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Which AC game did you play the most and least?


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Jul 30, 2006
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Out of all the games, which one was the least played? I would say for me it is probably City Folk. I barely remember that game TBH, but I do remember being hype about it in TBT back in …08? When it came out? Idk man, time is weird.

Wild World is probably my most played. It would be hard to go back to now, so I just let it live in my memory as a fun and enjoyable game. ACNL is also probably up there too with most played.

What about you? What game did you play the most, and which one the least?
City Folk is probably my most played, if not then New Leaf. I used to play so much City Folk as a child. ❤️

And least played is the GameCube one because I never played it 😂
New Leaf was a huge part of my childhood so I played that one A LOT. I also played city folk and NH quite a bit as well, but I think NL has a few more hours than them.
I definitely played city folk the least. I played new leaf the most bit new horizons is climbing on up there!
I played New Leaf the most out of the older games. I didn’t play happy home designer as much I am not really a fan of the home design.
The game I played most? Animal Crossing: New Leaf. On just StarFall alone, I put in more hours than I did for Animal Crossing: New Horizons overall. And that’s only one of my four towns.

The game I played least? Animal Crossing: City Folk. I lost interest in it quickly.
New Horizons is the game I played the most. I put 2075+ hours into it, and managed to play it daily for 3 whole years. No other Animal Crossing game has been even close to it in terms of playtime, lol.

City Folk is the game I played the least. I only played it once for, idk, maybe an hour or so before I stopped and never picked it up again. I just never managed to get into it, and never felt the urge to go back to it.
i think it would be tough to say i played anything more than NH, but equally i played city folk for ages as a kid over a long time span so it may well compete! i also put a good shift into NL but i would argue towards the end half my time was just spent constantly resetting
New Leaf is what I played the most and the GameCube game is what I played the least (because I only got to play it briefly. I want to go back but I can't right now.)
New Leaf for sure. I put well over a thousand hours into that game, forgot the exact amount. I was going through a tough time in my life and needed that escapism, and I'm glad it was there for me. Plus, the multiplayer was so much more fun.

My least amount would be City Folk. I never really got used to the Wii controls and gave up early on. Not even sure I played more than an hour, and I couldn't tell you a single thing about that town.
I can't tell you for sure which one I've played the most. However, I can say with certainty that City Folk is my least played. It's a toss-up between the other entries for most played, although it seems likely that GCN or NH would be most played. GCN version was my first AC and I fell in love with it and put so many hours into it. Add that in with that was before I had high-speed internet (which shifted a lot of my formerly Animal Crossing or otherwise hours away, as I got addicted to the internet lol). NH is a possible candidate because of the time put into sculpting and decorating outdoors and the fact that I played it for months before getting bored (thank you pandemic!).
The one with the highest confirmed play time for me is New Leaf, which is well over 1,800 hours. It's possible that I played City Folk more though, since I worked for a City Folk Giveaway on another site for a couple of years and spent a very large amount of time delivering items to other players in addition to the time I would spend just playing the game normally. Unfortunately, the Wii only records play time by each specific day and not by overall play time, so I don't know exactly how long I played for.

On the other end of the scale, New Horizons is by far my least played main series Animal Crossing game in the series. Despite playing it significantly less than I played New Leaf around NL's launch, I found myself bored of the game within just a couple months and took my first major break from the game within just 6 months, compared to almost two years minimum of the other games. I tried to come back a few times after, but ended up quitting entirely around a week after the 2.0 update launched, save for a couple of TBT events here and there.
My most played one is definitely New Leaf. I don’t remember, but it was over 1000 hours last time I checked.

The least is probably either Pocket Camp or New Horizons. But my brother contributed a lot to most of New Horizons’ hours, so it’s definitely New Horizons. But technically, I guess my least played games are PG and City Folk since I didn’t even play them.
City Folk is my least played game for sure.
I think it was released only 2 years or 3 years after Wild World, so there wasn't that much added to City Folk in terms of features. It had better graphics, it had more villagers, a "city" square you could visit, but it was a pretty bland upgrade. It even had the same music as Wild World!

My second least played must be Wild World. Great music, but less villagers than in Animal Crossing for Gamecube. The online content made for a renewed experience, and it was portable.

These two pale in comparison to New Leaf, and especially now, 15 years later, New Horizons.

I think New Horizons is the game I played the most, followed by New Leaf or the original Gamecube one.

Ranked in order of playtime (decreasing):
  1. New Horizons,
  2. New Leaf
  3. Animal Crossing
  4. Wild World
  5. City Folk