What's your favorite weather? (IRL)


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Apr 12, 2023
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I didn't see a thread for this so I wanted to make one!

What is your favorite kind of weather irl?

Me personally I love the rain and cloudly weather, if it rained nearly everyday I would be happy. I'm sun sensitive and don't like excessively bright places because it hurts my eyes so super sunny days are my kryptonite.
I hate rain, which makes living in Northern England really difficult 😂 It is basically constant rain from October to March.

My favourite weather is sunny with some fluffy white clouds, mild temperature (like 16c to 21c), and with a breeze.

I'm also a fan of windy, overcast weather with no rain.
Chilly enough that you need a sweater or hoodie, either sunny or cloudy or snowing. I’m currently in the mid Atlantic, so I think I need to move north a bit to live in a place where I get to experience my ideal weather more often. Where I am isn’t too bad, but the humidity can be brutal in the warmer months and the lack of snow’s a bit disheartening.
I love the snow, there's something so calming about it. It makes everything feel so clean and I love how it muffles all the noise outside. Just makes me want to build a pillow fort, watch holiday movies and sip hot cocoa. I also really love watching thunderstorms, lightning is like nature's fireworks.
I don’t like snow, or any kind of precipitation. I love hot, sunny, and clear weather conditions.
If I’m inside then it would be rain. Especially when it rains while my nephew naps, and low volume lullabies play in the background.

Otherwise, I like partial clouds on a cool day. However this is a double-edge sword during the summer. The temperature is so hot, that it feels like the sky is mocking us.
I like cloudy weather with temperatures in the upper 40s to 50s. I hate sunny weather and heat. Even 70s can easily get too hot for me.
my ideal weather condition would most likely be either snowy weather or dark, cloudy and windy weather. i do like the rain, but it is certainly not convenient. i am also very sensitive to the heat and warmth. even 15 degrees can be too warm for me personally, depending on the humidity and wind levels. usually in the summer where i live, the humidity level is rather high, which might play a part in it.

my favourite weather condition would have to be a snowy or windy day nothing higher than 13 degrees.
I love snow. So like.. anything that involves light snow.. Maybe like a flurry, or something!

Or.. Nothing hotter than 60-70F (15-21C) degrees. I cannot handle the heat whatsoever ;w; It gets so hot for me.. T^T

I also really enjoy slightly rainy days. I'm literally 22 (almost 23) and still scared of thunderstorms. I enjoy them sometimes, but the more severe they are, the more scared I feel 💀 I like a light rain with subtle thunder. Sometimes.. >w>
My favorite type of weather is fog. I love how it looks and enjoy walking through it. I especially enjoy it in October, but I love it and will take it any time I can get it throughout the year.

My second favorite is snow. Like fog, it's an aesthetic thing, snow just makes for beautiful scenery. Though, also like fog, it's a bit dangerous due to the ice that comes with it.

As for my temperature preference, as you could probably figure from those, I prefer cooler temperatures. 50s and 40s Fahrenheit are ideal, but colder is fine too since I prefer the methods of warming up when it's cold as opposed to cooling off when it's hot.
I'd have to say snowing. I mean, I've never actually been in the snow, but I can dream! ❄️

If I had to choose weather I actually experience, I'd say overcast, a mild breeze and 18-20°C I suppose! 😊
All of them! I believe there's something to appreciate about every kind of weather.

I love sunny and hot days because they're perfect for going swimming.
I love rainy days because they're perfect for staying inside and reading.
I love snowy days, rare as they are here, because I rarely get to see snow and it's exciting.

I don't think there's one type of weather I dislike anymore. :giggle:
clear skies, day or night. around 73-77 degrees. maybe a LITTLE bit of a breeze if its on the higher scale.
i have seasonal affective disorder (anxiety type) and i NEED sunshine or else i will legit start to lose my mind. i have a sun lamp coming in the mail for that reason.

though for christmas, IT HAS TO BE SNOWING OR THE DAY IS RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!! /s but also kinda /srs
cold, sunny days! basically the kind of beautiful sunny days that you’d see during the transition from fall to winter, or once winter is fully here. it’s not often sunny like that where i live once winter is in full swing and there’s snow on the ground, but i love it. the bright blue sky, pretty clouds, the gorgeous sunrise and sunset that starts and ends days like that, the sun reflecting off of the snow and making it sparkle etc. it’s always so nice to be able to enjoy days like that without being too hot or sweating to death at the same time.

i also love rainy days! i’m not a fan of the gloominess that comes with them as it can bring my mood down or get my day started on the wrong foot, but i love the rain! i especially love going out on rainy days and just feeling the rain soak into me. it’s almost like the earth is cleansing me, which is soothing, haha.
Defently a fresh rainfall ^^ I love walking and listening to the rain. Plus it smells amazing after ♡
Those sunny afternoons with big mountain clouds. Mountain clouds are just so awesome when you live in an area that's really flat land for miles. Sometimes you have a breeze with those kind of clouds. Cumulonimbus clouds?
There’s something to love about all weather as long as it’s 75°F or colder. I don’t do well in the heat. But rain? Sign me up. Snow? Heck yeah.

(And of course I live in the South, where it’s only in my good temperature range for 4-5 months out of the year 🙃👍🏻)