiny radio at my father's house, how he was an entrepreneur and has many business ventures in the past, but I never imagined him being so, friendly. I always thought he was an intimidating tyrant... Alas, he was rather nice and even gave us some tents to set up! I set my tent up by the river, with Quinn not far from me and Samson settling near the beach. I can picture him running up and down the beach now, chariot music playing. With that, we had our first mission: throw a island welcoming party! The sun had started to set by this time, coating everything in a gorgeous orange glow as the blue sky faded to pink and yellow. My job was to collect sticks for a campfire, and when I returned the others had set up a lovely sitting area with some logs and Nook even made us some fresh pear juice to enjoy the evening with! As the sun sank into the horizon and darkness enveloped the island, we lit the campfire and toasted to our new lives and island, which, didn't actually have a name yet. Nook suggested we come up with ideas and vote on them, and despite everyone having such good ideas, they all voted for mine! I chose Alcott, which means "the old cottage". I named it after my father's cottage, humble and isolated just like our little island. Hearing everyone cheer to Alcott, I admit I got a little teary eyed, but it was all dashed in an instant when Nook proclaimed me as Resident Representative?! I don't know why I was picked, but I barely had a chance to object before the festivities were underway, so now I guess I am stuck with this role, and I sure hope I can live up to it. We all had a wonderful time celebrating, but the long journey and setting up of our party had drained me, so I said goodnight to everyone and headed off to my tent with camping cot Nook gave me, and once I set up a lamp I lay down and started at the tent wall. This was really happening, and I was here. I can't wait to see what is to come tomorrow to the island of Alcott.