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Jun 15, 2010
Dragon Tokens
In the new Nintendo Power (released on July 31st, 2010) there was a page about Animal Crossing 3DS. If you have that issue, can you please write down EXACTLY (word for word) what the page said? Thanks SOOOOO much. I really appreciate it.
Here's what I got - for the benefit of all - :)

"While this Animal Crossing doesn't look very different from its predecessors, when viewed on Nintendo 3DS, the 3D effect adds quite a bit to the game's charm.

The bite-sized bits of play-at-your-own-pace fun in Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS proved the series a perfect fit for portable gaming, and it's an easy bet that the Nintendo 3DS installment will be at least as good. The added 3D effect is a perfect match for the way the ground scrolls into the horizon; it adds a sense of depth that makes the town feel as if it's made of real-world miniatures that you can pinch with your fingers. So far we've seen only the game's newly tall and thin characters going about their day in the Animal Crossing way, so the big question is, how much will be added to the series' familiar formula? With the many new features of Nintendo 3DS - particularly the system's improved Wi-Fi functionality - there should be plenty of creative ideas for the developers to explore.

Animal Crossing is primarily about collecting, displaying, and playing with items. The newly added 3D effects bring the items to life in a way that would be impossible to achieve any other way."