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Anyone still play the first-year games on the Nintendo Switch?


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Sep 9, 2014
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It’s been seven years since the Nintendo Switch came out, and I wonder if any of you are still playing the games that came out in 2017 besides Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Those are games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, and 1-2 Switch.

Between these games and all the other games, it looks like the Switch has come a long way.
I just recently bought Splatoon 2. I’m playing mostly Splatoon 3 right now but will be focusing a little more on it when I can 🙂.
I don't even own any of the Nintendo Switch games that came out in 2017 other than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Never been able to get into mainline Mario games since I'm not good at platforming, am content to just experience the Legend of Zelda series by watching other people play it (save for a few games I'm kind of interested in), I'm not into competitive shooter games even despite Splatoon being more of a territory marking game, and 1-2 Switch doesn't appeal to me all that strongly and I don't have anyone local to play it with.

Maybe I'll get Pokkén Tournament DX at some point in the future since I like fighting games, but clearly I've never been in too much of a rush to do so. It's one of those games that tends to lose out since there are always other games or things I'm more interested in at any given time.
I gave up on Mario Odyssey after I finished the game. Post game content on that game is too hard for me. I don't even own the rest of the 2017 main Switch releases besides 8dx and the aforementioned Mario Odyssey.
I play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe the most out of the 2017 games, but I also occasionally play Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2 (which I only got because the last TBTWC lol). now I’m just contemplating on if I should get Splatoon 3 because I’m pretty certain it’s going to be one of the games for the tbt world championship event coming up. I don’t own any of the other 2017 games though.
I never got Super Mario Odyssey because when it came out, I wasn’t really interested in 3D games then (also I didn’t have a Switch, but neither of these are the case anymore). I don’t have Breath of the Wild, only Tears of the Kingdom, I have the MK8DX, but I don’t really play it that often, I don’t play Splatoon games, and I was never interested in 1-2 Switch. Those are just the main ones. I have some others like Sonic Mania and Mario + Rabbids, but I don’t play them anymore. So I’m pretty sure I do not.
I didn’t have a switch until New Horizons came out, so I played Super Mario Odyssey for the first time in 2020. I haven’t played it for probably a couple of years now but I did go back to it occasionally. My sister has a copy of Splatoon 2 and I played a bit of that a couple of years ago before Splatoon 3 came out to see if it was my kind of thing. I sometimes play on my dad’s copy of MK8DX, I didn’t get my own because I didn’t really think it was worth the money considering how much I played the original MK8 on WiiU. So Super Mario Odyssey is the only 2017 switch game I own and I don’t really play it anymore lol
No, I never played any of the initial year releases as they don't appeal to me, and I also got my Switch a year or two after release.
I still play Super Mario Odyssey. In fact, I just started replaying Super Mario Odyssey. The last time I beaten the game was last year, but the last time before that was in 2018. The Pokémon games and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as Super Mario 3D All Stars and A Hat in Time, have absorbed much of my Switch play time that the 2017 games have been sidetracked.

The only other 2017 games I own are Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I haven’t even got past the first part of BOTW when I last played, and I haven’t played it since I started playing MK8 Deluxe back in 2017.
I only recently got super mario odyssey and the legend of zelda: breath of the wild, and sonic mania (of year 1 games I know of having) though I've yet to play them

currently, aside from small jumps here and there, I've only really been playing yu-gi-oh! master duel on the nintendo switch

cave story+ and the binding of isaac: afterbirth+ are easy early switch games for me to return to that I've had for a decent while though. (well, I'd probably just work on the binding of isaac: repentance in case of the latter, due to already achieving 1,000,000%, but still. sometimes I just like to play without repentance's massive overhaul of an update)
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I finished Mario Odyssey once and that was enough for me. I never got into Breath of the Wild as I preferred the older Zelda formula. (still gave it about 60 hours of playtime).

Mario Kart 8 gets played on occasion. I mostly loaded up to try the new DLC stages on each wave release. I think I burned out on the game a little bit.

So my answer is no.
Not anymore no although I've been wanted to get back to botw and odyssey! I don't think I 100% botw koroks man >-> but I think I did for odyssey however I'd still like to go back and check and maybe start a new game.
I do!! I like to go back to Mario Odyssey sometimes (I did beat the game and then I reset it which I regret... I wish I could pop into any level. I'll have to beat it again) and run around since I find the game really fun. It was I think the second game I got for my switch? So that makes it a bit special for me.

I haven't play BoTW in a little bit but it's another game that I like to revisit just to run around sometimes. I find that game too hard though so if I venture out of cozy areas it kind of stresses me out.
I play Mario Kart 8! My partner and I have been trying to get all the stars on each cup. Such a fun game!

My brother let me borrow Mario Odyssey and I still have to finish it.

I've thought about buying Breath of the Wild since I've never played it yet but I just know that I'm too busy to sit down and dedicate like 100+ hours to that thing lol so I've refrained for now.
Breath of the Wild is still one of my favourite games. I am planning to get the physical copy and Tears of the Kingdom (physical copy) in the future. I have the digital copy of BoTW but my stance on digital copies has completely changed. I realized that physical copies are far superior. Currently, my digital copy of BoTW is archived so I can't play it. I do get the urge to redownload it from time to time and go through the game. I love playing BoTW because it really is a good open-world game that became the model of open-world Switch games. I say this because games like Pokémon Legends Arceus feel like they were inspired by BoTW. Anyway, I beat the game before but every time I archive the game I delete my save data so I restart from the beginning. I do this to make myself familiar with the game again so I don't go into hard mode after such a long break without playing it.
My kids are old enough to play 1, 2 Switch now which we bust out for family game night and they have an absolute blast with.

I've got the entire Labo set so I've been slowly working through Breath of the Wild again, but in VR which is a WILD experience.

Mario Kart is also a regular staple of family game night and I sometimes stream it as a community game night.
With BotW, I still have to find and clear all of the Shrines and I have barely completed a third of them let alone found them, kill the Lynels, finish the photo album, and get the Motorbike. I also haven’t completed a majority of the sidequests that I’ve started.

I also bought Pokken Tournament DX but haven’t played it in two years. I just got bored with it. Also downloaded Pokémon Quest and got bored with that game within two months.
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ye i still do lol retro gaming is one of my favorite forms of gaming there is out there especially these days so i'd rather be more interested in mario oddesy than so the latest call of duty in my honest opinion.
not currently playing anything from the first year of switch games. i sold my physical copy of super mario odyssey shortly after i completed it, i don't remember if i went for all of the collectibles or not

i need to repurchase mario kart 8 deluxe for the TBT world championships sort of soon. maybe also splatoon 3
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