What did you do for your last adult birthday?

If you’re over 30, you’ll find the simplest joys in anything, at least for me. I don’t do anything special. I just eat dinner with my family and appreciate it every year.
I went to the pool and relaxed. I'm probably going to do something different this year.
mine nearly always involve food lol, but my bf plans on taking me to a cat cafe once school's done (ik that has food but it's also for the cats if that counts as something different???)

it's not for my birthday but we're also gonna go to the aquarium, something like that could be fun
I normally don't really do anything for my birthday except dinner with my family sometimes, but this year I got to spend it with my girlfriend so it was the best birthday ever. In the morning we went to this really cute French restaurant for breakfast and then drove to a sugar shack so I could get some maple syrup (bonus it was on a farm so we also got to see cows and a pet a dog). Then we did what we always do when we visit each other and went to a mall and got boba and soft pretzels. And then we went to dinner and saw a movie!
My boyfriend took me to Build-a-Bear, lol. He gave me a few options to choose from activity wise, and I really wanted something sentimental, like a plushie from Build-a-Bear 😭 He even put his voice in it! The plushie reminds me to take my meds everyday, hehe. It's a Pompompurin Build-a-Bear! I put him in a heart sweater, but I took it off my bubblegum frog so my Pompom plushie could wear it xD He also got me the cuuutest Ponyo purse c:

He also stayed with me for a few hours at my house, and sang happy birthday to me with my family! Which was a HUGE milestone, because he's really shy around my family.. I had a really good day that day.
I don’t think I did anything; my mom did order some takeout food from a restaurant since every birthday we do that. At the other house, I’d pick one of my favorite restaurants but I don’t have any favorites here yey. My best friend gave me a $50 amazon card; none of my friends ever spent that much on me before so i was really happy.
Ever since I turned 20 I didn’t really celebrate my birthday anymore as I just don’t enjoy it. It used to be a lot of fun as a kid playing silly games with friends or being on the playground but what’s there to do as an adult?

So for my 25th birthday I said “screw this” and threw a kids party for my friends and I and we hadn’t had that much fun in years. I wrote colourful invitations full of doodles with my left hand, I baked cakes and muffins and decorated those like I did as a kid, there was soda to drink. I decorated the living room with Pokémon and dug up all my old plushies, used garlands and colourful balloons and party hats. My husband prepared a treasure hunt for us, so we went outside treasure hunting. The treasure was a bag of candy and a playmobil figure for every person (my figure is sitting on the bookshelf ever since). We coloured mandalas while chatting, blew bubbles 🫧, ate junk, played kids games, wore glow in the dark sticks and took pictures.

It was extremely silly but so much fun and actually one of the best birthdays I’ve had in years. We all felt it was so refreshing because we were just able to be stupid and do fun stuff that you normally wouldn’t do at age 25.

Dug up some pictures:



I didn’t celebrate my 26th, but am contemplating another kids party for this year. Life is too short to worry about social conventions. My friends had a blast, I had a blast, we’re doing this again.
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I love this so much, that looks/sounds so fun! 🥹

I don’t usually do much for my birthday now because I’m old (28). I would like to do something big for my 30th birthday but I’m not sure what that’ll end up being yet. Last year I ended up going to the lake with my best friend and some family though & that was a lot of fun!
for my 20th, i stayed at home + played a few video-games. my sibling made burritos for dinner, they totally slapped
i didn’t like big parties or anything of the sort when i was a kid so my birthday tradition has always been to go out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. i would say that spending time with friends and maybe watching some movies could be a fun way to spend your birthday.
I usually go for a long bicycle ride through the woods, there is a lake and small village I like to visit. I also like to hike or see falls. Nature activities alone or with family, but generally alone. Sightseeing whales would be nice too.
My darling @Saylor came to visit me last spring for my birthday and it was the best birthday I'd ever had. We spent a week in Toronto! We went to ripleys aquarium, the lil islands of Toronto, the science centre (which we must go back to there's so much to see...), mini golfing, the arcade... we saw dinosaurs at the museum!! And she got me a strawberry cake. Honestly I would've been happy just seeing her but she made my birthday extra special and I love her so much for that. 💕
The last two years on my birthday I've just gone out for dinner with my family. Both times to the same nearby steak house, so it's becoming a tradition I guess, LOL

Also, within the month of my birthday these past two years, my supercool friends and my partner have ganged up to surprise me on what I thought were just outings with my partner LOL. I didn't expect that they would get me two years in a row, but I was actually especially surprised this year because I PLANNED THE DATE??? (it's OK though it was just Getting Food and Going For A Walk Somewhere Nice, so nothing was ruined by the surprise)
Last year we saw the Mario Movie together and this year one of them gave me a Big Man Splatoon amiibo. So basically everything you could need from a birthday.

The only other kind of notable birthday in my adult life was when I turned 21. I was in college, completely uninterested in drinking though. My parents swung by and dropped off cupcakes, as well as a six-pack of cream soda (my favorite soda 🥳) in glass bottles that resembled a six pack of beer LOL
And I just chilled that afternoon, messing around on my laptop with pokemon romhacking tools while eating cupcakes and drinking cream soda. It was nothing crazy exciting, but it was just a really, really nice time :)
We usually eat out somewhere during my birthday month.
Birthdays aren't much of a big thing around here. I think my last "party/celebration" was probably when I was like 14 if that.
I didn't celebrate my birthday last year. I was at the hospital at that time due to ongoing health issues with my mom.