What did you do for your last adult birthday?

I think I had a voice chat with my close friends? Maybe not even that, I was still in a relationship and we were real close that day at least. :3 I don’t like making my birthday an event to be honest, I’d rather be able to recharge- but I do appreciate birthday wishes, just not having to hold a party or something.
My birthday is tomorrow and as an adult I'm struggling to find anything to do that doesn't involve food or beverages. What did you guys do for your adult birthdays? They just don't seem to have as much excitement as being a kid did. It's especially hard because I live at home but both of my parents work, and normally I'd spend it with them. My boyfriend is coming over but he's not the best at planning things. Reddit posts and Google don't seem to be very helpful - "plan a massage" (I hate being massaged), have a spa day (my boyfriend wouldn't wanna do that at home and they're so expensive anywhere you go), anything outside is a no-go since it's so cold and windy... I'm outta ideas.

Top off I'm a twin and I feel bad leaving my sister out of everything. She'll probably spend the day at home alone with the dog because she mostly just online games.

Please tell me any ideas you have and what you did for your last adult birthday or something you've enjoyed doing as an adult on your birthday.

I've found that, for me, my adult birthdays have been way more fun than when I was a kid. Mostly because there's no expectation to be given a party or gifts, now I just make my own cakes and enjoy spending time with my loved ones.

I actually did make my cake this year, it was red velvet with green icing covering it and some strawberries/chocolate pieces as decoration. I am very proud of myself for making it, though it was super sugary and I ate 90% of it. I also made a chocolate pudding pie alongside it, but that 'went bad' within two days and I was very upset about it (thankfully I was able to mix some of it with the cake I had left so it was just a goopy sugary delicious mess). I wanna make a cake again soon, I am really into cooking these past few months and I wanna practice more.
I don't do much for my birthday. 🤷‍♀️ I'm not too fond on the idea of celebrating myself and I certainly don't ask for anything either. But... I think this year is different... in many ways, not just my birthday and as such, I think I would like to ask for something for my birthday. 🎁 Something special. ⭐ Something reaaal nice. 😁 Something invaluable you cannot put a price on. Something I'd cherish and look at and be like "...hell yeaaahh. 👈👈😎". Do you think I can has this certain something? It'd mean a whole lot if you do. 👉👈 Allow me to explain what it is I'd like. I'm not asking for the world from you, but it would indeed mean the world if you gave this one thing to me...

Lucky those, who see the sun
admiring her gold.
Lucky those, who gaze at sea,
the two blue skies they hold.

Lucky those, with tulips red
and stare at how they smile.
Lucky those who see her beauty,
every once a while.

When will mine, at long last bloom
and show me what it's like?
To see her face, first thing awake
and see it last at night.
My birthdays nowadays consist of me eating out with one or both of my parents, opening their gifts, and then seeing the cards my relatives got me. I also wake up and check my Discord to see if anyone remembered my birthday.