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Which of these Platformers do you like more?

Which of these platformers you like more?

  • Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64

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“Assorted” Collector
Sep 9, 2014
Palm City
Green Balloon
Ghostly Kitty Plush
Snowflake Glow Wand
Yule Log
Disco Ball Easter Egg
Tetris Grid
Chocolate Cake
Pumpkin Cupcake
Apple (Fruit)
Ice Cream Swirl (TBT Beach Party)
Which of these series of 3D Platformers do you like more? The ones where you have less moves, less collectibles, more levels, and an immediate exit after collecting the main collectible, or the ones where you have more moves, more collectibles, fewer levels, and stay in the level after collecting the main collectible?

A note about the poll: Although you can rank the games separately, I put them into different groups because of gameplay similarities. So the polls are more about what style of gameplay do you prefer in 3D Platformers.
I like platformers where there are little collectibles and things to find or 100%. That's why I like Kirby and the Forgotten Land so much. You beat the levels but can go back to complete the little optional tasks. Gives more replayability as well.
For me it strictly comes down to how much I enjoy the theme or environment. So, I was really able to sink into the tropical theme of Mario Sunshine. However the space theme of Mario Galaxy didn't do anything for me.

That said - I would rather play around in an open level. I still like 64/Sunshine/Galaxy much more than 3D Land/3D World.
I picked 64/Sunshine/Galaxy even though I haven’t actually played any of them. Actually, I haven’t played any 3D Mario game outside of 3D Land/World yet, but I hope to soon. The only reason I picked option one is kind of just because of my Mario bias. But I do think that the Donkey Kong Country games are better than the 3D one. I think I would still prefer option one even if I did play any of the option two games, mainly because I think it’s better when it’s simpler.

Maybe I can’t really judge this very fairly.
The only video game from the pole that I've played and finished is Super Mario Sunshine (I've played a couple of the others for Nintendo 64 as well, but not enough to have a proper opinion on them). I rate that game a 7/10.

As to what type of 3D platformer I prefer, well, In general I'd most likely have to say the first type. I think the second type is often referred to as a "Collect-a-thon". I enjoy playing those too, but it can get tedious having to find a whole bunch of well-hidden items/collectibles in order to progress or get full completion of the game (I still usually do my best to explore levels though, regardless of whether there's some items to find in them or not).
Maybe it's nostalgia talking, but I much prefer the Mario platformers. Especially Sunshine! Because of the way the physics work, I love finding alternate ways of solving puzzles and clearing challenges. Plus, the atmosphere is really cheery and relaxing.
I love Banjo-Kazooie, but I also love the Mario games, so I have to pick them. I've played 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy multiple times each, and they're always fun. I like the characters, enemies, collectibles, and settings. I've actually been thinking about playing Mario 64 again sometime soon. I've never played Banjo-Tooie or Donkey Kong 64, although I've heard good things about them
For me, it would have to be the Super Mario Bros. games, even though I have actually never gotten a chance to play Super Mario Sunshine. I did get to play a little bit of Super Mario 64 on the Wii U, when somebody bought it on that system before I got it.

I love Super Mario Galaxy, it's a part of my childhood! The save files say I last played in May 2008, when I was a young 7-year-old.
The graphics look like they really scream, "New Horizons of 2007", to me.

I have also played Donkey Kong 64 on that same pre-owned Wii U, from when somebody bought that game before I got the system itself. I have never played Banjo-Kazooie, though I have heard of it before.