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  • I do not see you on here very often but when you do post I really enjoy reading your detailed responses! You have some interesting views and have really articulate thoughts and how to express them through words! 💚
    Are you still looking for Deirdre? I have her in boxes here:

    My Cycling Town: TARDIS

    I also have Chow who will be in boxes soon (✿◠‿◠)
    Hi,turnips 514 here, if u still interested XD or else i'll change back my current time XD hehe
    No, I couldn't find Wendell. He likes to hide from me. :c
    I may have to go back and look for him.
    "Has anyone tried to go to the ima village from the Direct by typing in the name (the mayor's also called ima in english not hira or kata) at the dream mansion? It's the house with the cool Nintendo patterns in the streetpass bit. If anyone could get the code for it, I would be grateful forever."

    I completely forgot about this. Dx Sorry!
    Here's the Dream Address: 2300-0166-9133
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