Which Nintendo DS do you have, if any?

I have a bit of a handheld addiction. 😅 I have various Gameboys as well but I’ll stick to DS/3DS consoles only as that’s what this thread is asking.

My very first console was a Coral Pink DS Lite. I have repaired it myself as it was in pretty rough shape after years of heavy use. Picture isn’t mine:

Later when my Pink one broke as a young teen/preteen and I wasn’t capable of fixing it at the time I got a Lime Green DS Lite. Again picture isn’t mine:

In 2013 I got my first 3DS. The original Blue/Black 3DS XL. By 2016 the hinge started to crack so I upgraded to a Galaxy New 3DS XL. I finally fixed the cracked hinge on my original one earlier this year.

Late last year I tracked down a Fire Emblem Awakening Edition Original 3DS. I just can’t resist the blue colour of this device, the sparkly gradient finish of the OG 3DS, plus I’m a huge Fire Emblem fan. I started playing on it and loved it so much more than playing on either of my XLs.

I really wanted to make the original 3DS my main console but my main console with all my downloaded games was currently the New 3DS XL and unfortunately you cannot transfer backwards from a “new” model to an “old” model. That was when I decided to track down a “New” small size 3DS.

Basically the Original XL (top left) is my first 3DS, the New XL (bottom left) was my second 3DS when my first one broke. Both XLs are now just extras. Now the Original 3DS (top right) is my secondary device and the New small size 3DS (bottom right) is my main console. This picture is mine:

Do I have too many 3DS? Yeah, definitely but I’m too sentimental about my XLs to sell them. At least for now. 😅
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I have a black DS Lite from 2006 and a blue 3DS XL from 2012.

I also had a New 3DS XL left behind by an ex in the wake of a breakup many years prior, but I lent it to a friend some time ago and I’m not 100% sure I’ll be seeing it again. Not a huge deal, as I didn’t purchase it in the first place, and she certainly needed it more than I did.
I only have 3DS’s. I currently own a New Nintendo 3DS XL, but I used to have a Nintendo 3DS XL. Unfortunately, my brother broke it when he was five.
I currently own three. All but one were bought new:
  • Navy Blue DS Lite - I believe I got it for Christmas when I was 7 back in 2006. I can remember playing Mario Kart DS, Super Mario 64 DS, and some other games via download play with my cousins. Some of those games were kinda fun. After receiving my DSi, it has been unused since. I don’t even know where it is at the moment.
  • Light Blue DSi - Received for Christmas in 2009. I used the camera quite a bit, and there’s lots of pictures of me at a young age. Also, anyone remember Flipnote Hatena? That was filled with many early internet memes in god-awful quality, but boy, were they hilarious. In fact, my first exposure to memes came from there. I don’t remember when I stopped playing the system, but it was shortly after the time I got my first mobile phone in middle school. The light blue didn’t age well IMO; I wish I got the black one instead,
  • Black New 3DS XL - I bought it used near the end of 2018, which was also when new games started to become infrequent. I bought Mario Kart 7 (haven’t played) and New Leaf, though the only two 3DS games it’s ever seen since purchase were the aforementioned New Leaf and HHD. In fact, the only reason I purchased a 3DS was to play New Leaf, after watching Vinny’s lengthy playthrough of it on Vinesauce. Despite not being my first Animal Crossing game, it eventually made me become a big fan of the series like I am today. Like the other DS’s I own, it’s currently sitting dormant. I didn’t pull it out for the “Farewell to New Leaf” event as I hacked it before New Horizons’ release and didn’t want to get banned from online stuff (even though it won’t matter in a week anyway).
I also have an original DS with a broken hinge that my cousin sent me to inspect and fix, and keep forgetting to return.
The other day actually a friend gave me a pink DS Lite… not that it works lol.
I have a black DS lite, red 3DS XL, and a white New 3DS. I played the DS Lite for a bit when I was younger but it sadly became obsolete to me after getting a 3DS! I love my DS still though as it has all the old stickers and I remember playing Super Princess Peach and Mario Party DS on it! It was my favorite to bring to different places. My 3DS XL is still my fave and I use it alot while my New 3DS is a back up / for ACNL trading only; just in case since they are starting to get verrrrrry expensive.
The other day actually a friend gave me a pink DS Lite… not that it works lol.View attachment 549900
It could be possible to fix it. I fixed a Wii U screen someone gave me that was cracked and was pitch black when booted up. I had to buy a replacement screen and watched a thorough tutorial on what to do and it worked great.

I have a black 3DS, a red 2DS, and a purple 3DSxl. The 3ds I bought myself, but the others were given to me by my cousin.
Yeah I was going to try and fix it, it’d be nice to have one.
It could be possible to fix it. I fixed a Wii U screen someone gave me that was cracked and was pitch black when booted up. I had to buy a replacement screen and watched a thorough tutorial on what to do and it worked great.

I have a black 3DS, a red 2DS, and a purple 3DSxl. The 3ds I bought myself, but the others were given to me by my cousin.
i have a white ds lite, a yoshi 3ds xl, and a new 3ds (the one with the swappable face plates).
my 3DS still works great and is midnight purple


I used to have the white + orange New 2DS XL, but it failed during an update (internet problems, i think) and bricked it, so I ended up selling it for parts lol
and a long time ago I had a black NDS, but just about everything went out of it cause it was well-loved LOL
DS, I've actually had my original silver colored one since around whenever they came out. I don't often play it these days, but last time I did it still held a charge despite not being touched for months, if only the 3DS battery was like that. For 3DS I mainly play my galaxy N3DSXL, and I still also have the old blue pokemon XY 3DSXL I started with.
I only have my purple 3DS... I used to have an original black DS, but it broke.

I do, however, still have my magenta GameBoy Color and my red GameBoy Advance SP
i currently have the pink lite one a lot of people seem to have and a blue-ish green 3ds.
i used to have a white lite but the screen broke. my dad went through the most awful process to fix it only to accidentally make a common mistake that snapped the switch off. i had to use a safety pin to turn it on and off. i found a pink one at a local game store pretty cheap so i just decided to buy and use that one. i like being able to play the gba games on there.

i also used to have a 2ds for the longest time, but my dad got a 2ds xl and gave me my current 3ds. i gave my old 2ds to a friend.
I don't have them anymore, but I'd like to talk about those two anyway:

"New" Nintendo 3DS XL

This was the first portable console I ever laid hands on, and it's still my favorite 3DS model to this day. I got it around Christmas 2017 and it came with Pokémon Ultra Sun (for me) and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (for my brother, because the gifter assumed he'd be interested in playing on the 3DS too). My brother lost interest in it (the 3DS) quickly and it soon became mine. I remember hacking it in 2019 mainly because I wanted to get the games and themes for free. Unfortunately, I lost it on vacation not long after.

"New" Nintendo 2DS XL

This was the second and last 3DS model I had. I got it because I missed my first one so much and wanted to continue exploring the boundaries of a homebrewed 3DS. This particular one came bundled with Mario Kart 7, which was a nice benefit even though I didn't play it a lot. It wasn't the same compared to the N3DSXL because it didn't have that 3D feature, but I enjoyed doing things with it regardless. (I also like how two of the available color options for the N2DS remind me of Reshiram and Zekrom from Pokemon. As you can see, I had the Reshiram (White/Orange) model.) How did I lose this one? Well, it's pretty awkward. I was holding it and my dad saw me with it, and then he got mad because he thought I was playing with a console for kids. Then he snatched it off my hands and donated it to the nearest Goodwill store.

I don't know when it's gonna happen, but one day I'll be able to get another 3DS so I can rejoin the homebrewing community there. Too bad I can't buy anything on eBay; whenever I ask any of my family members to get me something from there they say everything on eBay is a scam.
I got a black Nintendo DSi for my birthday years ago, it's the very first game console I actually own. I used to play MKDS alot on that DS console. Then, I got a red 3DS XL a few years later during the heyday of 3DS. That console is where I got the first exposure to Animal Crossing in general.
I have the flame red 3DS. It's my favorite color and I love it so much! I wore the little rubber peace on the circle pad off. It still works fine, but I low key want to replace it. It just looks intimidating to do.
o3DS (normal kind, not xl).

Edit: to expand on this, I initially thought the 3D effect was going to be bigger than it ended up being so I didn't get the 2ds. I also didn't feel like the xl had a better size. This was all before the New ones came out, but I never upgraded because I wasn't all that into the exclusive n3ds games so it wasn't worth it.
Currently I have a New 3DS XL and a regular sized New 3DS. I did have the pearl pink as my original 3DS console but I gave that to a friend when I upgraded! I initially started with the Regular New 3DS but when I saw the Pikachu 3DS XL in store I impulsively bought it. It's so cute though and the screens are so much bigger so I have no regrets!!
3ds xl and the ds lite cause those were the ones they had on sale when i just got them.

Love the backwards compatbility of the 3ds shame its not region free tho since theres lot of 3ds exclusives in Japan i'd love to play.