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Jan 4, 2009
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So, the other day I got a text from a weird number(23687) apparently it's from a company called Solow or something, I didn't remember registering for anything like this so I checked it out on google. Turns out they get you phone number(usually through facebook quizzes or something) and then text you, and if you don't reply to them saying stop they'll charge you 9.99 a month for their services(it's some sort of game).

Ya, so you guys have to put up with this stuff at all?
i had something like that but it was for ringtones. these people kept sending me ringtones and i eventually got a bill in the mail.
I never give out my phone number on those IQ quizzes or whatever, so no, never.
I've had it happening to me recently... I didn't sign up for anything but this number was texting me every so often and I only just realised that it was taking money from me. I tried sending a "stop" message, but they continued to come.

Just recently I blocked the number on the phone, hopefully that stops it :/
That used to be a problem over here, but then the government put up a TV telling you how to stop it, and made it illegal for the companies sending you stuff to not clearly say how to get rid of it.
I've had a couple come to me through formspring, I think I got the Nigerian one as well.
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