What thing in the next game's trailer would get a big applause from you?


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Apr 7, 2019
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Each Animal Crossing trailer has a big feature that Nintendo revolves trailers around. Wild World it was going online. City Folk was the city. New Leaf was diving, followed by the mayor reveal in later trailers. And New Horizons had a few trailers, but the first big trailer focused on putting furniture outside and the 8-player multiplayer.

So, my question to all of you, what is one thing that could appear in the first trailer for the next Animal Crossing game that would get you really excited for it?
If they introduce a new villager named Kieran than I'm gonna be pumped! There's a lot of features I want in the next game so it's gonna take me a while to find one that would make me excited if it were included. Maybe... the return of the city, with a lot of expansions? Bulk crafting? Improved villagers? An entirely underground location??
Now that I think about it, I'd give out a round of applause if they implemented an underground location.
Either of these two things would make insanely excited and I'd instantly preorder the game: The return of Club Tortimer or another way to randomly chat with people, and/or a voice chat system within the game like the Wii Speak.

I think it would also be cool if furniture from New Leaf and the Welcome Amiibo update was made acessible again! I'd also like to be able to meet any special characters at the Roost without needing to own their Amiibo. We already have a Nook phone, so why can't we just call them up and invite them to have coffee? Maybe we could also call villagers that had moved away and ask to go somewhere or play minigames together.
I like being able to interact with the consoles and being taken to play small games. It doesn't necessarily have to be real NES games. I had fun with the Desert Island Escape in New Leaf.
I actually don't want much honestly. What would make me extremely excited would see villagers doing some more in depth interactions with players. Games being played, certain furniture pieces being playable like the dart board, chess board or pinball machine. I actually don't enjoy the intense level of customization of the town itself like in New Horizons because it made it hard for villagers to do a lot in the world so I hope that we don't see the game iterate on some of the things New Horizons introduced.
The thing in the next game trailer that would get a big applause from me is if it showed heaps of online activities or mini games that you could play with others.

I would just want the game to have more online features where you could play with friends and others.
Furniture from NL exactly as I remember not recycled and redone, or furniture that is much better. A bigger house or one with rooms equal to the size of NL since I felt like NH’s rooms were smaller. Events a bit more fleshed out & better rewards. The interior of villagers looking like thought was consistently put into each one.

Maybe a mix of ACNL with some of NH features like terraforming, cooking and farming (but hopefully expanded on). I just want it to be as fun as NL was and just as good furniture choices.

Even if I saw any of what I want in the trailer, personally I’d hold my applause until I play the game and see for myself considering how when I have expectations or get excited about something, I get disappointed sometimes
  • Seeing more than ten villagers at once in a town. At some point they’re going to raise the villager limit as more are introduced and console hardware improves.
  • HHD/HHP-like faculties operating in a main town. Why this isn’t a thing yet is baffling.
It's small, but if a trailer showed that you can superficially jump with a press of a button (like in so many other games), I would be pretty hyped

Of course there's tons of other more obvious features that would make me excited but I wish I could just jump in the game.. Being able to lay on the grass could be cool too!
If they brought back Gracie and the other NPCs I would be pretty happy :> I’d be happy with some minigames too, something like Puzzle League again would be nice. Idk how excited I’d be for more decorating features though, it was cool at first in NH but I think I’m good now..
Show me the big rooms, Nintendo. A big draw, and one of the most important factors of the series for me, is the interior decorating. Unfortunately, outside of the Happy Home Paradise DLC and its absolutely fabulous 10x10 rooms you could decorate, this aspect was a big disappointment for me in New Horizons. With the player characters' houses, the back and side rooms are too small and the basement and second floor are nice horizontally but not vertically. I definitely feel like this aspect took a hit, with most of the focus going to terraforming and decorating the island itself. I miss the rooms all having the same uniform size when fully expanded.

Additionally, show us some minigames we can play with friends so there's something to do together with friends and others online. Ideally that would be Tortimer Island and it would be great to have the option to catch beetles and sharks again, but it could be something else entirely if we don't want to rehash that. New Horizons just leaves a lot to be desired in the online department.
Honestly the thing that would make me excited and leaning forward out of my seat frame one, is a more natural aesthetic. Like, still stylized ofc because this is a game about Cartoon Animals, but I liked the more natural-feeling curves of cliffs and rivers that the games prior to New Horizons had... I get that the customization kind of necessitated it, but it definitely contributed to my feeling less comfy playing the game I think. If they don't go all-in on terraforming for future entries, I'd like for the game to look less... angular and minecraft-y
Provided it didn’t come at some huge cost of quantity I would love some items being truly interactable. Make actual minigames for the arcade cabinets for example. You can MAKE Club Tortimer if they do this, hell have both.

NES items you were one of a kind and always missed 💔
Kinda goes a little in hand with new features for the console, but spotpass, specifically something like the HHA showcase in NL. If we’re decorating houses now, I’d love to see others’ in game and possibly be able to order items again!

Some other things I’d applaud are already mentioned in this thread, like the return of missing NPCs and minigames.

A new species/personality would be a huge shock, but I couldn’t possibly imagine what they could add
I would if they brought the Tortimer's minigames back, or just added any multiplayer friendly minigames again. I had so much fun with them back in New Leaf with friends and I missed them so much when they weren't in New Horizons.

Also farming from day one with more types of crops. They were a nice addition in New Horizons, but by the time they were available in later updates I already had 10,000,000 bells from the stalk market.
Probably something similar to Main Street in New Leaf, where we see it in the trailer fade from a small run-down place, to a flashy metropolis...but with even more buildings and upgrades to work towards!! 🎉🎊✨✨✨

Edit: I should have thought of this before posting originally, but I would love to see more villager interactions be shown in the trailer. My heart would just melt if hugging villagers were shown 💖 💖 💖